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  1. I live for really bad paranormal horror movies, my favourite is Grave Encounters haha But also a big lover of the classics, I have a Michael Myers tattoo and everything :Dd And anything with gore is a big favourite as well
  2. I usually sleep :0 its hard to fall asleep without music. Bur other than that i listen to music any chance i get, whenever im going somewhere or cleaning at work etc
  3. 1. Nunslaughter 2. Mutiilation 3. Xasthur 4. Deftones 4. Burzum
  4. Hello! My names Edmund, I've been a metalhead for some time, don't know the exact years haha. My closest friends aren't into metal so I figured maybe I could find some friends here :)) I'm 20 years old and I'm a trans man :0
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