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  1. Just checked out the Advanced Thrash thread. Cheers - I have some youtubing to do.
  2. Abyssal - "Denouement" This is death metal folks!
  3. I have a Slippery When Wet tee that I am probably never gonna wear again if you want that?
  4. MacabreEternal


    A musician who makes music that appeals to a majority actually turns out to not be a nice person shocker! More at 11!
  5. There's a 5 CD album comp of Sodom that I was tempted by in HMV the other month. It's got "Obsessed By Cruelty", "Persecution Mania", "This Mortal Way Of Live", "Agent Orange" and "Better Off Dead". Think it was available for £12 at the time. The live album might be a duffer (I am not a massive fan of live albums) and from what I have heard "Better Off Dead" is a weak release but I might pick it up given my current interest in Teutonic thrash.
  6. I recently decided to take a proper look at Teutonic Thrash Metal as I am obviously aware of it's existence but have never really bothered to properly assess it's importance. Naturally my journey has brought me to Destruction and to be honest I think I may have been missing out quite badly based on the first 5 releases I have heard. I love the energy of "Sentence of Death" and (more so) on "Infernal Overkill" but I do feel it drops somewhat for "Eternal Devastation". That's not to say it is a bad album by any means more that has obvious shortcomings in comparison to previous outings. "Mad Butcher" picks up the energy levels and "Release From Agony" is rightfully considered a classic with it's raw sound and menacing attitude. I will be picking up these albums/eps on my trip to Manchester at the end of the month and will hopefully be adding some further releases (not Neo-Destruction) after vetting them on Youtube. I will probably look to pick up some of the EP & album packages.
  7. Destruction - "Eternal Devastation"
  8. Morbid Angel - "Blessed Are The Sick"
  9. Second friend in as many month affected by cancer (this time my friends father). These - maybe predictably perhaps (?) - have been life affirming instances for me, sort of in a "we are all just guests in this thing called life" moment. I spend my whole working day arguing the toss about things that have no real relevance or impact in the real world. A sort of heads up to enjoy life more and be more grateful for my lot.
  10. Kreator - "Pleasure To Kill", anyone wanting to listen to a proper thrash record should have this in their collection.
  11. Grave Miasma - "Odori Sepulcrorum" EDIT - Wow! Obvious Incantation influence taken into consideration there are also massive nods to Autopsy in terms of sheer murkiness as well as some props to Morbid Angeil with it's Azagoth-esque sonics. All bundled in the swarming style of Antediluvian or Portal too.
  12. Managed to get Aerosmith "Toys In The Attic" for £2 yesterday - not as good as "Rocks" or "Push" but still a fine album for a decent price.
  13. I have never thought about this subject matter until now. Hence I have no suggestions to make. I use music for alot of things. Calming me down when angry, firing me up at the gym, accompanying a good meal or making a long drive more entertaining for a few examples. But I have genuinely never thought about music to have sex to - I am too busy focusing on screwing ya see?
  14. Erm North West England equivalent of "making out"!
  15. Digging needs to be done sometimes when getting bored with a genre. I'd all but written off DM until last year when I discovered Portal, Aevangelist, Abyssal and Antediluvian. I had to dig about on bandcamp and on some forums (as FatherA suggests, "recommendation" threads are useful) to pick up on the existence of these bands as you won't find them sat on the home screen of the iTunes store. There is nothing I enjoy more than finding one band and then picking up similar artists and spending a whole evening or afternoon discovering new music.