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  1. Vanum ‘Ageless Fire’ - so many influences on this that tease their way to the surface with repeated listens. I didn’t get on with it at first but something made me hold on to it and return. Black Metal, hardcore monotonous vocals and some sheer heavy metal riffs galore. Deceased ‘Ghostly White’ - pleasantly surprised by this. Not that I am a regular listener to Deceased but this seems so much more pure metal than the previous menacing thrash of previous outings I have acquainted myself with. Only two this week.
  2. Current tenants at the new place put some decking down during their time there and were originally going to take it with them but have offered it to us at a cut price deal. The missus is looking forward to an outside lounging area but I just am happy to have additional burial space.
  3. Yep, I wrote a review for it on the blog here. It is a great record but then seems as how it has Death/Black Metal royalty on it you’d expect nothing less.
  4. Vanum 'Ageless Fire' Such a mix of styles here all well measured to let the more black metal elements thrive well. Not entirely in love with the monotonous vocals but they do fit well still. Certainly enough melody here to make Mgla feel inaccessible but it never feels safe. @FatherAlabaster are these on your radar?
  5. This is why the TV rights to the biopic drama serialisation of my life never sold. I am sure.
  6. Deceased ‘Ghostly White’
  7. Ritual 'Soldiers Under Satan's Command'
  8. Wow, so many words. One word intro then straight off for a "help me with my screams" thread. Stall set out nicely....
  9. Arckanum 'Fran Marder' Arckanum 'Kostogher'
  10. The packing started today, or more importantly we have decided to have a mass clear out. Lots of tat gone to the dump today and more to follow over the coming fortnight.
  11. I am not playing this game. For goodness sake, please like whatever you like and make no apologies/explain to nobody. Welcome to the forum.
  12. Alice In Chains ‘Facelift’ - finally starting to get along with this after lengthy periods of struggle. I think it is one of Cantrell’s better contributions to the discography from both a songwriting and a guitar playing perspective. Definitely more alt-rock than pure grunge to my ears in places but still entertaining enough.
  13. GoT has been a mixed bag this season for me. Definitely time for it to finish. I have to question both the storylines and some of the cinematography they have gone with. Overall it has still been enjoyable but I won’t really miss it.
  14. Car playlist today: Winterfylleth ‘The Harrowing Of Heirdom’ Satyricon ‘Nemesis Divina’ Kreator ‘Coma Of Souls’
  15. Yeah, we went expecting nothing much and found an ideal space that works on nearly every level. Dressing room for the lady? Tick. Office for moi? Tick. Space on the driveway for two cars? Tick. Quiet, unsuspecting locals who rarely socialise outside of the street and so will not likely be missed should ‘fate decide to intervene’? Tick!
  16. Alice In Chains 'Rainier Fog'
  17. Might have found somewhere to live after only 2 viewings, landlord has accepted us just the checks to complete. Need to move before the holiday to Ireland at beginning of July though so could be a costly couple of months ahead.
  18. Nope and judging by the speed of enhancements around here I would guess it would be a while until your request gets picked up. Only Tait can do anything fancy like that and he rarely visits. He is a busy chap in fairness.
  19. Vastum are superior to all other bands mentioned here. ‘Carnal Law’ is their better offering.
  20. First look at a wedding venue tonight, the price was fucking ridiculous - I want to have our wedding there not buy the place! Time for a promotion or other job with some serious commission on sales.
  21. Seems quite a homely place from my perspective. I mean if I could live off candy remnants and machine parts instead of humans that is of course.