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  1. Downloaded "Rocka Rolla" tonight by Judas Priest as I have never owned it until now. Also have invested in digital copies of Iron Maiden debut self titled and "Killers" as I have them on Cd somewhere but fuck knows where they are. "Rocka ROlla" has some decent moments but on the whole I find it very confusing and inconsistent. Listening to Iron Maiden debut now and loving this little trip down memory lane.
  2. Was - Judas Priest "Rocka Rolla". Now - Iron Maiden - s/t
  3. My birthday presents today have largely consisted of money today so I have invested in Itunes vouchers because I can't see any point in the near future where I will have time off to have a trip into Manchester or Liverpool for a good scour of record shops. I have made my mind up that I do need to take quarterly trips into the city and have a good look around the backstreet stores (esp around Northern Quarter of Manchester) though to see what I can get for decent value.
  4. Good news today. My big boss hinted the organisation may fund my studies at University if I decide to take up a degree in Information Systems (or similar). He agreed that HR qualifications are largely crap too which fits with my career path nicely (I work in a HR directorate but don't want to be a HR manager). Might only be 50% funded but is an excellent start and has spurred me on to look into this more seriously.
  5. I noticed tonight the Meantime London Hospital Porter I had was a special edition aged for 4 months in Islay Whiskey barrels to give a hint of peat - it worked really well with the roasted coffee and chocolate flavours in there. It was a perfect accompaniment to the chocolate cake my girlfriend made me for my birthday, it also led nicely onto me having a couple of glasses of the Jura single malt that one of my staff bought me (also slightly peaty). Enjoyable night so far. I enjoy some of the stories behind some of the ales I drink. For example Weinhenstephaner do a beer based on the story of a monk who was travelling by horse to far climes and he was attacked by a bear which ate his horse. The monk allegedly tamed the bear and made it carry all his luggage for the rest of his journey as compensation. Great story.
  6. TApeworm - marginally less shite in their diets. Witch or familiar?
  7. Hi Hartley - welcome to the forum.
  8. Not seen the Pentagram doc - sorry can't comment.
  9. I caught a great documentary on Youtube the other week from a program that used to go out on BBC2 over here years ago called Arena. It was like some culture/arty documentary that looked at different aspects of music, literature, film etc. Anyway there was one on metal and featured in depth footage of Bill Steer and Shane Embury from Napalm Death in their bedroom explaining the sound of death metal and grind. Priceless.
  10. 24 hours without food (fasting is easy). Flea or a tick?
  11. I really enjoyed leafing through the inlay books on the two Iron Maiden CDs I bought this morning. Having the artwork in your hands to cast your eye over still gives me a little buzz that no digital booklet can ever manage to equal. The 3 Cds I bought today cost me £7 (whats that in your money BAN? $10?). A new release is £8-£9 online and about £12-£15 in the store nowadays. There is a massive hole in the supposed battle with piracy that the record companies and music stores have been missing for years.
  12. Frustratingly they seem to skip doom (barring the usual chapter on Sabbath) unless it is included elsewhere. The documentary (changing media I know) "Metal Evolution" was the most comprehensive look at the genre more or less as a whole that I have seen to date. The only notable vacancy was the really extreme stuff like DM, grind, goregrind, deathgrind etc. I did read somewhere that Sam Dunn wanted to include these but the tv guys wouldn't fund them. Still was a decent watch - didn't teach me much of anything new but entertaining.
  13. A hobby of mine is sampling traditional ales/beers from around the world. I am not an alcoholic, I am a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings! Anyway I was bought a book recently by my father - "300 Beers To Try Before You Die" by Roger Protz. Most of them I was familiar with already but many more are new to me some I working my way through the whole book. My preferred drink is porter or stout. My regular stout is Mackeson Stout which has been about for ages with its coffee aroma but I also like St Peters Cream Stout & Old Growler (hint of liquorice) also. I recently discovered Samuel Adams Boston Lager which is really amber in colour with spicy flavour and I also tried Brooklyn Lager which is much the same but is more peppery. I have also recently been sampling wheat beers (cloudy beers to the layman) such as Weinhenstephaner Hefe Weissbier and Hoegaarden. Although I enjoyed Weinhenstephaner Hefe Weisbier I am not the biggest fine of too many citrus notes in my beer (at least not too obvious anyway) so I have struggled to find any other wheat beers to enjoy. I did try Franziskaner Weissbier on Friday but it is full of banana flavour that dominates the mouth. Favourite bitters include Adnams Broadside, Ringwood Old Thumper & Wychwood Hobgobiln. For extra strong or vintage ales I like Brakspear Triple or Theakstons Old Peculiar. I have so far only found one IPA I like and that is Timothy Taylor's Landlord. Yesterday I opened a bottle of Greenwich Meantime Bourbon Barrel Aged Ale. It is basically the same recipe as their London Porter but they then leave the ale to age for 4 months in Bourbon barrels and you get a real kick of vanilla and caramel as a result. It was fucking marvelous! Anyway I could go on but the purpose of the thread is to see if there are any other ale appreciators on the board and to give us the opportunity to put up recommendations for each other and maybe compare notes?
  14. Banned for inhaling too much and not knowing the art of every little helping
  15. I struggle with Overkill for some reason. I have never been able to put finger on it but we just don't get on. I loved Exodus with their mix of straight up thrash and tongue in cheek, not afraid to have a laugh edge also. "Pleasure To Kill" is one of my favourite albums of all time - it's so brutal and harsh, everything good thrash should be. Early Anthrax is noteworthy although they are inconsistent on the whole, same with Annihilator.
  16. Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying
  17. This thread went well didn't it? Glad I saw this before I created my "Creed are the next Led Zeppelin" thread. Boy would I have looked stupid had I not seen this thread. Thanks bro for saving my blushes. P.s if pretentious idiots like you are the "future" there is absolutely no hope for the genre of metal as a whole. That is all.
  18. I think "Souls Of Black" was kind of their pinnacle for me. Since then I have been aware of them but felt no compelling urge to investigate much of anything since beyond one listen. "Practice What You Preach" stands out for me but otherwise I agree with your list.
  19. More imposing a question is surely why this thread made the deep and meaningful section?
  20. Testament are a nearly band for me. Nearly solid enough to challenge the Big 4. Nearly consistent enough to justify serious investment in their back catalogue and nearly exciting enough to want to go and see live. None of the above have happened as they never quite achieved the legendary status of say Exodus, Anthrax, Slayer or managed to produce a "Game Over" style classic like Nuclear Assault. Sheer curiosity brought them from my "to investigate further" list into a purchase of their last effort "Dark Roots Of Earth". Notable for the guitar playing prowess of Skolnick and Peterson first of all "Dark Roots.." doesn't just knock on the door and await your response. It takes the door off it's hinges with it's savagery and full frontal attack, check out opener "Rise Up" with Hoglan's solid drumming and Billy's almost arrogant vocal delivery backed up by chopping riffs aplenty. The band make good use of melody throughout the album most notably on "Cold Embrace" which is the slowest track on offer but overall the feeling is one of being treated to a proper heavy metal album. On the the downside the album is a couple of tracks too heavy (the title track and "Man Kills Mankind" aren't essential) but the version I have has 3 great covers - Queen's "Dragon Attach", Scorpions "Animal Magnetism" and Iron Maiden's "Powerslave" are all respectable efforts that do the originals justice. A few tweaks short of excellent but still a very solid outing from one of the elder statesmen of thrash.
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