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  1. Krystos from Boise Idaho has released a play through video of "Lolth Domain". The song "Lolth Domain" is the title from from the band's 2017 release. Check out:
  2. aipan has just released their second album, “The Nine Battlegrounds,” combining new styles of blackened death in with their signature deathrash sound that has made them so well-known in only two short years. Taipan’s albums have united the leading musicians from all over the world. Their new album, “The Nine Battlegrounds” includes guests from Exodus, Ministry, Megadeth, Ill Nino, Warbringer, Hirax, Noble, Nocturnus and Claustrofobia. “The Nine Battlegrounds” is a concept album based on the book, “The Art of War,” written in 5th Century BC by Sun Tzu. Album artwork was designed by Drowning Clown Design. “The Nine Battlegrounds” was co-written by Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino, Machinehead) and produced by Blackgate Collective and Tyler Ruehl from the band Noble in collaboration with Dead Sea Records. The album is available on iTunes and all major electronic outlets at: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1401732407?ls=1&app=itunes The band’s debut album, “Straight From The Underground” brought overnight success with accolades such as Album of The Year by Rock In Roll Industries in 2015. Their videos in support of “Straight From The Underground” has gained over 80,000 views and the band has toured multiple countries promoting the album. Michael Black of Taipan writes, “Due to the success of our first album, we knew we had to work hard to create something powerful in The Nine Battlegrounds. I feel that we equaled or surpassed our debut album in skill and precision. With the list of stars involved in The Nine Battlegrounds this project was bound to be produced to perfection”. To support the album release, “The Nine Battlegrounds” will be seen on Blip billboards across the U.S. Taipan is also endorsed by In Tune Picks, Echo Eyes Entertainment, Drowning Clown Design, Coldcock Whiskey, Gilmore Custom Cases, Tsunami Cables, Soultone Cymbals, Schecter Guitars, Lock it Straps, and Gorilla Snot Pick and Stick Grip. “The Nine Battlegrounds” is available for review or purchase at: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1401732407?ls=1&app=itunes or: For information about Taipan see:www.TaipanOfficial.com For press or booking contact see Dead Sea Records at https://www.Deadsearecords.com or email [email protected]
  3. SAN BERNARDINO, CA. – Southern California thrash metal band Attackhead will return to Guadalajara Mexico May 17th thru 19th 2013 for the Hell and Heaven Metal Festival. The event will be held at Arena VFG which can accommodate up to 15,000 people. Hell and Heaven Fest 2013 is headlined by a huge lineup including Anthrax, Motorhead, Testament, In Flames, Exodus and others. Singer and lead guitarist Mark Chapman said “This will be our second time in Mexico and we were very excited to get down there and reunite with the fans”. Attackhead’s initial trip to Guadalajara in Oct, 2012 for the Pre Hell and Heaven fest show was such as success that the band will be hosting a Meet and Greet and fan party on Friday May 17th just hours after their arrival in Mexico. Shortly after their return from Mexico, Attackhead will depart on the European Thrash Vacation tour. This will be Attackhead’s first European tour with performances in England, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. The Tour Promo video can be seen at: Europe tour Promo video - YouTube . Fall 2013 places Attackhead in the United States with a headlining performance at Rock the Mountain Festival in Boise, Idaho on August 10th. Then in White Marsh, Maryland on November 8th to perform at the Rock Harvest 2 Festival in support of Fallen Blue. Attackhead is promoting their latest release “Voices in the Dark” which was remixed/mastered and released in August 2011. The album was also released on classic vinyl in February 2012. The Mexico tour is being sponsored by Dunlop, Spear Guitars, Tsunami Cables, Gorilla Snot and SKB cases. The band will be promoted by Metal Mexico in Mexico with US promotion by Echo Eyes Touring and Management. See more of Attackhead at: www.Attackhead.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/attackhead Twitter: www.twitter.com/Attackhead To schedule an interview or obtain more information about Attackhead contact Cherie Kausler, Echo Eyes Touring and Management www.echoeyes.com or email [email protected] [ATTACH=CONFIG]502[/ATTACH]