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  1. yeah, I know how u feel. Besides calling it black metal,death metal,thrash metal, or traditional metal, why do we need all these other labels?
  2. Too many sub labels. How about just call it metal?
  3. Severely Underrated/Underappreciated albums Hi, I have been looking online for a few albums that I think that are highly underrated. I came across a few but one that does come to mind is Rottrevore "Inquisotors"! If your into classic Asphyx influenced death/doom. They are the way to go! I have a few more albums to reccomend, but cant remember off the top head! Does anyone has any album recommendations of all styles that they want to share?
  4. Suffocation "Pinnacle of bedlam" Rottrevore "Inquisitors" Burial Ritual "Tower of silence"
  5. Must be a lot of adolescents on this forum. Unless you are paying monthly dues, and going through hell to earn full patched jackets. I don't see why any of u will care about what outsiders think of your music! I don't even call myself a Metalhead even though I might dress the part and collect a lot of music and shirts. I'm a human being who is an avid metal fan!
  6. Thats a high school mentality. Everybody in high school wants to be labels you as something. Im a fully grown man. I get tons of people label me as a biker because I wear black bandanas and vests full of metal patches. I just tell them Im not riding Harley's yet but like them. Ive had people lump the music I listen to as emo. I just tell them Im not into those bands. That is all.
  7. I never did like that video from Infidel becuase he looks like he is in his mid 30's, and trying to look cool for the younger people! He comes off as very immature to me sometimes. If your into metal, punk, emo,...Thats good for you! Want a pat on the back or something? Im not going to knock any scene of any kind at all anymore. I used to when I was younger. But I realize, that all sub cultures share so many similarities that it doesnt matter. In the end, if you are worried about posers. Or anyone for that matter. You are indeed insecure.
  8. Nice one! Your making me itch for another vest! I have so many patches that need to be sewn on a new vest!
  9. Immolation Krisiun Witchtrap Enthroned Belfegor
  10. Got a cool biker patch, and some cool pins from various bands lately.
  11. Yeah the whole "post" thing is for a bunch of hipsters trying to be metal! What's next? Post post?
  12. Do old school black or death metal count?
  13. Destruction, Krisiun, Suffocation, Incantation, Witchtrap
  14. Hails! good to see you in here!
  15. Intresting. I have never heard of battle metal. Where did this come from?
  16. LOL! Halford must have been payed a lot of money to be featured on their album!
  17. Awesome! Ive dodged e bay for the longest! Is it easy to use? Do you have to bid just to get what you want? How does it work?
  18. Why didnt you like seeing Watain? What made their performance bad?
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