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  1. The more of this melodic bands you post the more i feel like dig a bit deeper into that genre. Never done that before to be honest. 7/10 qrmeV2Mwfr8
  2. Black Trip - Putting out the Fire
  3. if i remember correct we had a discussion around that some year ago. It is the projects of his i can spend most time listening too. Journey in Darkness is a really good album.
  4. Just mentioning a few now, Have to look around a bit to find more. rlFS-1BVN0U This ones about the battle of Suomussalmi.Soviet really took a beating there. dzPLmDdtj_4 This one speaks for itself.
  5. Nice, Opthalamia I rarely see some interest in.
  6. All music on my computer and shuffle. 1. Burzum - A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit 2. Motörhead - Leaving Here 3. Ian Gillan Band - Mad Elaine 4. UFO - Darker Days 5. King Diamond - Follow The Wolf 6. Marduk - Fistfucking Gods Planet 7. Primordial - Solitary Mourner 8. Carcass - Fermenting Innards 9. Sodom - My Atonement 10. Nationalteatern - Våld på Öppen Gata
  7. The Devils Blood - A Waxing Moon Over Babylon
  8. Primordial - Redemption at the Puritans Hand Blotum - Eternal Despondency The Devils Blood - The Thousandfold Epicentre
  9. Mayhem played here in town this evening, And we never went there. Just don't think they can deliver anymore. Still it seems kind of sad, Months ago i saw a show.
  10. UK comedy used to be the best. Still watching Fawlty Towers, The Young Ones, Blackadder and the likes at least thrice a year.
  11. Leather without discussion. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1631[/ATTACH] Denim cant look this good
  12. Something like that, Simple food can sometimes taste best.
  13. No the pizza place closed hours ago. You see, the shithole im living in only have a population of 400. And an hours drive to get food after midnight is not worth it.
  14. 6/10, Not my type really, But i wonder if thats the same Zonaria i saw so many years ago in their demo years.Heres a Russian classic.huJ-qivFdw4
  15. So, coming home late. To tired to make food, soo. Cookies !
  16. Season two do step up a few things, Really enjoyed that season. More than any other the the last few years. Other than that i Started watching Gotham last week, And so far I like that one too.
  17. I've been really dull this year and kept to the bands i know. Can only think of one new from this year which is really good. And thats Teitanbloods ''Death''.
  18. I have a certain taste when it comes to series.Hannibal really got there, Sinister without alot of comic relief bullshit.Mikkelsen does his part really well too.I want the third season now.
  19. 8/10 They used to do great stuff. C-YRQsvmTIo
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