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  1. Carpathian Forest “Through Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods”
  2. Nicking this quote for my sig! 😂
  3. At the Drive-In "Relationship of Command" - in a horrible flux of mood this morning following a very pleasant start to the day with a cherished (already) gift from the gf for Valentine's, then starting work and dealing with deliberately awkward people with massive chips on their shoulders. I searched on shuffle for something to come on to fit the mood now and At The Drive-In fits fucking perfectly!
  4. Morbid Angel "Formulas..." Violation Wound "With Man In Charge" - Chris Reifert's punk band basically might interest @Fjara ? Saor "Roots"
  5. Morbid Angel "Formulas Fatal To The Flesh" Saor "Roots"
  6. I was in the boot. Sorry about that, daylight crept up on me and I couldn't get back to my sarcophagi quickly enough and needed a dark place.
  7. Yesterday’s car album playlist: Rancid “Out come the wolves” Obituary “Cause Of Death” Motorhead “Overkill” Danzig s/t
  8. Lurk "Fringe" Morbid Angel "Formulas Fatal To The Flesh"
  9. Killing Addiction "Omega Factor" (1993 - JL America) I like the unique nature to this band's sound. I mean it is DM no doubt but it has a calculated nature to the brutality, delivered with just enough of a disturbing edge to the vocals to make it sound almost niche yet not contrived. The reissue I stumbled upon goes on a bit in fairness, regurgitating versions of songs from 1990 and 1991 also. Still a neat find for anyone looking for some more underground DM from the early 90s. Oppressor "Solstice of Oppression" (1994 - Red Light Records) Most of Oppressor later became Soil (the shit band, not as in they all became actual earth). Thankfully, they managed to put out some far more respectable content prior to this in the form of the technical DM of "Solstice of Oppression". There's tempo changes and arpeggios galore here. Another neat discovery from the 90s. Altarage "Endinghent" (2017 - Season of Mist Underground Activists) Following on from my effusive praise of the latest Altarage release, I went back to the sophomore this week to give it some more attention as I couldn't shake the feeling that I hadn't spent sufficient time with it. A lot of the cool stuff from "The Approaching Roar" shows up here on "Endinghent" as glimpses of what is to come. Some early passages of the noted accessibility of the latter album are heard here alongside some of the usual swarming fury.
  10. So here I am reviewing the new Drudkh album...oh...wait a minute...no apparently it isn't Drudkh, it is Windswept. A quick look on the internet tells me that Windswept are Drudkh minus keyboards in terms of members. Therefore Windswept is just a less atmospheric version of Drudkh? That's not really a question as I have heard "The Onlooker" and I know it is in fact a statement of truth. I don't get it. If I want to hear a Drudkh record I will just put one on. Similarly, if I was a member of Drudkh and I wanted to make a new record, I'd just pick up the phone to my bandmates and start the writing process. The fact that the majority of the band have made a different band just to not have atmosphere seems a little grandiose to me, although I get that the stylistic integrity of Drudkh is maintained. It isn't that the album is bad. Perfectly solid and driving, melodic BM cleverly framed by a music box intro and outro is what you get here folks. It just sounds so much like Drudkh I can't get my head around the fact that it is just a below par Drudkh offering. The one thing the record is crying out for is some atmosphere - THE FUCKING IRONY! If you can forget the existence of a Ukranian BM band called Drudkh, or perhaps have just been born into the world of BM and have no previous concept of the 3 band members here being involved in anything else then you will no doubt easily spot the merits of "The Onlooker". For me it served no other purpose than to give me a really short review to write this week (and to put some Drudkh on). Based on it's merit as a standalone album = 3/5 Hideously critical mind of a Drudkh fan rating = 2/5
  11. Sadly, you are not the only one with this experience. The “Mag” section of the forum was regularly populated with such tales of poor customer experience. The owners never put out any responses,apologies or updates (in fact they never even posted on the forum). I am a Zero Tolerance subscriber still, I have little interest in Kerrang or Metal Hammer (the latter went through a difficult patch also in recent years) as they don’t cover the extreme side of metal too well. Glad they still have some relevance though.
  12. Welcome to the forum. We have a ton of recommendations in the threads here so feel free to look around and make some discoveries.
  13. These guys and Judas Iscariot are becoming my favourite revisits/discoveres of the past 12 months.
  14. There’s been problems for a good year or so with production and distribution of the mag. I am expecting the Tez forum to go shortly unless Miranda keeps that on herself. Still a member on the Tez forum as it was the first music forum I joined so although it is a bit quiet I stick around for nostalgia I suppose.
  15. Sad news that on 29th Jan 19, Dark Arts Limited, the parent company of Terrorizer magazine was dissolved. Story from GhostCultMag here: http://www.ghostcultmag.com/parent-company-of-terrorizer-magazine-dissolved/?fbclid=IwAR1-ZJNI98JvsGlO2CsyjIDIr-QIc4dexCaTTQXodNJkCbhN93y7FC48C0M I grew up listening to metal whilst reading Terrorizer through my teenage years and it is sad to see it go although not entirely unexpected.
  16. Killing Addiction "Omega Factor"
  17. Oppressor "Solstice of Oppression"
  18. Yes we have heating, just the water is an issue. I have whiskey though.
  19. Yes, a whole 7 days before they get the part, for the amount of chasing I have done I might as well be the owner not the tenant.
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