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    Eating - Gum Drinking - Water Listening - Mental Torment Doing - Trying to phase back into normal time. Thinking - Rubber was a silly invention.
  2. I'm ranting about Ozzy. He sucks.
  3. The weekend can't get here soon enough. I'm spent with the nonsense of the week and could use a rest.
  4. No he wasn't. A guy named Nate Correll was the session drummer and he was amazing. As far as Dave goes I've no idea nor do I care. NP: Mental Torment - On the Verge...
  5. Floor's inclusion into the band was their best decision they've made since firing that hack Tarja.
  6. NTNR


    It's better to be right than retarded.
  7. 17/20, it's sad I knew that many. Very silly however.
  8. I love when weather is gloomy, it always makes me happy too.
  9. NTNR


    Eating - Reese's Cereal Drinking - Cereal milk Listening - Nothing Doing - Watching 'my ghost story' Thinking - Tomorrow's going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG damn day.
  10. I'm ranting that it's 2:50 on Wednesday and it feels like it's 8:00 on Friday. I hate being out of phase with time.
  11. I haven't been to Munich in 13 years. Cute city and home to WOM (World of Music where I got some cool CD's years back.)
  12. Thanks! The vocalist is pretty badass if from IL. The drummer on the EP was the mentor of the drummer on the album. (Ironically the protege was WAY better too but is MIA and presumed dead.) NP: Lethian Dreams - Bleak Silver Streams Mental Torment - On the Verge...
  13. Uh oh! You're going to be next!! Hide you children and remove you butt!
  14. You bitch about hot & cold...You're never happy are you?
  15. 0_o Where on earth did you get that from? That's top secret stuff. They're going to come for you now!!
  16. I guess that means it arrived. Currently listening to: Esoteric - The Maniacal Vale Nevertanezra - Demos
  17. There's always been a death metal element to the band. Guh
  18. You suckled at the teats of pointless obscurity and poser lameness.
  19. I'm reading the news daily and yes it fills me with an unquenchable despair, but I need to know what's happening. We all do. That's the ONLY thing positive to come from the internet. The news isn't restricted to the same old outlets. More truth is available and more people seem to be waking up. Or so I hope.
  20. Bale. Kilmer was hilarious, even more so now that he's become a blob. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
  21. NTNR


    Ya...I know that feeling...
  22. NTNR


    Actually I hate all their work except Power Metal. Their glam stuff is just awful rocky crap. So no, as usual you're both wrong.
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