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  1. This is a test of the new server, is all working ok for everyone?
  2. Welcome back guys, stay tuned for improvements!
  3. Of course, look out for some improvements soon. Let me know if you need anything.
  4. Welcome back man, great timing. You can help us kick this into gear! \mf/
  5. Yep someone hacked in and started sending phishing emails from the server. It's because we were on vb4. vb5 should be better now.
  6. Hi all! We're back and i'm working hard to improve things still. Having a kid takes up a lot of my time but when I were shut down I got us back up and running. We're more secure now and i'm going to be investing in making this place much bigger. New design, marketing etc. Most of the layout issue you were seeing were just default imposed by the upgrade. If you need anything, have feedback just let me know. I'll keep you all posted.
  7. Hi Everyone! We had a no-notice shut down the other day because the site was hacked. No data was stolen, just a few dodgy emails were sent. Very frustrating! So in reaction to this, i've upgraded everything and expanded the potential of Metal Forum. I'll be recruiting bloggers / reporters and working on a new permanent layout for the forum over the coming weeks. As it's quite a big change so all your feedback is greatly appreciated and i'm sorry for the inconvenience. I've reinstalled Tapatalk on here too for those of you that prefer it. We are now mobile friendly also! Keep rockin' Tait
  8. Hail Metal Army. I am proud to announce the return of Metal Chat to these fine forums. Just login and scroll to the bottom of the homepage to access the 'Shoutbox'. It's got some cool features and will allow you to chat to each other whilst waiting for people to respond to posts and threads. It will also show in the 'Metal Chat' area when a new thread has been posted in the forums to keep everyone up to date. Enjoy. \mf/
  9. Hi Auvryana! Welcome to the forum! I'll be sure to check out your link. Another good way to promote is to get involved in the forum and post in the 'Introductions' forum.
  10. Hey Metal Heads. I just fixed an issue from when we migrated over to vBulletin where all YouTube video embeds were displaying strangely or just as links. All 1700+ embedded YouTube videos on this site should now be working correctly. Please let me know if you see any that aren't. Rock on.
  11. Howdy, ok so now all forum threads APART from the 'Introductions' section will have the 'bump' feature and the Intro forum will be ordered based on the last thread start time to as to let all newbies have their chance at being at the top. This should all be sorted now so just let me know if it's misbehaving. We shall tame this beast.
  12. Relentless you have to just take the end bit.. the z7G7iYCxK9U and wrap that in the BB Code.
  13. I've just upgraded all accounts to be able to use 200 messages. You have previously been over the limit of 50 but should be fine now. Can you check and let me know?
  14. Hi Relentless. I just added some custom BB code to the 'advanced' message mode. You should now see a small YouTube link. You can also just type [ youtube ] hihjsdasd786 [ / youtube ] (without the spaces) and this will embed a video. I just went through and edited EVERY single video in the 'Best Metal YouTube' forum! epic.
  15. People will come back. You could try and PM some of them as that should go to their email. We are still getting re-indexed by Google also so traffic is going to be growing over the next month or so. Just hang in there and keep posting. People will come I promise.
  16. Hello fellow Metal Heads! I wanted to let you all know that a good while I have finally managed to setup a new forum for us and with completely new technology behind it. This should help us past the end of the world 2013!
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