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    Just out here enjoying doom and despair.
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    Collecting vinyl's, learning about history and making maps

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  1. Honestly I really only listen to Anglemaker and Lorna Shore similar bands are Humanity's Last Breath, Fallujah, Hollow Prophet, Aversions Crown and Fit For An Autopsy. Though some of these might be more deathcore..
  2. https://grincult.bandcamp.com/album/phantom-knocks Grin (Berlin) new album Phantom Knocks coming out Oct 14th Stoner/Psychedelic Doom
  3. I really enjoy the guitar starting at 4:15, Ill have to keep an eye out for this band.
  4. Acid Witch new album Rot Among Us. Preview song 5508 Martin Street October 1st 2022
  5. Latest record was Tombstalker - Chaotic Devotion 7" vinyl.
  6. Hey Eddie, I am in the same boat where none of my friends like metal. Hope you find friends here!
  7. Saor was my first experience with Pagan Metal and I find I always go back to him (Andy Marshall). Recently I have been listening to Ildaruni. I think Saor is more Folk but I honestly do not know where the line is drawn between folk/pagan Saor - Guardians (2016) Ildaruni - Beyond Unseen Gateways
  8. My names Mikey and I have always been a fan of 70s and 80s metal like Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio. I have frequently ventured into new (to me) metal like Doom/Stoner and even atmospheric black metal. I have been collecting records since around the early 2000s and have a great collection of jazz and blues with some old school tunes from Nazareth and AC DC. I am glad to find a forum of like minded people and hope to expand my metal interests!
  9. The Wandering Midget - Where We March The Vultures Follow
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