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    Metal is now 90% of my time on earth.

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  1. Nice. Yeah this band is awesome, wish i could meet them and thank them for this record.
  2. I recommend this to anyone who listens to 90's DT, Emperor, and Summoning, also theres alot of Satanic Warmaster influence here if the cover didn't already give it away. Ancestral Shadows A
  3. Anyone wondering what my username is, its from this. hehe, Darkthrone is the gift that keeps on giving, Fenriz is such a goofball.
  4. Listen mainly to Black Metal and Death metal obviously, favorite bands include: Deicide, Morbid Angel, Moonblood, Judas Iscariot, Arckanum, Mayhem, Inquisition, Leviathan, Kataxu, Nokturnal Mortum, GBK, Horna, 90's Incantation and many more. Been listening to metal since 98.
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