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  1. Got it. I honestly don't care whether it's put in the stoner subforum or the doom subforum. I just picked one out of random. Btw, this thread is inspired by my current Sleep marathon, and I'm getting in the mood for it.
  2. Punk attitude is certainly present, albiet applied to other genres the way The Clash did on London Calling.
  3. So the mods are just weary against combination genres?
  4. First, you should write a song about seeing old posts being like a cemetery. Second, I'm a bit of a fan, too. I haven't heard the covers album, butthe thing about Monster Magnet is that they aren't entirely metal. Still, they have more spunk than most stoner artists and their obnoxiousness constantly drives their lyrics and their deeper instrumentation.
  5. Daemon was a good comeback album IMO, and by that I mean a return to their, ahem, "spiritual" roots.
  6. But this isn't the general chat section. Help me out here because the coffee hasn't kicked in. But I still haven't been linked to this so called original thread, just a stoner subforum who's only reference to doom was Candlemass's Door to Doom. Help me out again, what's the original THREAD as opposed to a subforum? Because I checked for a stoner doom specific thread.
  7. I was linked to the "stoner metal" subforum but no one linked me to a specific thread for the stoner and doom combination, and I checked all the threads there, and the way I see it this thread could be placed in either forum. Honestly, I really don't wanna argue this. Maybe. It was only the one website. But to be fair I specifically looked for albums on that site that were tagged with both "stoner metal" as opposed to rock and "doom metal" as primaries. I also left out extended plays, demos and comps. But if what you say is true about the combo being way above 700, then I think this is the perfect place for discussion and recommendations of that specific vein.
  8. Today's gonna be a Sleep marathon: Holy Mountain, Jerusalem and Dopesmoker. I need my headphones now more than ever.
  9. Stoner and doom arents really the same thing, though. I mean specifically that combination of the two, and that is absent in both the doom and the stoner subforums. The purpose of this board is to address that absence, and the absence around the web.
  10. I don't know why this isn't talked about as an official subgenre when we have so many key bands in this specific vein of doom: Sleep, Electric Wizard, Ufomammut, YOB, Spirit Caravan, Catherdral, Dopelord, Monolord, Spirit Caravan, Ogre and Goatsnake. And that doesn't even scratch the surface; these were tagged as stoner and doom on several websites. Even later Trouble albums follow this vein from what I hear. I mean, the two flow so well together, maybe even too well to ignore. And I was able to run a study on Rateyourmusic: from studio albums and live releases alone, we have more than 700 albums in this vein. I'd say we got a style worth talking about.
  11. Right now I'm familiarizing myself with more Symphony X songs. Right now it's Accolade II from The Odyssey. Easily the best song on that album and the only one on that album that comes close to perfect.
  12. Forget what they're writing in the studio right now. I want to know what you want it to be. Personally, I wouldn't mind if they shifted into rock a little more as they did with Fear Inoculum. But since they're changing their style, I'd also like to see something a bit post-metal-ish. I think they can pull it off.
  13. Favorite metal chorus: Paradise Lost by Symphony X. Looking down from ethereal skies Silent crystalline tears I cry For all must say their last goodbye - to Paradise Ironic favorite: I'm in love with my lust, burning angel wings to dust. Did Nightwish HEAR THEMSELVES when they wrote that shit?
  14. Something I thought of within the first 24 hours of signing up. But I didn't post it before because I had already posted enough to make my mark. I've got the template prepared for you right here, and I'll post it twice and keep the first one empty, just so you don't have to backspace all of my answers. RULES: You can't use the same animal twice. If you wanna do animals in the same basic family, like wolf and dog or eagle and hawk, that's fine, but no getting really specific like two different geckos. Also, if you want, you can use mythical creatures. Alt: Avant-Garde: Black: Death: Doom: Folk: Gothic: Grind: Heavy: Industrial: Metalcore: Neoclassical: Power: Prog: Sludge: Speed: Stoner: Symphonic: Thrash: Viking: OK, now for my answers. Alt: Spider for that one Primus single, and for seeing bugs around a few alt-metal album covers. Avant-Garde: Platypus (come on, that animal was God's abstract piece.) Black: Goat for obvious reasons. Death: Snake, something deadly and that wasn't already a raven or crow, which was placed in a better spot. Doom: Raven. Nevermore? Folk: Deer because The Mantle and nature. Gothic: Bat. Duh-du-DUUUUUH, dududududuuuuh-DUUUUUH. Grind: Pig for Pig Destroyer, and for the squeally vocals you get sometimes. Heavy: Wolf. We need a wolf somewhere, why not go to basics? Industrial: Beetle because it looks like a machine. Metalcore: Gorilla because growls and constant beating. Neoclassical: Lion because Arthurian Legend. Power: Eagle Fly FREEEEE. Prog: Monkey for taking an "intellectual" route. Sludge: Skunk. Need I spray more. Speed: Horse, obvious, right? Stoner: Elephants, the pink kind. Symphonic: Mockingbird because they have often inspired classical pieces. Thrash: Vulture because a vulture is a very metal animal. Viking: Bear because of Norse legends of this spirit animal granting strength.
  15. I just went with LightningRider from a couple other websites, but after seeing a few of the usernames here, I feel like it's not only a little lame, but it doesn't really fit me. I've got a name prepared, but I'll only mention it if I can change it.
  16. Vektor is almost a perfectly fine thrash band. They just need to be less samey; there's essentially no way to differentiate any of their songs from each other, despite the fact that the songs are pretty high quality in terms of musicianship, heaviness and feeling.
  17. I honestly hate those kinds of rule systems.
  18. I wouldn't say Mellon Collie is full-on grunge. The beauty of the album is that it plays with so many kinds of rock which fit well with the alternative vein.
  19. Alrighty then, this has taken a DeviantArt forum turn... OK, since I share at least a little responsibility for making the thread, I should throw my two cents in. It's true that thrash metal is still being made, but there really isn't much of a scene beyond independent artists just carrying something strong on, not like there was in 80's Cali or in Canada. Thrash isn't hated, it's just that the classics have rarely been replicated.
  20. Like I said, this is a major improvement over the last forum.
  21. Hey, I've seen this movie before: Grumpy Old Men.
  22. Thrash only really peaked as a big creative scene during that time period, but there's always the chance of a new band overtaking an old one in terms of quality.
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