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  1. 1. Motley Crue "Girls, Girls, Girls" 2. Master "Unknown Soldier (Triggered MIx)" 3. Adramelech "Thoth (lord of the Holy Words)" 4. Esoctrilihum "Incursus Into Daeth Hausth" 5. Cirith Gorgor "Through Burning Wastelands" 6. Nile "Barra Edinazzu" 7. Grand Magus "Mountains Be My Throne" 8. Discharge "Protest and Survive" 9. Evoken "A Tenebrous Vision" 10. Alghazanth "To Flames the Flesh"
  2. Since nobody can hear the song this is a pointless thread. Locked.
  3. Good man! Long drive up to Dundee earlier and had the following for company: Fen “Winter” Overkill “Wings Of War” Yob “Our Raw Heart”
  4. Forgjord "Ajasta Ikuisuuteen"
  5. Last post hidden. Promotion outside of the promotion section are considered spam.
  6. The verdict is in. The jurors have been recalled into the courtroom. The journalists have all sharpened their pencils and the public gallery is filling up with any interested parties still left out there. Let's get the background check out of the way first. This is not the Geoff Tate version of the band that eventually ended up not being called Queensryche. This is the "original" version of Queensryche (albeit with only 3 original members) and one time Crimson Glory crooner Todd la Torre doing a sterling impression of Geoff Tate whilst having Geoff Tate's former step-son in law on guitar. Other than that Tate isn't involved on this record. Things look promising enough with a quick glance at the album artwork that shows a red cloaked demonic figure presiding over some cleverly designed weighing scales in the shape of the band's logo. The 13 year old boy in me approved of the artwork almost immediately. Reminiscent of a melodic black or death metal record, the artwork gave real hope of some menacing new direction for a band long since past their best. As the hammer waivers over the gavel, poised to deliver the final say, the band gives a collective uncomfortable shift, wondering of the future post-verdict. On the charge of making a terrible, contrived and utterly unmemorable record I find Queensryche guilty. This is a bad record, I mean laughably bad. Like worse than the new Magnum PI series. Worse than the campaign to leave the EU even and possibly more misguided somehow. I can't believe that established musicians such as Jackson, Rockenfield and Wilton actually heard the fully mixed version of the album and happily let it go into distribution. At times the pace is all over the place, mixed up for the sake of mixing it up, not to support some clever structure of the song. La Torre might sound like Tate but he is a poor man's version and the whole performance sounds so much like he desperately wants to be Tate it comes off like some really bad tribute act in a kids holiday camp. The album reminds of the slightly better bits of Disturbed somehow diluted down to some horrible wishy-washy, thin and empty toned instrumentation. The drums sound like cloth being slapped on a washing line with wet socks, the lead work just sounds tired and devoid of imagination and the vocals just cling desperately to the notion that it is still 1990 and the band are at the height of their powers. They aren't. Sentence = 0/5
  7. Pantera One of the real constants in my life throughout my early teens and into my early twenties, Pantera occupied a spot of high reverance and admiration in my music life for more than a decade. I recall seeing the video to "Cowboys from Hell" on Raw Power and losing every last ounce of my shit to it and I recall every track on the debut just blew me the fuck away. "Vulgar Display of Power" some how took things up another notch or two before the darker and more grimy feel of "Far Beyond Driven" ran through my teenage hormones like a fucking mood hoover! I read a gig review of a Pantera show and the strap line under the photo just said "Pantera - a fucking heavy metal band!". But they were more than that even as they bent and wah-wah'd their way into the (frankly awful) title of a Groove metal band. As with most things that are really good, they didn't last forever and the world being such a horrible place that it is we know we are without two of metal's finest brothers with the sad loss of Dimebag and more recently Vinne, but the legacy lives on. Key Album - Vulgar Display of Power
  8. I won’t have the patience to sit here and do a full list of 20 in one sitting so will just add bands as and when I feel I have the time because it is a great thread. Sepultura I lost my shit to “Arise” when I first heard it as a teenager and pretty much played the hell out of “Chaos AD” when it followed. I was pummelled into submission by the relentless delivery of “Dead Embryonic Cells”, crushed by the riff that opens “Altered State” and slapped fucking senseless by Igor’s drumming on “Infected Voice”. It wasn’t until the last 5 years or so that I really started to pay attention to their earlier discography and I soon realised that I had been selling myself short with my near entire focus on just “Arise”. What Sepultura had consistently done during their first three albums was raise the bar for themselves each time. From the amateur blackened thrashings of the debut through the increasing refinement and maturity of the next two releases, Sepultura became a force to be reckoned with and in doing so managed a “golden run” of albums. “Chaos AD” didn’t age well and now sounds like it has more filler than the wall around my dartboard. I had no time for them post “Chaos AD” but twice in my life Sepultura have proven to be stop me in my tracks impressive with the first time being at a very early and influential part of my metal journey. Key Album - Arise Saxon The Yorkshire metallers get a mention really because “Power and the Glory” was the first metal full album I listened to when I borrowed my cousins vinyl collection. That fucking pink, orangey logo literally blazing across the top of the cover was too big a draw for me to listen to any of the other 20 or so LP’s stacked on my bed that day. Nostalgia aside, Saxon have stayed in my collection across vinyl, CD and digital format throughout the years. I have never felt compelled to own everything they have done but then when ever I have ventured into new material with them I haven’t been disappointed. Any band with a singer called Biff Byford is impossible not to check out and they balance staying relevant with just enough a modern edge to their metal so well I can see them lasting a few years more yet. Key Album - Strong Arm Of the Law
  9. Moved to the Promotion section - BECAUSE THAT’S WHY WE HAVE IT!!!! Further promotion posts outside of this section will be considered spam and you will be shot. If you survive you will be shot again. Thanks, have a great day!
  10. Car playlist today: Darkthrone “Transilvanian Hunger” Overkill “The Wings Of War” On loop.
  11. Yes, I think you have recommended it a couple of times. Got further individual entries planned for both Horna and Behexen but thought the split would be a great place to start.
  12. The first entry in this new blog section celebrating the Finnish BM scene is dedicated to one of the finest split releases I have ever heard. In July 2004, Grievantee Productions released this split EP from two of the most established and revered acts on the BM scene in Finland. A split of real contrast, this offering gave two sides of the coin in every aspect. The lo-fi production of Horna with the shrieking vocals of Corvus at the front of the delivery giving marked difference to the scathing yet melodic attack of Behexen. I have read much criticism of Horna's contribution and to some degree I can understand this. The almost soulless performance sounds empty and devoid of depth in some ways. Yet this in so many ways is also why it works so well for me. The performance sounds authentic and atavistic, like the awakening of something believed to be long-dead and forgotten, now brought back to some living/undead state to unleash its ancient threat on an unsuspecting world. Punky stabs underpin the relentless delivery giving space for some respectful foot stomping as well as neck snapping. The grim and dank nature of Horna's four tracks here match perfectly the artwork that adorns (this version) of the release. It feels like Finnish BM, full of such cold hatred and pure, unbridled suffering. Its grimness punctuated by the already mentioned vocal prowess of Corvus. Horna here remind me of the understated riffing of Darkthrone elevated in an absolute maelstrom of pitch black darkness. By way of contrast, Behexen have a cleaner sound from the off. Obviously more melodic yet still racing and aggressive to make them marginally more accessible than Horna. Hoath's vocals are more buried in the mix than Corvus' but the intense gallop and scathing delivery somehow elevates them just enough. There's definitely more of a feeling of there being a "wall" of noise on the Behexen contribution but the tracks themselves have a more discernible series of transitions that fill the soundscape perfectly, permeating the parts Horna's contribution cannot reach. Despite the marked difference in production values, the Behexen tracks compliment the Horna ones perfectly (and vice the versa). The combination of the two styles make the EP a triumph of opposites and I find this EP works really well on shuffle to emphasise this. Of the Behexen tracks, "A Distant Call From Darkness" is my preferred choice with its blend of galloping riffage, scathing vocals and melancholic melody. The guitar sound on this track is fucking pandemic level infectious! I would encourage any BM fan to purchase and embrace this most essential of Finnish BM releases. 5/5
  13. New Mystifier track, not remarkable but solid enough, new album next Friday. Satanic Warmaster “Carelian Satanist Madness” Hecate Enthroned “Embrace Of the Godless Aeon”
  14. Darkthrone "Transilvanian Hunger" (2003 remastered, enhanced, reissue, limited edition) Digipak Overkill "The Wings of War" digipak
  15. Limps back into the thread after a 18 month hiatus... MacabreEternal's Top Ten Albums of 2006 We are now getting close to when I started paying proper attention to metal again after a slight detachment in the early noughties. Still not the best year but at least I managed to find 10 releases this year. 10. Deicide "The Stench of Redemption" Whilst I find this lacking in comparison with the earlier Deicide material it still remains a step up from "Scars of the Crucifix" and is better still than "Incineratehymn" and "In Torment In Hell" combined together (even if that bundle cam with a bar of gold I would return it to sender). In a list that will prove to be evenly split between Death Metal and Black Metal it by no means is the strongest DM release of 2006 - hence the low placement - but it stands up well enough as a strong year for Deicide and a slight return to form for them. 9. Satyricon "Now, Diabolical" First Satyricon album I ever heard. True story me! Not their best by any means but I enjoyed the grimness in the aesthetic even if the delivery was slightly off. It is memorable enough to satisfy the odd itch now and again but it doesn't get as much attention as their first three albums. A good gateway record for me. 8. Cretin "Freakery" My first experience of Cretin was during a CD swap we did years ago on another forum I frequented. I found them a little too much for me at that stage if I am honest. The whole sound and delivery just a little too overwhelming for Macabre"Snowflake"Eternal. Years later I would hear "Stranger" and dive right in and purchase without quibble, waver or doubt. Since picking up "Stranger", I have found "Freakery" to be an absolute fucking blast(beat). Thirty minutes or so of fucking frenzied death metal/grindcore is been a welcome enema for the ear holes. 7. Cannibal Corpse "Kill" This is a fun DM album. It reinvents no wheels - in fact it sort of just puts more durable DM tyres on them - and it doesn't fucking need to. Perfect album to come home and throw on whilst you go about your pointless chores and snap your fucking neck to it around the house! 6. Wolves in the Throne Room "A Diadem of 12 Stars" Atmospheric USBM that is both authentic and genuine at the same time. I conjure up all manner of picturesque landscapes when listening to this as it truly takes my mind places every time I play it. A bit of a struggle if I am not in the mood but needs to be treated as more than just background music. 5. Hesper Payne "Dreamer in the Deep" (EP) "Who?" I hear an exasperated forum cry! UK doomsters Hesper Payne write doom metal full of dark magical concepts and tell stories of doomed (pun intended) sea faring vessels and their crews. A discovery from an internet acquaintance on another forum that has proved to provide many an hour of dark and menacing entertainment over the years. BAN enjoyed them to when i shared some of their stuff with him. 4. Enslaved "Ruun" Progressive and raw(ish) probably best describes "Ruun". Following up "Isa was always going to be a struggle but I think this punches well enough to standout in the year as a whole. If I were putting together an Enslaved "best of" list "Ruun" would make the middle part of the rankings for sure. 3. Repugnant "Epitome of Darkness" The album title says it all really. Morbid Death Metal with freakish horror stylings and a fair old amount of Possessed style thrashings decorating the side dishes. The best DM release of the year by far and although it was the debut full-length it was also their swansong too. 2. Drudkh "Blood In Our Wells" I recall few albums that I fall in love with after one listen, but Drudkh's 2006 album was one such release. Taking the melodic espousing of "The Swan Road" and molding more folk and BM elements into the sound, "Blood In Our Wells" rings echoes throughout my head every time I play it. 1. Blut Aus Nord "MoRT" The dissonance of "MoRT" is the chaotic maelstrom that captures my attention throughout. I find it a record that focuses me really well as I track the dissonance through the textures of each track. Less scathing than previous offerings but somehow no less punishing.
  16. Autopsy “Macabre Eternal”
  17. My battle vest is coming along nicely. My Emperor logo patch should arrive next week.
  18. Overkill “The Wings Of War” Candlemass “The Door To Doom” Heads for the Dead "Serpent's Curse" - blasting the vinyl on this, sounds great. Darkthrone "Under a Funeral Moon" - onto CD for this, this can stay out and get taken in the car with me tomorrow for my 2 hour drive to my meeting.
  19. Behexen "The Poisonous Path" Horna/Behexen split - because I am trooooooo!
  20. Numinous s/t Horna "Sanojesi Äärelle"
  21. It's still not good enough though is it? I mean if you can't deliver the goods on a consistent basis anymore then take the hit and shuffle off. No matter how much they still like what they do if the end product is just sub-standard then all they are doing as a band is slowly diminishing there legacy. Priest manage to sound relevant at least still on most of the latest releases, hell even Saxon made my album of the year list for last year. Maiden split up after "Fear..." as far as I am concened.
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