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    The new Grifter album "The Return Of The Bearded Brethren" is out now on Ripple Music. It's available on CD, vinyl and soon on download. We're still wiating for copies of the vinyl but CD copies are available from the band at Grifter ? Home We also have a new video for the song Princess Leia to check out
  2. There's a whole bunch of very cool stoner bands in the UK that are worth a looStubbSuns Of ThunderDesert StormTrippy WickedPistWidowsEnosDruganautThat's just for starters
  3. I was very disappointed. It felt lazy and unworked...as if going in a studio, playing two chords for 15 minutes and moaning over it then sticking Sleep 's name on it will be good enough. To be honest though, I loved Holy Mountain but thought Dopesmoker was a self indulgent crock of cack.
  4. We did a UK tour with them a couple of years ago. They've never made a bad record, totally kill it live and are awesome guys and good friends.
  5. We have a few decent gigs coming up Friday July 26th - Manchester, Gulliver's with The bendal Interlude, Widows and Blastronaut Saturday July 27th - Cheltenham, 2 Pigs with Welcome Back Delta and Smoke Pilot Friday August 2nd - Abertillery, The Doll's House with Black Light Machine and Static Signals Sunday August 11th - BLOODSTOCK FESTIVAL WITH SLAYER, ANTHRAX, EXODUS, DEVILDRIVER...ETC Saturday August 31st - Bournemouth, The Anvil with Alunah, Diesel King, Greenhorn, Voodoo Pistols and more TBC www.facebook.com/grifterrock
  6. ollie


    We're chuffed to announce that Grifter will play the Sophie Lancaster stage at this year's Bloodstock Festival on Sunday August 11th...the same day that Slayer, Anthrax and Exodus play amongst others!!! http://www.facebook.com/grifterrock
  7. Metal God should just be Rob Halford!!!
  8. ollie


    Our album may be nearly 18 months old but it's still getting some amazing reviews. This 10/10 review comes from Destructive Music (Destructive Music » GRIFTER | GRIFTER) Rock music isn’t a genre that we feature very often here on Destructive Music as were usually up to our eye balls in Bestial Black Metal and the likes! However some bands are just too damn good to turn down and that is most certainly true when it comes to the UK’s own GRIFTER! The bands self titled album is nothing short of a masterpiece and I assure you that this is no exaggeration. Opening track ‘Good Day For Bad News’ will tell you all you need to know about what’s to come with it’s blues soaked Stoner riffs, endearing sing along vocals and it’s all round fuzz fueled sleazy vibe! If that isn’t enough the very next song is a pure southern rock anthem dripping with a plethora of sleaze, down tuned tones and the chance to shout Hot Pocket at the top of your lungs every other moment. As I’ve mentioned it’s a superb blend of Southern Rock and the Blues that Grifter so enigmatically and wonderfully produce but with a seriously large dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll thrown into the pot for good measure. ‘Strip Club’ for example is just a pure example of fast enjoyable Rock goodness to get your body moving and grooving to the beat whilst ‘Young Blood, Old Veins’ is one of the catchiest tracks on offer and one of the most satisfying lyrically as is ‘Bucktooth Woman’ which raises the bar further in the enjoyment stakes as well as the hilarity stakes!An unbelievably good album then this and well worth it’s place amongst the Black and Death Metal on this site. Actually any fans of Stoner Doom or even Traditional Doom are going to really dig this album but wait… don’t tell your momma… Cos Grifter are so bad for you, and they know it! [10/10 - LUKE HAYHURST]
  9. Grifter, Mother Corona, Bear Vs Manero and Refugees of Culture at The Wheatsheaf, Oxford this Saturday...come on down any Oxfordians!!!
  10. Wow...my knowledge of Australian metal only really extends to AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Buffalo and Mortal Sin!!!
  11. Sweet, I also know a fair few underground stoner, doom and metal bands that folk may find interesting that I've encountered through playing in a band and writing reviews for a website. I'll have to compile a list. It's amazing how much awesome talent is out there plugging away.
  12. Dorset is lovely. Ever been to the Anvil in Bournemouth?
  13. Haha..have to admit I'm not a big metalcore fan. I saw Priest with the Scorpions a few years back, awesome gig. Angel Witch, yep, love 'em. I love a lot of NWOBHM stuff and quite a lot of doom stuff...not so much the real crawling slow stuff but stuff like Pentagram, Trouble, St Vitus, Cathedral, Candlemass...etc as well as some stoner stuff. I also have a soft spot for 80's thrash like Anthrax, Death Angel, Violence...etc.
  14. ollie


    I've heard lots of good things about these guys...I think they're doing Desertfest this year...though it may just be in Berlin.
  15. ollie


    I first heard Down when the guitarist in my old band brought their demo to a practice way back in the 90's...we were all blown away. When the first album finally came out we literally listened to it non stop on the drive from Plymouth to London to play a gig...then back again and didn't get bored of it once. The next two albums were good but that first one is a killer.
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