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  1. I'm really sick of this forum. Not the people just the site itself. It constantly crashes on me, takes forever to load, etc... it's the epitome of buggy. If anyone cares to contact me you can reach me at doommantia.com (a forum/site that actually works) or Nevertanezra's facebook page. This site is just too frustrating to deal with anymore. If it ever goes back to something less crappy, like it was years ago, then let me know.

  2. Eating - Crazins Drinking - Water Listening - Nothing Doing - Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tabula Rasa Thinking - I think I'm coming down with something. I've got the makings of what feels like strep.

  3. Eating - CARROTS!! Drinking - Water Listening - White noise Doing - Typing Thinking - I went to a local grocery store to get something for a coworker today and saw a guy wearing a sleeveless Bathory shirt. He looked like Rob (only ban will get the reference).

  4. Dark Willow almost redeemed season six' date=' almost[/quote'] Agreed, however I hate how they made magic like a drug. That was stupid and somewhat insulting. I know it was a plot device and probably made it easier for the censors to allow its use but it was still dumb. Plus Tara's death sucked. It really added to the show as a whole but I really liked that character. I wish they'd have used her more and that she'd have done more magic.
  5. Sorta. :D No, I just haven't seen Firefly and while I'm told it was beyond awesome having a ship full of Han Solo's as the premise of a show I don't know if I'd watch it. Seeing Caleb as a good guy is just odd. My expectations are too high for what I'd probably end up getting. I watched a few episodes of Dolllhouse and just couldn't get into it. I don't care for Eliza that much either. I think Joss is a bit overrated too. Dr. Horrible was awful and the fact he tried to make SHIELD into a show, the most boring title in Marvel's catalog (surpassing Alpha Flight) was an overreach when he lost me. That and season 6 of Buffy was mostly a train wreck. The Trio were way too campy/sci fi to be believable and Anya and Xander's break up was based on a flimsy pretext. Not that every episode from every season is gem and not that everyone from that season was a dude, but the over all vibe was lazy.

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