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  1. A. Please understand that I'm not saying any of that negative stuff about you. But Goat made his beliefs perfectly clear, and I can make judgments on how he handles them in discussion. I'm not the only one who believes he has pent up anger, and many of his discussions end up in arguments from what I've read while I've been here, typically with Killa, even from threads that were made before I got here. I can make that call if others have already made it. B. I've had discussion like this my whole life. I know the signs of this kind of discussion, and what you quoted was to avoid another angry guy yelling at me, so you're effectively scolding me for expressing that I'd like the conversation to be handled with more care. Relentless has been perfectly fine and I am not throwing those accusations at Relentless or you. Nevertheless, I have a right to tell someone they should calm down a little. C. I only mentioned the top 100 a few times within the two weeks I've been here, and I've been busy with other things as well. But the way it's going so far, it'll appear AT LEAST on Sunday, maybe Monday at the latest. But I do have the right to discuss philosophy. All I'm saying is that if a user gets heated, I'll let him know I'll ignore the heated replies. Please do not scold or criticize me for that. I'm not annoyed with beliefs, just with certain kinds of behavior.
  2. Yes you can. Why can't you hate something you think is fictional? What if a certain fictional character acts in a way you really don't like? Example: I can't even watch Harry Potter 5 again because I really hate people like Umbridge. And I'm not alone in this. There are people who can't take part in anything because, even if the character is fictional, the character may represent many things and behavioral patterns they are against. And sometimes the behavioral patterns may be based on misconceptions because based on their willingly limited knowledge of a story, the information on the character may be wrong. The idea it doesn't make any sense neglects the variety of human belief that was previously claimed to be believed in by posters here. You can in fact hate a fictional character so much that you don't even want to watch or read anything in it. And I'm not saying anyone here hates God, but there are people who claim to hate God on the Deviantart forums, and in real life, and I've met them. It's brutally obvious that it's possible to hate something you believe is fictional, even if it doesn't make sense to you personally. And just saying "you can't hate something you don't believe in" without explanation or dissection is effectively the same as deciding for people what they already believe despite not attempting to come from an authoritative standpoint. I even knew a guy who hated Ren and Stimpy as characters because they were annoying and vulgar, and a lot of people hate Pepe Le Pew for being a so-called "rape icon," but don't hate the creators because they created other "good" or "great" and "harmless" characters,
  3. I just said I'm not replying to your posts on this topic anymore. They always deny that they're angry and I'm certain that's what you're doing. I will say this, though. I caught the end: "And you're right that I can't decide my beliefs are the same as every other atheist's, which is exactly what I've been saying this entire time" which is why you said "none of us hate God." Literally dictating and saying they all do the same thing aren't that different. I repeat, they told me. You're saying one thing and changing it because right now you're acting just like any overtly-religious person: afraid to be wrong. I've argued with people like you, and I've argued with religious fanatics. Those are my last words to you regarding this topic. The rest will fall on deaf ears.
  4. No, you're showing a lot of restraint, actually. Even as a classical liberal with lightly-right economic beliefs, I can at least appreciate Michael Moore documentaries for not being anger-central, even if I don't agree with EVERYTHING he says. What matters to me most is restraint during serious discussions, something both sides of the political spectrum in America have difficulty with.
  5. A: you misread it again. Atheists have told me they hated God, whether or not that makes sense to you, so you can't decide your beliefs are exactly the same as every atheist. B. Your tone is practically dictating that I have a moral obligation to believe you. You are angry and you know it. I'm not continuing a conversation with a middle-aged man who is just barely avoiding telling me what to believe just because he didn't "phrase it" that way. At least Oblivion can have a conversation without coming close to freaking out.
  6. I'm aware of that. I think about that all the time. I'm just trying to point out that religion itself isn't wrong, it just makes for a popular excuse. B: ... OOOOOHHH. He's an atheist because he's possessed! That's fine. Thanks, Dr. Malcolm.
  7. A: you said "we atheists do n't hate God.". You assumes I was talking about a collective. B: Starting a long ramble about religion with the word "nonsense" doesn't exactly say "not annoyed.". Nobody ever admits their judgement is dampened but they run the risk. C. That hell comment was mostly to satisfy you. I just didn't want to get into the whole Revelations/resurrection explanation so I gave you the short answer. D. Do others is literally in the book of John. But if you think nobody ever writes about historical figures they knew... E: I never said atheists were a group, and I never said that religious evil was excused because one atheist did something evil. My point was Mussolini was in the same boat as religious tyrants or any other tyrant. Obviously you're misreading things, misinterpreting my words based on the beliefs of religious people you don't like. You're not the first so I know the signs. If you're gonna treat me that way then your posts aren't worth reading.
  8. Now hold on. I never said all atheists hate God. What I said was there are those that do hate God, albeit in the same way an old man would probably hate the character Veruca Salt. Most atheists and believers today are pretty chill, but chill doesn't get the media going. However, it's using angry words like "nonsense" that starts fights. Sorry, Goatie, but I have a rule never to read articles coming from an anger perspective, whether for me or against me. And I sensed some annoyance in your post early on. Annoyance and anger cloud judgment, especially when potential finger-pointing is involved. Yes, some religions have caused problems, but even Mussolini was an outspoken atheist, so obviously religion is not the source of evil. The real issue is a combination of unchecked pride combined with political power and resentment with excuses. Anybody can do it with enough brains. Plus, Jesus himself literally said that "do unto others" was more important, so the way I see it, if God does exist that those churches who abused his name are burning in hell. Metal opera album concept, anyone? BTW: new gal, Goat and Killa are pretty much the Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau here.
  9. Whenever someone says "I like hard rock and heavy metal," the first thing that comes to mind is, "I'm curious as to your opinions on GNR."
  10. I think "normal church people" can be very loosely defined. If by normal you mean the type that is generally recognized by the public for its obvious flaws, bear in mind that those are the people that give other church goers a bad rep, just as one pretentious professor who hates God could make other atheists look bad, which creates stereotypes on both sides. The majority of church goers I've met in my life never had anything hateful to say about atheists (it was usually complaining about modern politics :P). NOTE: God's Not Dead is a pretty bad movie. Nevertheless, I'm very against the notion of blaming anyone for their beliefs, so I refuse to do it at all. Even as I'm typing this I'm on my third Electric Wizard album of the day just to get closer to perfecting my top 100 metal albums (if EW appears on it at all), and I've more or less recognized modern satanism as just another variant of dumb teenage behavior that likes to get drunk and party with rare instances of cult violence. In other words, they aren't really devout.
  11. Taking a break from the weird turn this took... over-religious upbringing, huh? Hopefully, you can find some church out there in the world that won't give you a hassle about metal. I grew up in a couple churches that didn't really mind it, they just didn't play it at church. My father even accepted that Ozzy (believe it or not) actually prays to God before every concert. So yeah, I'm a Christian that listens to Slayer. Truth be told, I haven't met very many people who've been brought up in a nasty form of religion. If you want some Christian metal albums I can name a few. You may want to check out Extol, who kick some major ass in the prog death vein.
  12. Symphony X - Paradise Lost (2007) Genre: Prog Metal I only recently became a big fan of Symphony X. By this point, I've heard almost all of their albums and I'm been finding myself going back to the albums I've already heard more often than most prog bands I've heard, even my ex-favorite Dream Theater. This is progginess at a very creative level, and they keep being creative even by today's standards. ANd one of those shining gems is ironically their most accessible, Paradise Lost, which sacrifices some of their signature neoclassical sound (the genre they perfected) for more straightforward prog. The album starts out with the band's best "intro" song, "Oculus Ex Inferni," which boasts the band's strongest symphonic sounds yet. Honestly, the intro is so magical that you'd have to wonder if James Horner wrote it. Then "Set the World On Fire" comes up, and it's probably Symphony X's heaviest song so far. There are significantly less neoclassical elements as a result, leading the organ the band loves so much to be an occasional element of instrumental focus. Obviously, Paradise Lost was an attempt in making their most "metal" album, and while I willingly promote the progression and right to change a signature sound, the album did come off as a little samey at the end. But these guys have not lost any of their identity; they just cranked the power of their prog and power metal up a notch. In "Domination," it's more of the same but with a little more groove. Nevertheless, Russell Allen is wailing like he's got something to gain, and as a result there's a lot of spirit and power in the songs, and he keeps itself from being "too much," even though the extra power could potentially be considered too much when compared with past albums. There is more of this kind of vibe with the edge factor cranked up until we reach its first ballad, the title track. That title track is fucking addicting. The instrumentation of the 6-6-6-7 timing of the intro is one of the most beautiful opining melodies I've heard, and the rest of the song progresses along with that beauty. True, the lyrics to the verses are damn typical, but the chorus is so beautifully worded that it almost doesn't matter (besides, the lyrics are still better than the damn catchy Huntik theme). And once we reach the guitar solo, it manages to be a metal solo but still carry that melodic beauty of the intro well with its very high pitch. I just wrote a full paragraph for the once song. Immediately afterwards, we get the heavy metal riffage of "Eve of Seduction," which carries an attitude only seen in 80's-90's hard rock and grunge for most of it, so the song itself ends up being a real jam, despite the fact that it's still susceptible to the progressive nature of the album. Afterwards is the second-to-longest track, "The Walls of Babylon," which begins with a surreal Babylonian instrumentation... but then tricks you and goes right back to the heavy metal. Still, the way the international influences are mingled in rings heavily of the best works of Therion. It's also their most progressive song on this album, as the metal, symphony and progginess switches around for three-and-a-half minutes until we get our lyrics. Afterwards is "Seven," which is the most blatantly power-based and neoclassical, ringing some memories of "The Divine Wings of Tragedy," despite the fact that its cheesy power metal lyrics ring of past heavy-power acts like Grave Digger. Next is "The Sacrifice," and I don't have much to say about this one except that it's yet another great ballad, but nowhere near as good as the title track because it's more melodramatic, and once again our friend Russell feels the need to wail like a lion. And finally, we hit the big grand finale, the epic "Revelation," which carries a tone, structure and vibe very reminiscent of "Evolution" from their previous album V: The New Mythology Suite, carrying a very strong heavy prog presence, and vocals by Russell which aren't as loud or over-the-top. Diehard prog fans may be turned off by the newfound accessibility of Symphony X, but this is not to say that they sold out. The musicianship is still at peak level, even though it's more straight-up prog than neoclassical. Honestly, if you like your metal heavy, the this is definitely the Symphony X album for you. It's not a worse Symphony X, just a more traditional form of prog metal (and I separate "traditional" from "generic" in this instance). I give this my highest recommendation, as it is a perfect entryway into Symphony X and prog metal. 10/10.
  13. Nadja - Thaumogenesis (2007) Genre: Drone Metal Power metal may be where my heart lies, but I am in a rare drone metal and post-metal mood, and I plan on utilizing that as much as possible. I previously detailed my venture into the catalog of Nadja, a Canadian band who helped make drone metal what it is, partially due to their heavily packed studio discography. One of the more well-regarded one is the one-hour track, Thaumogenesis. Hey, I've heard Bull of Heaven albums before. I can take this. At first, the album starts with a lightly more imaginative take on the tropes of drone metal, molding its dark and quite atmosphere with shifting moments of melancholy and surrealism. Within the first ten minutes it had become more than an average drone album. And eventually the surrealism and melancholy would occasionally mingle as the album's overall tone got louder and higher (slowly, though, as it should be). And eventually, I felt sucked into another world as the atmosphere overpowered the living room. When I checked the time, a half-hour had past. But the beautiful thing is that it didn't FEEL like a half-hour; it felt closer to twenty minutes. So if someone create slow music that makes time fly, you know he's doing a good job. And by the halfway point, this dark and surreal experience turned into a choir of orchestral reverb slowly bringing out the most beautiful moments of the album before shifting into an almost demonic raspy siren of low-tuned guitars that would make my favorite sludge band Neurosis proud. And the shift from one tone to another was seamless and without notice. Genius work on their part. Once this darker atmosphere slowly shifted its focus from the guitar riff to the atmosphere (once again, slowly), the album became a true testament to emotion once again. And after they go back to the riff focus, somehow it goes even lower than low, toning down to a hellish vibe before resorting to mellow acoustic guitar, almost like an attempt to comfort someone after descending to hell, and turning into a piece of ambiance filling the room yet again. I'm gonna be honest, if there was a drone album I'd recommend as a starting point for exploring the genre, this would likely be it. I found myself really enjoying this. And yes, I prefer the album I heard last night when I was tired, Truth Becomes Death, but Thaumogenesis delivers on its good with a great deal of slow-moving experimentation, making this an effective drone album in the end. It takes a special drone album to get a recommendation from me, and this album gets better as it goes along. I can't say I'm a drone metal fan, but this is one of the two albums that I can say made me a Nadja fan. 8.5/10. Next review will be a prog metal with a lot of power and symphonic influence.
  14. It really depends on what I need. There's a little bit of drone and post-metal in my list, so I'm trying to get a better grip on it just to finalize it. That's why I need more drone. Still, there are some things I do want to review here, so I'll give you one of the albums from a genre I love in a moment.
  15. This is gonna be a weird one. Nadja - Trembled (2006) Genres: Drone Metal, Drone, Post-Metal I'm slowly getting into drone metal, pun intended, and I'm working my way through several Nadja albums as a starter, working my way up from the decent ones to the better ones to get the strongest idea of what's typically considered great drone. But it's a challenge. Drone is my LEAST favorite genre, and as a result, drone metal is my least favorite form of metal. But this isn't to say I haven't enjoyed or seen value in Nadja so far. After a few of their studio releases, I headed towards their live album, Trembled. Despite being a drone album, Trembled runs at a brisk forty-five minutes. Perfect for the beginner, right? Well, this album is a little too perfect for a beginner, as the album doesn't really deliver any new good to the drone metal scene. It's a pretty simple piece, giving the listener four soft, ambient tracks that alternate between a doomy-emotional feel and a soft aural melancholic atmosphere, acting as sort of a lullaby for anyone who wants to relax. The latter is especially present in the album's Swans cover, "No Cure for the Lonely," which ends with a collection of higher sounds and drops to the bottom of the scale with a deeper and slightly more experimental track, "Corrasion." But once again, the simple drone structure is delivered with just enough good production and emotion not to be a "bad" album. I don't want to say Trembled was a "disappointment," but out of the few Nadja metal albums I've already checked out, this is the worst. It offers no incredible melody or sound effects to progress or repeat like the original 2003 version of Touched, and it doesn't have a surprising level of emotion and experimentation like Truth Becomes Death. It delivers the basics right to the core with only a little bit of style. 61/100.
  16. Oh no I didn't JUST discover it. I heard most of the Sleep catalogue a couple years ago. Just felt like a good time to get back to it. Nevertheless, how could I not check out a stoner band named after one of the greatest actors of the 60's? Thanks for the link; I never knew they existed until now.
  17. Just gonna say, orcas are actually a breed of dolphin, one that can suck literal organs out of tiny holes they poke through their teeth. On that note, the fact that he's not entertaining anyone and that he ain't up with the ties explains a lot.
  18. That was an estimated way of putting it. Most people are likely to only list one or two genres since they're just having a conversation. Let's leave it at that.
  19. To be fair, most people would only use a two genre maximum in that sentence.
  20. I don't know about others, but genre classifications always help me find exactly what I'm in the mood for. Judging by album covers would be the ideal method of guessing without them, and you don't want to be in the mood for something totally monstrous and Sabbathy and then end up with a pop album. Hence the late and great Meat Loaf. True, people still judge whether or not they want to buy an album by the cover sometimes, but still.
  21. I drew the goat on paper, photed it, brought it up on MS Paint where I also drew the eel, and then colored it and shaded it. The background and effects were done on Photofiltre, where it's pretty easy for me to do clouds.
  22. That one took me a second. If I'm wrong and you actually don't know what I'm talking about, you're better off not knowing. :P
  23. So, who wants to see the basis for my new avatar? Just being a metal dork right now. I got in a creative mood and decided to do an avatar. I understand it's a little furrier than I'd like, but what the fuck. I just wanted to draw something dorky.
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