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  1. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to Dead1 in What's on your mind?   
    That is so cool to see all that wildlife. 
    Though I am a shit swimmer and basically a coward so I'll stick to pools and visiting fish at aquariums!
  2. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to Dead1 in What's on your mind?   
    If we're really lucky, Trumpy becomes president and him, Xi and Putin have an epic show down and send us all to nuclear oblivion.
    We can only hope.
  3. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to RelentlessOblivion in Your Top 100 Black Metal Albums   
    since I’m only going to allow myself one release per artist, I’m having to listen through the discographies of every black metal band in my collection…, At least it helps that I’ve sorted all my albums by year, but I’m still only up to 1991 and Profanatica
  4. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to GoatmasterGeneral in What's on your mind?   
    MAGA - Making Attorneys Get Attorneys
  5. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to BlutAusNerd in Your Top 100 Black Metal Albums   
    It couldn't hurt to expand beyond the Norwegian sound, despite that a couple of those albums were on my list as well. Give any of the albums on anyone's lists a listen, you won't be disappointed. Even if you just try out more Norwegian stuff that's less well known, like Taake, Ragnarok, Aeternus, Obtained Enslavement, Aura Noir, Faustcoven, Ljå, Tsjuder, etc..., I think you'll find plenty to enjoy.
  6. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to CreepyDarkPrincess in What are your favourite cities/countries? Or what country/city would you like to visit?   
    Wow, you're making me jealous in a good way. I've been to some countries in Europe (I even live in Europe), but I still want to explore more. I even want to see other continents
  7. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to MacabreEternal in should speed metal be considered extreme metal.   
    First off, Wikipedia is a terrible source in my experience full of nonsense usually and I avoid it like the plague because anyone can contribute and cite any amount of untold drivel as being "factual" reference.  Secondly, speed metal is simply put "heavy metal, sped up" and therefore is far removed from extreme metal if we compare to say death metal or grind.
  8. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to GoatmasterGeneral in What are your favourite cities/countries? Or what country/city would you like to visit?   
    The only 3 countries I've been to have all been English speaking. I'm dying to visit Scotland, as well as all of Scandinavia. And Spain. And Brazil. If I didn't have a little kid to think about I might explore the idea of relocating overseas to live out my twilight years. 
  9. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to GoatmasterGeneral in What Are You Listening To?   
    Made my black metal list all day yesterday, I did it methodically year by year, and I ended up with 197 albums on it. I'm not leaving off too many Inquisition albums, they don't have any not great albums. I did leave off a couple like the first one and the last one, but all the others are on there. Bathory not so much. Love Bathory of course, but I skipped all the first wave stuff and started my list in 1992 with A Blaze in the Northern Sky just figuring it'd be hard enough to keep it to 100 just sticking to the 2nd wave. And I was right, because I'm way over 100! Don't see 90's Bathory as black metal anyway, first 4 are black metal but it was something else by 1990's Hammerheart. Probably should have put UTSOTBM on my list at the very least, but then I'd have 198.
    Norwegian vs Swedish black metal riffs.
  10. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to MacabreEternal in RULES! **READ BEFORE POSTING**   
    Right, I don't know about the rest of you but I am sick of "Find Me This Song/What's This Song Called" type posts with virtually zero information in the vague hope that one of us is sat here in our library of all music that was ever released with an explicit knowledge of the lyrical content of all the songs throughout history so we can go "Here it is.."
    All requests to find a song etc will now be treated as spam, if Google can't help you then Metal Forum most certainly won't either.
  11. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to MacabreEternal in RULES! **READ BEFORE POSTING**   
    Attention YouTube posters!
    We must say this about a million times a year but still we get YouTube videos posted incorrectly or labelled incorrectly/half-labelled.
    When posting YouTube links simply copy and paste the link from YouTube straight into your post and hit return.  No need to paste it using the link button on the post toolbar. When you post a YouTube video you must label both the Artist and the Album/EP/Single/Demo title.  This is so when these links inevitably break (because they get taken down off YouTube) the moderators can repair them by replacing with up to date links.  If you don’t label them we can’t fix them then your post gets deleted and recommendations are then meaningless.  We are less precious about this in the What Are You Listening To? thread because it is so busy in there we couldn’t possibly keep up, but everywhere else the YouTube videos get labelled or the post gets deleted. Thanks everyone, let’s keep MF a well labelled place people can come to find recommendations and pick up new bands to listen to.
  12. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to dilatedmind in RULES! **READ BEFORE POSTING**   
    Members of Metal Forum, WELCOME TO THE FORUM!
    We all know rules are boring, but ask yourselves, what's a tyrannical dictatorship without rules? Chaos. And that simply won't do, because we mods rule with an iron fist!
    Please speak English in these forums.
    Breaking the rules will result in a caution and thread-lock.
    Repeat offenses will be met with a permanent ban. You have been warned.
    Strict guidelines:-
    DO NOT post racist, sexist or homophobic remarks. DO NOT bully other users or make physical threats. DO NOT post links to or discuss illegal downloads. DO NOT disseminate other users' personal information. DO NOT post pornographic material (or anything that could be seen as such). DO NOT post spam. DO NOT advertise services or products for sale (unless given permission). General tips:-
    Be civil and polite to other users, even when you really disagree with them! Mutual respect is important. Do not create huge signatures with lines of images. It means more scrolling, and that's not fair on our poor mouse wheels and trackpads. If your sig is any bigger than the one on this post, it's too big. If your sig disappears, it was deleted for being too big. If you repost it, you'll annoy other users and the mods. This will result in an eSlap. If a thread is clearly going to be locked, don't spam it with remarks like "This thread is going to be locked". You're just bumping a crappy thread. If you're not sure where something should go, post it in General Chat. You aren't a moderator, and acting like one isn't cool. You can swear all you like, but targeting abuse at an individual will be treated as bullying. Try to keep Rick-rolling to a minimum. Make your thread titles relevant to the content. Search the forums before posting news articles to cut down on copypasta. If you want a thread to be stickied, include "Sticky please" in the title. If it doesn't get stickied, it isn't worthy. Deal with it. If you feel your thread is NSFW, warn people in the title. Think before you do anything illegal. We will work with the authorities for great justice. Generally being excessively crude, irritating or attempting to troll for lulz may get you banned at the discretion of the moderators. Respect their decisions, they are only enforcing the rules. You can appeal a ban, but we will be checking logs to assess your offence, so don't try to lie about it. If you have any issues or suggestions, there is a place for them here. If you have any questions about the forums, post them in this thread but please, read the FAQs first!
    -Metal Forum Team
  13. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to JonoBlade in Official Industrial Metal Recommendations Thread   
    I have Opus Dei on vinyl because Live is Life became a bit of a student radio hit when I was at University. I've never been particularly into industrial (brief dalliance with Ministry - again due to student radio exposure) but have a soft nostalgia spot for this band. Will spin it at lunchtime!
  14. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to Dead1 in What's on your mind?   
    I'm in Australia and I work in government.  It isn't necessarily lobby groups, it's professional industry bodies which are basically guilds eg Australian Medical Association or the various Royal Colleges of medicine.  Same applies to everything here.
    The goal is to minimise consumer protection and reduce corporate liability and responsibility.
    Eg I had an issue with my telco. Optus, ripping me off and refusing to deal with my complaint.
    I went to Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman who then directed me back to Optus.  Why?
    Well guess who sits on the board of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman?  Optus (and other major telcos). 
    That's how everything works in Australia - the rich make their own rules and the system is designed to protect them or privilieged groups.  
    Hence doctors and nurses at my employer can keep killing people including babies and covering up for paedophiles for 20 years and nothing is done to change it.
    Sometimes I think we need a 1917 style revolution. 
  15. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to AlSymerz in What's on your mind?   
    Yeah, depending on the time of year between 300 and 500 of them. Sometimes the number increases but it's rare we do over 700 at a time these days. We also have goats, sheep, and a couple on long necks (llamas) but they aren't the mainstay of the farm they are really just hilly grass cutters that need shaving once a year.
  16. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to AlSymerz in What's on your mind?   
    I didn't go immediately to bed, but yes I was in bed by 9, up by 3 and in the last 3 and a half hours I've walked nearly 10ks, checked the fences, checked the cows, caught up on the local and national news and now I'm considering what I'll have for breakfast at about 7am
  17. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to BlutAusNerd in Official Industrial Metal Recommendations Thread   
    Well, it looks like some industrial metal recommendations were requested, aand I haven't done a video list here yet. I would have just responded to the same thread that everyone else has, but I think I would rather have the official recommendations thread for this section possess a title free of typographical errors. After this post is made, I'll move the other posts over and close the thread. Not sure why a super moderator can't change the title of the thread, but oh well.
    Aborym - With No Human Intervention:
    Aborym are an Italian industrial black metal band, and I'm sure that I've posted about them before, but it was probably in the black metal thread. These guys walk the line better than almost anyone, as opposed to just being a black metal band with industrial influences, this is a true fusion of the two sounds. It is professionally done too, nothing here sounds like a gimmick, and neither sound cheapens the other, they enhance each other. Top it off with some stellar vocals from none other than Attila Csihar of Mayhem and Tormentor fame and have a pretty killer album here.
    The Amenta - Occasus
    The Amenta is an Australian industrial death metal band that feels the need to play at some fairly insane speeds. The sound here is very aggressive and destructive, with the industrial elements giving it a mechanical feel (not in a bad way), in addition to an atmosphere that feels akin to a machine uprising against humanity. The vocals are a bit monotonous, but fit what the band is doing well, despite not being done in a style or tone that I would normally seek out in another format. Killer stuff overall, though their followup was a bit disappointing.
    Anaal Nathrakh - Eschaton
    Anaal Nathrakh play a pretty extreme sound, comprised of industrial, black metal, and grindcore. They might not be quite as overtly industrial as some of the other bands on this list, but they do use programmed drums, processed vocals, samples, and plenty of keyboard melodies and effects that give their music a very post-apocalyptic vibe. Most people are familiar with their newer works, though I tend to prefer the older albums. After this album, Eschaton, they seemed to dumb down their sound a bit, with more breakdowns, less complexity, and less lively songwriting. For extreme industrial metal with a nasty dystopian vibe, look no further.
    ...And Oceans - A.M.G.O.D:
    ...And Oceans were always one of the weirder Finnish black metal bands, so when they shifted from a symphonic black metal sound to one infused with industrial and electronic music influences, I don't think anyone was really that surprised. This album can be shockingly upbeat at times, especially when those electronic passages hit, but there are still some great dark melodies and ferocity here, and I never feel like I'm out of place in a dance club when this comes on. The following album was slightly darker overall, but the songwriting was nowhere near as good, and the riffing especially seemed really dull and contrived by comparison. That could just be me too though, don't write it off just because of what I have to say. In any case, I would call for any fan of industrial metal and/or extreme metal to check out this album, AMGOD.
    Anorexia Nervosa - Exile:
    Anorexia Nervosa is best known for their symphonic black metal releases, but on their debut, they played some of the most bizarre industrial metal I have ever heard. The sound here is a pretty depraved one, with a very uncomfortable atmosphere, creepy vocals, and really discordant riffs from long before it was popular to do so. There is plenty of gothic influence here too, but in more of a Bauhaus way that something like Sisters of Mercy, with open, noisy sounding passages of moaned vocals and odd sounds. I can't think of anything else that sounds like this, and I'm glad that a friend bought this thinking it was going to be like their later work, only to pass it along to me because it was too weird for him. Get ready for something different.
    Arcturus - The Sham Mirror:
    Another band that I know that I have posted here a few times before, Arcturus is truly one of a kind. While they would best fit within avant-garde metal or progressive metal, the fact is that their sound, especially later on, contained a number of industrial elements and a futuristic feel that should strike a chord with fans of the genre. Electronic beats, spacey atmosphere, samples, drum machines, it's all here, and done in a way that sends chills down my spine each time I hear it. Please excuse my fanboy gushing, but this is one of my favorite albums ever, and everyone would do well to at least check it out for themselves to see what they think of one of metal's most unique entities.
    Blut Aus Nord - MoRT::
    That's right, another Blut Aus Nord video. I will not apologize for my blatant fan boy praises of this band, because I love everything I've heard from them. This band has always been an experimental one, and most of their "kvlt" internet bitch fans disowned them when they released this album despite knowing that they had been moving in this direction all along. Oh well, their loss. What we have here is crawling, despondent industrial/ambient metal, with minimal traces of traditional black metal remaining, but this may well be their most terrifying sounding album. The sound is dark and grimy, almost bringing to mind an abandoned waste treatment plant that the band's damned souls are haunting. It may not be for everyone, but you likely won't hear many bands that can make music this disturbing.
    December Wolves - Blasterpiece Theatre:
    I know that I've posted about December Wolves here before, but it was likely for their black/thrash album Completely Dehumanized. This album, the appropriately titled Blasterpiece Theatre, came next, and took their speed and aggression up to an even higher degree, in addition to incorporating industrial into their sound. All of the songs start with samples, the vocals are processed, and the songs are rife with industrial twists and turns between the savagery on display. These guys are in a class of their own, truly a band that never received the credit that they deserved, any fan of industrial metal or black metal should check this out posthaste.
    Dødheimsgard - Supervillain Outcast:
    Dødheimsgard is yet another black metal band that has transitioned their sound to an industrial black metal hybrid of the years, with this album Supervillain Outcast taking on a number of avant-garde metal traits as well. This is a very ambitious and adventurous album, with plenty of weird stuff going on to catch your ears. The playing is very technical, and the industrial elements are very well done here, enhancing the strange mechanical feel of the songwriting. I can't imagine fans of more straightforward music enjoying this much, but for those looking for something different, this album would do nicely.
    Ewigkeit - Conspiritus:
    Ewigkeit is a band that varies a great deal from the other bands that I have posted about here. As you may have noticed by now, I tend to prefer the more bizarre and/or extreme bands that fuse industrial and metal, and I guess Ewigkeit still qualifies as bizarre, but not overtly so. The music here would likely appeal more to fans of bands like Rammstein than to the more wild sounds that I've listed above, but something about the way that they compose their keyboard and vocal melodies gets to me in a way that I can't explain. Not my favorite album on the list or in my collection by a long shot, but I can throw it on sometimes and find it enjoyable. Its inclusion here is more to add some variety to the list, which up until now was mostly extreme metal driven.
  18. Horns
    Kai gave a Damn to NemesisDivina in Official Industrial Metal Recommendations Thread   
    I like Laibach. Trough years they became much more experimental, their sound is more post-industrial. Some of the songs are aggresive, some of them ambient. Sadly not all songs are awalable online but on old vinyl records. They are one of the bands that had big influence on others. Once when asked about Rammstein stealing from them, members of Laibach said that "they simply got inspired by their music and that Rammstein seem to be a kind of Laibach for adolescents and Laibach Rammstein for grown-ups".
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