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  1. Re: What's your dream guitar? Would probably be a Herman Li signature modle those things are unbreakable
  2. Re: I hate introductions. The finnish have one of the best tastes in music in the world
  3. Re: Slipknot again i agree with you apocalyps
  4. Re: Gold Cobra agreed apocalypse rap and metal do not belong together
  5. Re: Paul Gray Who is Paul grey?
  6. Re: Quorthon (Thomas "Ace" Forsberg) Never heard of him before but don't like viking metal at all im afraid
  7. Re: female metal vocalist? I agree with you there thats what I really like about Nightwish
  8. Re: Anti Black Metal you are living proof that the devil works through that music. You have been deceived into beleiving that it isn't evil.
  9. Re: Suggested bands? All these bands have weird names arent there any with non complicated names?
  10. Re: The best Power Metal bands Manowar are good but Sabaton's songs all sound exactly the same
  11. Re: Black Metal as good as it is i detest it
  12. Re: Anouther.. I guess thats a start...
  13. Re: Christian Black Metal I disagree with it personally but I also disagree completly with Black Metal and would easily go for Christian metal over Black Metal
  14. Re: Hey Metalheads! so we all answer to you do we?
  15. Re: Hi thar! in Ireland? I'd also like to go to Sweeden a band called dawnless filmed a music video in the swis mountains and wow is it stunning.
  16. Re: What gear do you have ? its about £280 then thats not bad realy.
  17. Re: Replies Well thats a shame
  18. Re: What gear do you have ? its proably something like £300
  19. Re: Replies indeed (i like to have the last word )
  20. Re: Suggested bands? I'll look em up soon then
  21. Re: Good folk metal bands? so is folk metal just a main categorisation for things like pirate and viking metal?
  22. Re: What gear do you have ? do a price converter
  23. Re: Hi thar! actualy top place i want to go to is venice in Italy
  24. Re: Replies Exacltly what I was thinking! I end up having to check them all that i havent read and it's r=ather annoying
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