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  1. Hi everyone, I am Kerrigan. I think bees are pretty legit. What about you? Hope everyone is doing well!
  2. Ok guys, I am getting very close on my own search…Narrowed down to 4 artists, just need a push. Come, we can do it! • Looking for track from only 2013 or older. • Either Ensiferum, Tyr, Korpiklaani or Eluveitie. EDIT: very similar to Korpiklaani “Korven kuningas" • It’s possibly a ‘hidden’ track, specifically, part of a long stretch of track time. Description: In the middle or end of an album, audio track with several minutes of ‘just’ Shaman drums and a man talking in an extremely deep voice (it even sounds like he is talking while smoking, haha) with pauses in between, like he is giving someone advice. Any suggestions? Cheers to all!
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