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  1. Hello everyone! Let me enlighten your minds with these young talented friends of mine, the progressive metal band Chaos in Order! These guys, who play some sort of progressive metal with some elements of American new age, have been blowing my head off every time I've seen them live, and it's about time loads of people get to listen to them. So far they only have one song recorded in studio quality, sadly, but more will come this year! It's known as Forgotten: To see how these young talents have developed, you are able to compare it to this demo of the same song: https://soundcloud.com/chaos-in-order/forgotten There's at least a year between those two. If you like Chaos, Forgotten can be downloaded for free, and be sure to give them a facebook like! (Worth to mention is that they origin from Norrköping, in the motherland of metal Sweden, where Marduk for example origin) Forgotten @ soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/chaos-in-order/chaos-in-order-forgotten Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChaosInOrderSwe?fref=ts
  2. Hi! Here's my suggestion for a new subforum - Metal photography. Where photographer interested in metal can share and discuss their photos (if they are related to metal music, of course, like promotion photos, concert photos, misc etc). Does this sound like a good idea? =) Thanks!
  3. Re: Cover Art of the Album You're Currently Listening to (Since I haven't been here for a long time I had to search for this topic, lol.) I'm not listening to this album atm (since it hasn't been released yet) but I just need to share it.^^ Fullsize: http://img847.imageshack.us/img847/6754/1600x1200k.jpg
  4. Re: What Are You Listening To? LOK - Kompanjoner (live)
  5. Re: The Metal Advisor Discussions Part I: Bands of the Same As said, it's all about if the other band knew of the first one. It is extremely annoying if you listen to both bands, or if there's more, and you always have to specify exactly what band you are talking about.
  6. Re: Let's Write a Song! Source All of eternity will find the source
  7. Re: Ban the user above you! BANNED FOR NOT COMBOBREAKING.
  8. Re: Never Ending Metal Sentence young bunnies resting in their...
  9. Re: Bruce Dickinson Bruce is awesome. I mean, I really hate Blaze voice, but when I heard Sign of the Cross with Bruce voice... I will never get bored of Maiden.
  10. Re: Records, CDs, or MP3s? I love collecting CD's, so I guess I'll say that. Even though I mostly use my mp3 and computer to listen to the music...
  11. Re: Hello metal bods! Welcome, will look at your designs.
  12. Re: Shoutbox Avoiding that should be possible though, eh.
  13. Re: Advertising I don't mind adds, might click some... by mistake though.
  14. Re: Ban the user above you! BANNED FOR BANNING WITHOUT A VALID REASON.
  15. Re: Never Ending Metal Sentence amazing ability to create a...
  16. Re: What Are You Listening To? Pendulum - The Catalyst (Linkin Park cover)
  17. Re: Rate the user above 9/10 I love making people laugh.
  18. Re: Michael Angelo Batio - Rain Forest I find this quite calming actually. nice
  19. Re: Lars Ulrich Drum Solo Great drumming though.
  20. Re: Most Metal thing to eat for breakfast? They're quite good cooked in tears... I've heard, I mean.
  21. Re: Shit Music Doesn't help that you come from a dansbands-loving family, and extended family, either.
  22. Re: Ban the user above you! Banned for being nice.
  23. Re: What Are You Listening To? Amaranthe - Amaranthe
  24. Re: Never Ending Metal Sentence not give a fuck because...
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