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  1. The Father of all Doom Metal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5a9E3n_VZRQ
  2. I think i saw them on TikTok recently. But i never heared of them before. Just by the Description of the Priest. But i will watch out.
  3. This was my first "Metal Album" Cool Story anyway, Short: Trough all the Decades a lost a lot of Feelings, and Memories, but if i hear this Album its like im Back in Time, i cant describe the Feeling. Its not real Metal a Guess, but its deep.
  4. I personal found the Voice of Dave Horrible. Hes an awesome Guitarplayer, but all in all Metallica is better in my Opinion.
  5. haha. Yeah Rammstein Fans are weird mostly. Because Lindemanns Lyrics are really sick. In Spiel mit mir he sings how he abusing his Brother in Bed. He want to get his Tree touched and the white Leafs will fall for him. I think i was 8 and i have a Brother, anytime that Song came on Sehnsucht i pushed it away, because my Father would ask me if im a Pervert by listening to this. Its a Lot of Incest and Abuse in his Songs.
  6. As a Teen when Rammsteins Sehnsucht came out, it was new in Germany and amazing, all our circle heard it. And Böhse Onkelz, but just because of the Messages, its not real Metal, but Gonzo their Leadguitarrist kicks as when he playes the Lead,
  7. At least its not so expensive like Oktoberfest. One more Reason here. We all must get Vaccination and wear Masks in Bus and Railway but 1000 People in one Tent Puke and pee each other. Hypochrates i hate them. Thx 👍 So you dont listen Rammstein. I bet you know the Words "Du hast" 😏
  8. I dont know a good Metalband except Rammstein, and even those I like so much anymore.
  9. Oh its global yes, i tought .COM is in the U.S mostly. Germans are very stuffy and salty. Everybody knows this, so if this here, is from the U.S, or Global (mixed) i guess its more relaxed. Yeah in "Generel" I heard that about American People, they are not so complicated and more open for Stuff. And also Germans seems like have a lot of Depressions, and you can feel it anywhere. Specially now, maybe its in all Europe atm. But I can only speak for Germany. Maybe i just need a break from those People. Also on Work i must handle those People everyday, And getting a little Distance from them, at least at my Favorite Hobby, maybe could feel good for me.
  10. First i was confused, but it has something. But the Grunt in the first one ws sampled? I never heared something like this before. The Sound of the Guitars is also very good
  11. Hello all. I came from Germany, and i have chosen to join an American Metalboard because germany sucks lol. I really wanna test now if its true, and the Mentality is different. So i give it a Try, and i hope you give me one. My Name is Daniel, and im 39 Years old. I make Music which you can hear: Moderator edit: Not outside of the promo section we can't - link removed. and i like making Animations and handcrafting, yeah ok. So My favorite Metalbands are Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth, and im ashamed but i really like Marylin Manson, but his Music only. Hes A Genius but he terrorising his Bandmambers. I listen a Lot of Old Stuff also, like In Extremo. A German Medieval Band, I think its called Pagan Metal, but in my Youth we called it Medieval Metal. And of course the old Stuff from Metallica. Ok thats me so far. Sry for my not so perfect English
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