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  1. dont really like that song i can remember listening to one of there older songs, "beautiful tragedy" i think it was called not really the kinda music i listen to but i thought it was alright
  2. will keep this in mind for when I eventually get a band going
  3. never really been into dragonforce but i do like "cry of thunder" off there newer album
  4. Good seen them live not to long ago, there one of my Favorite thrash bands i got most of there old stuff and there new album
  5. Metallica ...and justice for all album
  6. one of there less complex songs, but i still love this one, both the song and the music video
  7. 916kaden


    awesome man, I'm about 8 hours into it now :L really liking this game
  8. I can remember playing worms armageddon on the ps1, was one of my favorite games when i was younger I'll probably pick up the newer worms games in the near future
  9. I mostly use jazz 3's w/grip and i think there about 1mm, I find it easy to play fast with them when it comes to lead and most riffs/ rhythm [ATTACH=CONFIG]39[/ATTACH] or for thicker sounding, fast, muted rhythems I prefer triangle shaped picks 1.3mm
  10. was wondering what guitar picks you guys use and why (brand, size, thickness, so on)
  11. 916kaden


    just got far cry 3 today. I'm about 2/3 hours into it and really liking it so far good combat and brilliant realism and its a pretty nice looking world to explore also like that you get a tatoo after every upgrade, and you need to craft alot of your own gear
  12. live, or while driving about with friends
  13. FOR BLADEHENGE! loved the game wish they would make a new one, but apparently its unlikely according to EA
  14. i'm doing alright thanks I'll probably be on this more often again
  15. melodic death metal, thrash metal and progressive metal
  16. amon amarth behemoth in flames engle kreator
  17. I've not been on this in nearly a year, did i miss much?
  18. Re: New Periphery album! love it looking forward to seeing them live
  19. was wondering if anyone else studys or has studied music theory and whats your thoughts on it?
  20. 916kaden


    Re: Bulb i really like this one e03DxWLkopE
  21. Re: Early Linkin Park i still listen to them, just not nearly as much
  22. Baroque composer, violinist children of bodoms guitarists tLEbeuod9mw Qqe0GdUpJHs
  23. 916kaden


    Re: TÝR is it just me or does the lead guitarist look alot like chris broderick? XD
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