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  1. Re: New Purchases/Acquisitions I got this album and it's spectacular from start to finish. NLbWSb85wCw]
  2. Re: Anti Black Metal You guys are falling right into this troll's trap.
  3. Re: This was a bitch to sew on
  4. Re: This was a bitch to sew on My other one--some stuff's been added, but this is more or less what it looks like now.
  5. Re: This was a bitch to sew on Ebay has denim jackets! Ha ha.
  6. Re: \m/ JUDAS PRIEST! \m/ Are YOU serious?
  7. Re: This was a bitch to sew on Gus, you should get going on a new one! Ebay is full of cool patches.
  8. Re: This was a bitch to sew on Thanks--I've just started this one, because the one pictured in my avatar is as full as I want it to get. A friend told me about an '80s acid washed Levi's jacket at a thrift store, and they still had it when I went to pick it up. It's perfect.
  9. The Celtic Frost one, that is. Took me like, 3 hours last weekend. The Satyricon patch is no walk in the park, either.
  10. Re: System Of A Down Well, I DID say I liked their latest album. I like the odd song here and there from them. I like it better than metalcore, anyway. At least Korn don't claim to be metal.
  11. Re: System Of A Down Actually, I don't want to give Korn too much credit, but they are highly original as well. No one sounded like them when they came out. They may have spawned a lot of soundalikes, but they were the originators of that sound, whatever the fuck it is. Of course, that doesn't make it any good.
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