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  1. Re: classical? Heh that was a sarcasm, I posted Dies irae from Verdi I really doubt ANYONE could sleep with such song playing. I have listened to holst in fact I wanted to post mars as an example, but since someone previously posted Jupiter, I thougt it would be better Verdi's composition.
  2. Re: Shit Music This crap. Retarded lyrics, repetitive, pathetic.
  3. If you can remember the history of metal, some of its roots are blues, some claim hard rock but what about classical? several metal musicians have inspiration on composers such as Bach, Wagner, Mozart, and Chopin to name a few, and there are even some similarities between classical and metal fans http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/ ... raits.html My question is this, how or why do you think such link exists? and how often do you observe it? are there any other subgenres (contemporary subgenres, music not older than one or two centuries) with heavier influence from classical? Lastly, th
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