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    Obviously music and metal, but also enjoy skating (inline and ice), movies (horror), being outdoors, concerts etc.
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  1. Re: Death If I were to follow any type of beliefs I believe I'd follow Laveyan satanism. As to what happens after death, I'm not too sure. What I do know applies to me when I think of death and how I feel towards it is that I do not fear death. Living can scare the sh!t out of me, but not death. In the end though, I do hope to look back and know I had a great time living and hope to leave this life exhausted.
  2. Re: Metallica Metallica are who got me into Metal. Will love 'em and stay loyal to them through good and bad until the day I die. Def my number 1 favorite band. Fav album is Master of Puppets.
  3. I've really been into the Death Magnetic Album by MetallicA a lot lately. Definitely like how they've went closer back to their original sound and all compared to their stuff from '91-'06. But, I just really enjoy the album and think it's awesome and a lot of great tunes on it. My fav being "Suicide & Redemption". Just kind of wondered what others might think about the album...love it, hate it, indifferent or whatever.
  4. Re: \m/ Greetings \m/ Thanks all
  5. Re: Paul Gray Personally Cliff Burton imho is the best and a bass God. But, Paul Grey was a good bassist in his own right and will be missed by many Slipknot fans.
  6. Re: Black Metal Hmmm...can I say that Symphonic is probably my favorite? Just something about how it all comes together to make a really awesome sound to me.
  7. Re: \m/ Greetings \m/ Thanks much ya'll
  8. Not really sure how this all works yet. New here and looking around some still, but, I'm Wes and obviuosly a Metallica fan. Predominantly '81-'88 era Metallica, but all metal is awesome. So hopefully will get the idea of this place before too long.
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