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  1. Torture is as good CC album too. I'm excited for their next album. NP: Lacrimas Profundere - Memorandum
  2. Lacrimas Profundere Lycanthia Theater of Tragedy Nevertanezra Station Dysthemia
  3. Gore Obsessed seems to be their weakest Fisher album, like Tomb of the Mutilated was for Barnes. Though truth be told he's just a weak vocalist and nothing more than self parody anymore. My fav album is probably Gallery of Suicide. It's intense and musically where they really out did themselves as song writers. It's akin to The Bleeding in my eyes. Both showing the band writing more songs instead of just mindless riffs. Bloodthirst is a good follow up as is The Wretched Spawn. There was a time where I didn't care for CC but that's mostly due to the crowd I had been hanging with. Kill & Evisceration Plague are both stand out albums that show they've still got it.
  4. NTNR


    Eating - Just finished my wife's pasta! Drinking - Water Listening - Theater of Tragedy Doing - Smelling bad, probably. Thinking - Ban and I came up with a plan of attack last night for our next release. I'm happy.
  5. Kaddish is a great album. They're very hit or miss however. NP: Theater of Tragedy - Theater of Tragedy Station Dysthymia - Overhead, Without Any Fuss, the Stars Were Going Out Lycanthia - Oligarchy Cannibal Corpse - Gore Obsessed Massacre - From Beyond
  6. Thank you very much: FatherAlabaster, Murp & Ghouly!! Yesterday was alright. I took a half day at work, went home and fell asleep watching the Fairly Odd Parents (Yes, I party harder than most I know) only to be awoken by my mom calling to remind me that I was coming down to spend some time with them. Good thing too or I'd have slept through practice. Ban & and jammed for a couple of hours breaking in the middle to BS about his trip to Denver. It sounds like it was a blast and a half with all the people he not only reacquainted himself with but met for the first time. Murp, you NEED to check out Lycanthia. Their last album is all sorts of badassery and even you can enjoy it!! Speaking of jamming; our new song is pretty much full on death metal right now. I figure we're four minutes into it (roughly) and it's two to three riffs. I'm debating on keeping it that way just to mess with people. Anyway, tonight it's Indian for dinner!! I'm uber stoked!!
  7. Paradise Lost Mourning Beloveth Cannibal Corpse Cathedral Worship
  8. Funny you say that, I once offered a drummer an obscene amount of money to drum for me but he wanted to play guitar in a band that was "going to be huge" which died a month or less later. Like I told him it would. Funny how that happens.
  9. NTNR


    Eating - Burrito and ginger snaps (yes I'm off the chain!) Drinking - Water Listening - Paradise Lost Doing - Chewing gum (not the bubbly kind) Thinking - I wonder what the next Paradise Lost album will sound like? @Murp- logistically with how things are going it will happen during the recording process.
  10. The bike builder, he made more money. misery or sorrow
  11. Paradise Lost - Lost Paradise Cannibal Corpse - Bloodthirst Mourning Beloveth - Dust
  12. Novembre - Materia Worship - Terreanean Wake Paradise Lost - Gothic Cathedral - Forest of Equilibrium Cathedral - Soul Sacrifice EP
  13. Homeless, that way I could be off the grid and become a mountain man. wheat or sourdough
  14. NTNR


    Sure, nothing like getting fucked out of $100 that was going to go towards said album to make my hatred burn just a little brighter. Eating - nothing Drinking - Water Listening - Cathedral Doing - Brooding Thinking - I'm so read for the apocalypse.
  15. NTNR


    Eating - Doughnuts Drinking - Water Listening - Worship Doing - Being bitter Thinking - I'm jealous of a coworker who is applying for a job in the field he's getting his degree in. He'll be making more money and be free of the shackles this place of this place. I'm pretty sure I'll be here until I die.
  16. The order that should've happened a month ago just ended up costing me $100 due to it's tardiness. Hooray wasting money.
  17. Tuberculosis, spitting blood is fun and contagious! bone or concrete
  18. Worship - Terreaean Wake Cannibal Corpse - Gallery of Suicide
  19. Krief de Soli Cannibal Corpse Paradise Lost Station Dysthemia A Dream of Poe
  20. Metallica - ...and Justice for All Made me want to play heavy, fast metal. Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden Made me want to play good, melodic, fast heavy metal Helloween - The Best, the Rest, the Rare Showed me how to combine the two bands above in an awesome way. Cannibal Corpse - Vile Made me want to play faster, heavier and more brutally than ever. Paradise Lost - Icon Made me want to play slow and beautiful and moody music My Dying Bride - Trinity Made me want to play the above slower, heavier and with a more sinister and hateful flare.
  21. @Fatheralabaster - I hear you. They are a pointless thing. @Murph - people are very stupid. I've always heeded requests to not touch working beasts. They have a purpose and it's best to leave them alone. Some people just refuse to let common sense enter into the equation.
  22. NTNR


    Eating - Carrots (..and what's with all the carrots, why do they need such good eyesight for anyway?) Drinking - Water Listening - Nothing Doing - Grumbling Thinking - Today is taking forever. I'm almost a level 31!
  23. Wow...both bore me to death, Lovecraft for life!!! However Poe was slightly more interesting. more than meets the eye or robots in disguise
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