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    What does a litre of petrol and a Bic lighter cost? How much is a kitchen knife? If you like his music, buy it. Or. I guess you just torrent it all. Why do you think burning a church is a crazy thing? Do you work? If you do, you pay taxes and therefore you pay to have people that are disliked killed.
  2. As KSMASH says after, it hays to be 3 separate notes. You answered a third or a minor third, why not a major or minor chord? It is still just two notes the same as a fifth. I know everyone calls the 1st 5th a power chord,and I do to, except when I am teaching someone a run using heaps of intervals and inversions instead of chords. Like playing minor intervals over major chords and major intervals over minor chords,that confuses the crap out of my mates.
  3. Yeah, it's just that to me it's one of those names that bugs me. A chord has to have at least 3 separate notes in it, or it's not a chord. If there is only a 1 and a 5 stacked on top, I call them 1,5 Diads. I've noticed on different sites they tend to call just about anything a power chord. I tend to think and play in intervals, so 1,3 or 3,5 or 5,1 etc. Diads to me are just intervals. But, everyone calls them power chords, so I just go with it. Quick question, if you call a G note with a D on top a power chord, what do you call a G note with a B or Bb on top ? Cheers,
  4. In what context? If you are saying Theory states you must only play the notes C D E F G A B for a C major scale then yes,that is the theory.But, it does not say you can only play those notes over a C Major chord. You can add or delete notes to suit your taste. Or if you are in E minor don't play the notes F G# Bb C# Or D# ? I do that all the time to and it fits the theory fine. Atonal music, some people like it, others don't. What do you mean by that? Could you give me an example of "clashing scales". I disagree with that statement.
  5. Just curious, how many of you guys use the term Power Chords? What does a power chord mean to you?
  6. Okay, I'll take the hook on this one. Theory "a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation, in contrast to well-established propositions that are regarded as reporting matters of actual fact" And, a quote of my own regarding Music Theory " An Apple by any other name is still an Apple" Some people that know a lot of theory still play badly, some people that know no theory play badly. Some people that know a lot of theory play extremely well, and some people that know no theory also play extremely well. Music Theory doesn't tell you what to play, it explains what you played. There is a big difference between Music Theory and written score. Score,or tab tells you exactly how to play something. Theory will explain why it sounds the way it does. So,I'll take the challenge with you guys that say you don't know or use Music theory in your playing, and prove that an "Apple by any other name is still an Apple" I have never come across any Music Theory that says "Never play this note and always play that note" You can play anything you like, and most times it will sound like crap,unless there is some structure involved. But If you want to have a melody that sounds for arguments sake "Egyptian" Use lets say E Major, F Major and D minor chords,and play the melody based on the 5th mode of the A harmonic minor,(E Phrygian dominant) and you will be close. Or,for you none theory guys, play that pattern your mate showed you, or you learned off YouTube, over some basic "power chords", then muck around with them a bit till it sounds sort of good. Either way,we are both playing the same thing. Your turn.
  7. Hell yeah, Brujeria, awsome. One of my favorites is Pititis, Te Invoco, off the Brujerizmo album. Check out the lyrics translation. Some big names have been with them. Dino Cazrez, Nick Barker.
  8. Re: To Theory or Not to Theory YAY, 15 posts now I'm a Metal Mervin. Can I play my one note now Eddie? Those that have seen Fur TV will now what I mean.
  9. Re: To Theory or Not to Theory Yep , I remember KH playing a G minor pent over E minor in something, might have been MOP. That is certainly out there sound wise, but O/k if you like that sound. I don't. Weird. But,KH is renown for Pent and blues scales, Mesa and Wah. I don't get into Metallica , but always liked Orion and MOP.
  10. Re: Home Recording When I first started playing, I used to record rhythm on a cassete player. Then set another cassete player going and record lead and other player together. Then play that and record it again while banging buckets, pots and pans for drums. Sounded absolute crap, but I learned about multi tracking from doing that, and I had a Rhythm player that kept going non stop so I could practice.Me on tape. Then I got a computer and plugged my Gat into my Boss pedals then straight into the soundcard in (Audigy sound blaster I think) Found a recording program called N-Track, and some crappy boom chikka drum software, and thought I was pretty good. It still sounded bad, but I started cruising forums and found Studio Central and Tweakheadz, and learn't a lot from them. Now,over the years, I have progressed to Sonar X1, Superior Drummer, Amp simulators, Trillian Bass Engine, and Soft synths. Honking big computer, AKG head phones, Fostex near field monitors, presonus firewire interface. It's a good setup for home dabbling. The quality is awsome and the only thing lacking is my creativity.
  11. Re: To Theory or Not to Theory Yep, that's sort of what I am getting at. That is sort of similar to what I do. Except, I allready know what will work scale or mode wise over the particular chords, diads or riffs I have underneath. I tend to choose a scale or mode based on its overall sound. Some chord or riffs allow quite a few different scales. Pretty much every time you add or subtract a note from a starting scale it becomes another scale or mode, or a passing tone. I have two ways of playing leads . One I call playing with the changes. That means if you listen to the melody by itself, you can almost hear the chords in there. I target the chordal tones in the melody and interconnect them with scalar tones. The other way is playing through or over the changes. If you listen to it by itself, it doesn't sound that good. just a heap of disjointed licks, but sounds fine as soon as the rhythm is underneath it. But, if you didn't now all the scale names,where they come from, what there degrees are, what chords can be made from them, but play them because your mate showed you this cool scale, or you learned a pattern off the net, you would still be forrming your own theory on where that works and where it doesn't. What I'm trying to say I guess is it's not how you learn it but how you use it. A lot of guys actually know a lot of theory and don't realise it. They have set patterns and shapes that they know from constant experimenting work with certain chords for a certain sound. They know which notes in the patterns to target for different chords. They don't know why, or the proper names, just that it works. They might have a way of naming it something I don't understand. However, when I listen to what they are doing. I might say "That's just a Phrygian Dominant over the B chord and then you modulate to A minor over the Amin, G maj chords. He says " whatever!" The point is we are both playing the same thing, our ears tell us both that it works, I describe it in music theory terms and he calls it whatever. An Apple by any other name is still an Apple. I would say it's just about impossible to come up with a set of notes that has not allready been used and classified in some way. But, there are infinite combinations,permutations and rhythms of these note sets just waiting to be discovered and put together. That's what makes music so exciting. 'Specially Metal. You will never live long enough to learn it all.
  12. Just curious, Any of you into home recording? If so, what sort of software and interface do you use? Does any one here use Guitar Pro for tabbing?
  13. Re: Firefox. WooHoo, that worked. Thanks for that . Is all good now
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