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  1. I saw the article on BBC news.
  2. Ocean Planet by Gojira With the whole From Mars to Sirius album.
  3. Hi guys ! I'm asking for your help Paradox Interactive released a " call to arms " program for their coming Europa Universalis game. So I signed up for it in order to win a few stuff. If some of you guys could just click on the link below so that I can have more points. If you do so, first thanks, don't click on receive newsletter if you are not interested in their games and it won't bother you. LINK! Thank you guys. I need to more points to receive The Art of War of Sun Tzu And by the way, if some of you are fan of their games and plan to buy EUIV when it is release, I'd gladly accept to organize a MP game!
  4. Pretty good band! I like this old school look and sound. I'm really impressed by the Capricorn song, listened to it 3 times! Thanks for the topic about them. I never heard about Orchid before
  5. To put a video link, you can select a part of your test, song same for example then click on the link button ( in the editing box with text colour/size/police,...) and in the indicated place paste your link. It will give something like my links under. About your links, I always liked Igor Presnyakov. Fear of the Dark, as it is one of my favourite Iron Maiden song, is just brilliant! I really enjoy these two Metallica songs in acoustic version :
  6. These are pretty nice songs. A very peaceful atmosphere in Håleygirland. Some moments made me think of Arkona ( maybe some part of the melody ) which is nice but it really has its own style. And some of the landscapes in the clip are breathtaking! I listened some other songs and really enjoyed Autumnal Equinox Gryningen. The last one really fits the today's weather. Well, I liked it, as I said it is peaceful and beautiful. I subscribed to the Youtube channel for the future songs.
  7. Limbo is an excellent game. I like independant and small games, this one is best I played for the last few years in its genre.
  8. Black Metal was the hardest genre for me to get into. But I do love many BM bands. I just need to be able to hear an atmosphere if you see what I mean and it all depends on the song more than the band. I take Black Metal song by song and not band by band, otherwise I don't think I would really like the genre. Maybe what I'm saying sounds stupid or unclear^^ For example I really like the songs Jeg Faller and Keliohesten by Burzum but I'm not a huge fan of the rest I heard from them. Regarding to all the nationalist, racist and other stuff in Black Metal, I don't really care in fact. I never paid too much attention to this in Black Metal. My favourite band is Peste Noire, I really like the majority of their songs but I disagree with almost everything the guy is saying. Since I have to check the lyrics for most Black Metal songs and don't always have the time ( or just think to do it ) I mainly listen to it for the music and not what they are talking about.
  9. At the moment I would say : Alice Cooper Alcest Gojira Judas Priest Finntroll But it changes every week.
  10. 5. Fade to Black by Metallica. I love the voice in this song and the lyrics fit perfectly the music. There is something in this song that makes it quite sad. It certainly is the guitar in the background. 3. Letter to Dana by Sonata Arctica. I'm not a really huge fan of SA, I might know only two or three of their songs but Letter to Dana has something very sad in it. The refrain is the best part and the power in this song. What the lyrics are about already make the song sad. The with the female voice this song is just among the saddest I've heard. It's not Metal, but I could no think of a saddest song in my opinion. It's not something special in this song, just the whole song that is sad. And I add this one, by Judas Priest
  11. I agree about the Anette's covers. Some are not really good ( others okay ). But I like Anette, Imaginaerum is a very good album in my opinion ( Dark Passion Play is okay ). I like both Nightwish's eras. They are different, a bit disturbing at first. When Tarja left, a part of what Nightwish was left too but not only in a bad way. And I understood that Tarja and the rest of band were not well together at the end, so it might have been a better idea for them to separate than having a band with members who don't like to work together. I completely respect this choice. I understand that people dislike the " without Tarja Nightwish " but I've read some comments in youtube for example and it's unbelievable how Anette received such hate from fans. I've seen Nightwish with Anette in live and she sings well, the songs written with her fits her voice very well ( covers can be weird yes ). And Tarja, I saw her live, it was good but it's not the best thing I've seen, she looks so pretentious on stage...
  12. That is right indeed. Exactly what I think and also one of the reason I love Metal. No matter how you feel, you can always find a song that suits you. Also I think the possibility of using every kind of instruments is a reason why I love Metal, it can " regroup " almost all other music genres. The lyrics in many band are amazing sometimes. As good as reading poetry ( especially in Doom Metal in my opinion ). And the people, it's a good way to open you to other countries by talking with fans from the other side of the world though the Internet or festivals. I'll always remember how in a festival with friends we shared our food and drinks with two Germans and discovered some specialties of our own countries. So here are five reasons : 1)- The way Metal can act with your feelings and mood. 2 ) - The instruments! ( I discovered many through Metal ). 3)- The variety, Metal is hardly a musical genre but more like the father of a huge musical family. 4)- The lyrics. I always have to read the lyrics or a translation of them. It really is a part of what the song is unlike in other music types ( even if it's good!) 5 ) People! From the fans to some artists who are amazing
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