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  1. humm well i think maybe i'm a little bit too late to the topic, but anyway... as a woman in metal, i could say that there is no many all female metal bands because of sexism.πŸ˜‘ male all over the years have pushed women to do only "Women stuff" and well.... i'm not getting into that topic, hahaha we will never end.πŸ˜… But what I'm trying to say is that as a girl you grow up feeling that that's not for you, so you unconsciously decide not to "act like a man" which means not many women doing metal. cuse "brutality" is a men's thing , so you like it but, is not for you to play metal or perform it. But not only that. Me as a woman creating death metal. I feel a sense of men feeling threatened by a few girls playing in their playground. and they have asked us questions about, who writes the songs? Are you really singing? Are you really doing that? and that's only when they bother to really listen to what you're playing. because normally they don't. Some men are only following this kind of band just because they are "hot babes" or whatever. so even in metal music, we are invalidated, and people judge your music from the fact you are a women, i don't see any other saying "ahh yeah that's because' they are dudes" or "they only famous because it's a all man metal band" over the years now, we have seen gender stigmas going away, and now there's more all female metal bands in the scene. For all that, not many women are into playing an instrument, and not many women are into having a metal band. For me, in a small town it has been very hard to find a female drummer who plays death metal. so we have a male drummer. and even when there are 4 women in the band people still believe that the drummer is the one who runs the band and composes every song, whe basically he only play's the drums hahaha. πŸ™Š
  2. hahaha should we have a thread to introduce our cats to the metalheads community? 🀣
  3. Hi metalheads! i been reading this forum for a while now, but finally decided to join the community! ☺️ it's been soo long since i was involve in any forum, actually i dont know if i'm posting this on the right secction. (if not so sorry upsiee) So.. introduce myself, right? ... well there's nothing rellevant to say about me, just love metal, well i know for sure everyone in here is into metal haha, My name is Marlene i'm 27 years old (Sadly not famous enough to join the 27 club haha),i live in Monterrey MX, i'm a singer, i been singing my whole life, i have a death metal band🀘, and i'm a cat lover. πŸ₯°πŸ± about my music influences, well i think i been in diffrent stages in my life where i enjoy diffrent bands and generes, all related to metal, i could say i started listening like the most of people with the classics, then went up to black metal, death metal, groove metal, deathcore, right now i really enjoy prog bands πŸ‘Œ and also other music non metal realted, there's alot of great music out there. πŸ˜‰ 😊 so i hope i could make new friends here, discover and share new music. 🀘
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