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  1. i am really looking forward to the new sabbath album and am defiantly gonna be booking tickets to see them of december the 10 at the 02. i know sabbath can not be as good as they where and apparently ozzy's voice live is really bad now apparently but its black sabbath so who cares right?. it will be interesting to see what happens and the reaction to the new album.
  2. intresting. this is something i been asking my self lately. how dose one genras defer from the other especially when they sound the same. what makes death metal,death metal, what makes hardcore, hardcore and blah blah blah blah. in a resent interview in iron fist (if you dont no this magazine you need to check it out) Ishan from dark funeral said there are two types of music the ones i love and the ones i dont. and i think i agree with him. maybe thats irrelevant to what you are talken about. but i think i need to agree with ishan before i go mad.
  3. hello and welocme i added you on fb too.
  4. hi raggarn. i hope you enjoy your time on the forum. can we have some links to here you bands stuff. i be very interested to here it as i promote new metal music on my website.
  5. hello and welcome too the forum cerastes
  6. Duuuude are you like me evil twin? Lol. I joke of course. I am the same. If i dont like the cover the book can go to hell.
  7. hello and welcome. i run a metal site to. great fun isn't it?. other than zombie books, what else do you read. i am reading a lot of hp lovecraft at a moment. and edgar allen poe