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  1. That's always been the case, and you even pointed it out yourself. Glam/hair bands collectively dominated the mainstream in the '80s. There were exceptions, of course. But I wasn't explicitly referring to the mainstream, either.
  2. Mixing up your sound or standing out was important even before the internet.
  3. In a lot of ways, yes. But it's easier to get noticed now, too. There are trade-offs with everything.
  4. Despite the modern music industry's issues, there has never been a better time to be a music fan. But we all know living in the "golden age" would have been quite cool.
  5. Hi boys and girls, I didn't know exactly where to put this one; it didn't fit into reviews or promotions, so this seemed best. I recently saw Maiden and Alice Cooper, wanted to share my experience, and urge you to go see either band if they are coming through your town. See my write-up below, please. Hope you enjoy. I'm still around, though mostly lurking, so no need to freak out that I'm actually posting. Most of the time I forget to log in. http://www.themetaladvisor.com/2012/07/ ... ooper.html
  6. Re: New Purchases/Acquisitions It's safe to say I'm jealous.
  7. Re: Hello Forumites! Thanks for the welcome back.
  8. Hi guys, just want to say I'm finally on summer break and have a bit of free time now. See you around the forum!
  9. Re: New Purchases/Acquisitions You saw Jungle Rot live? How were they?
  10. Re: Angel Witch Well, I've had good experiences with the sire...*shrugs*
  11. Re: Angel Witch @Murph: No, the 'net isn't useless for finding their albums. You just have to know where to look and have the cash. Discogs is a perfect example of this.
  12. Re: Angel Witch I have their first album. Sadly, it's very inconsistent. Their new album comes out tomorrow, just FYI. Edit: And no, with the internet, it isn't hard to find their albums.
  13. Re: Meshuggah. I haven't heard that one. I find that pretty hard to believe based on their other records, but I'll take your word for it. Still, I wouldn't call them a technical thrash band based on one album. Seems like a bit of a stretch.
  14. Re: Up Coming DOOM Releases I've been meaning to check them out. Might not be a bad place to start, eh?
  15. Re: Top 10 Albums of Any Given Year Thank you for your input, sir. I have to say, however, that this a bold claim. My eyes literally popped out of my head. For example, "United" is a hard rock song! Edit: Now that I think about it, British Steel is more hard rock-based than anything. Priest really dumbed down their sound on some of the '80s releases. Much weaker than the '70s albums. Much.
  16. Re: Meshuggah. Since when is Meshuggah thrash? But I also agree with your sentiments. The djent section needs to go. It's a style of playing, not a subgenre of metal.
  17. Re: Gothic Metal Thread Also true, but a handful of people are lobbying for it and hardly anyone wanted a groove metal section.
  18. Re: Gothic Metal Thread I don't see a problem. A lot of people don't like groove metal, and the section has hardly any interaction. It would fit soundly into the other subgenres section. If you remember, that's where it used to be until a section was created.
  19. Re: Facebook friends. I have to say, you people are brave placing links to your Facebook out in the open.
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