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  2. I am Alx, play guitar for 30 ish, sound engineer in live for 8 and metal producer for 4 years. Found of Trash/death metal from my oldies hehe even tho I continue to like certain new bands like Bleed from within. Hope to have passionate discussion or help/give you advices from my personal experience. Stay humble, stay metal.
  3. Hoi hoi, I am Alx, I am a musician for 30 yearich, have been a sound engineer in the live music scene for 8 years and a metal music producer for 4. I have now, my home studio with pro material and want to get some sound material to show. Therefore I am looking for stem/tracks even badly recorded, technology is amazing now. I will not charge any money but will used it for promotion only. To be clear I am not gonna stole your songs or put them at risk. I can even explain you the sound scene and it industry standard, help you to get auto-produced even if I don't think it is a sustainable solution, and give you a honest return on your music. Be nice, be honest, be humble.
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