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    ever since an unholy gravebirth i have scoured this domain of soil and water in search for CDs and posters, band shirts and bulletbelts, and beavis and butthead box sets, for i am a true creature of darkness...enjoy skateboarding, art, trying to metal scream and failing miserably; but my enthusiasm is unmatched 🤘
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    the ninth ring of hell. sometimes go on holiday to valhalla; rn staying in midgard, work related
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    being stupid, doing stupid things like not wearing a helmet whilst skateboarding down pothole hill

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  1. Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry Of Consciousness Cannabis Corpse - Nug So Vile Axeslasher - Anthology Of Terror
  2. lol yes, i intended for it to be named after the album by aborted but i knew multiple meanings would be picked up 😂 really funky movie
  3. not my first time joining metal forum; forgot my password to my old account so i made this new one instead, (the forgot password thingy almost worked but my microsoft is fucked since my laptop has been playing up and its probably got a virus in it or some shit and its so fucked it kinda just sits there and marinates in the corner of my room, idrk whats wrong with it tbh) so i basically just saw it as common courtesy at least to introdouce myself again, i am now terrorvision13, but was EternalCrypt, idk if MacarbeEternal can tell if thats true because email addresses are the same but ig that doesnt matter now, here i am back again bigger better and not really doing much on the forum at all as usual, and just as big of a ding dong as i was before /m/
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