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  1. Some of these are epic I thought of another one, Caught in a Mash
  2. Here's one for you, come up with a name for a dish named after a metal band/song. The only ones I could think of are Dimmu Burger (*cough*metalocalypse*cough*) and Motley Crutons.
  3. I got a Jagermiester bandanna signed by Scott, Joey and Frank from Anthrax at Bloodstock yesterday, I also caught one of Scott's picks at the end of their set.
  4. Damn, that got me all excited for nothing... Also, is thrash metal really the right place to be posting about metallica
  5. I dont know if there ever was one on here, but I got the idea after I posted asking about good places to sell metal stuff in the general chat area, a section on here for it would be really useful.
  6. I try not to hate on other metalheads, but being a traditionalist, whenever I see a kid with a fringe, snakebites etc. (this includes several of my friends) either saying he is a metalhead, being refered to as metal etc. I get an involuntary feeling of hatred, much the same as if i see a hipster or any kind of poser. I wish i didnt (honest ), im not one to shout about what true metal is, but i guess i just have a subconscious association with that style and posers.
  7. fivedesrukt


    Re: Books? I read the Harry Potter and Alex Rider books when i was younger and ive been reading them on holidays and stuff since then, i started reading the Inheritance Cycle when my Mum bought me the first book after i got the film (which lead me to hate the film ) and i read the first three books several times between the release of Brisingr and Inheritance. More recently i started reading A Song Of Ice And Fire (yes, i found out about them through the TV show...) and The Black Company, both of which are great sets of books if your into dragons and swords and knights and all that stuff. Other than those i generally dont read much apart from magazines
  8. Re: Songs That Make You Cry Sonata Arctica-Tallulah, because it pretty much perfectly sums up the end of a relationship i had with someone who was, for several years, the most important person in my life... but that was before i learnt that emotions are totally un-metal
  9. Re: Covers!!! q-SFWc0dGfE xD
  10. Re: most metal 'thing' i think it is meant to mean that his most metal possesions are his pinky, 1st finger and thumb, which when put together make the horns, although actually sticking your thumb out is wrong, it means 'i love you' in sign language, and we all know that showing emotion is totaly unmetal
  11. Re: Never Ending Metal Sentence Odin for...
  12. Re: Ban the user above you! Banned. Because i said so.
  13. Re: SONISPHERE?! F*cking awesome! friday was epic, saturday was mainly for getting drunk (the only good bands were cavelera conspiricy and gojira) and then sunday was epicly epic! the highlights wer the big 4, arch enemy, motorhead, alestorm and slipknot!
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