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  1. The thing that I have always wondered about is why men who have feminine mannerisms are sometimes considered "sissies".
  2. I have noticed that a lot of things that are considered girly are seen as something negative if men do it. If my girl-friends and I talk sweetly to each other and give each other endearing compliments, or cry easily or something like that, then this seems to be received much more positively than if guys do it. And if I wear some pink glittery shirt or something like that on it then that is seen as "cute", whereas it seems to be viewed as negative if a man does that.
  3. I have noticed that I have mostly got positive reactions from boys when they have found out that I like metal music. There have been a handful of times when I have felt like they have wanted me to "prove" that I am a serious fan, but I have been a fan for only a few months so far, so I haven't had enough time to become very familiar with everything. 😋 Other than that, they seem very supportive of my interest in it, and they apparently think that it is "cool" when I try to headbang a bit and move my hair around.
  4. I have heard a few guys say that metal music is considered more of an "aggressive" genre, and thus usually appeals more to guys since guys are believed to have a more aggressive nature than girls. I have noticed a few signs of that on various occasions, like for example of two guys get into an argument then there is often this feeling that they could get into a physical fight at any moment (and sometimes do), whereas if girls get into an argument then it is a lot more verbal. I have also noticed that my female friends and I will often spend a lot of time on having intimate discussions about our romantic relationships or on how we feel and things like that, where guys seem to be more closed about that and focusing their attention more outward and being more rough with each other (in a playful way, but still).
  5. Yes, I also feel that it is probably more accepted for men to enjoy metal, since it matches the biological/cultural characteristics of men. The typical gender characteristics tend to be that men are tough, unmoved, aggressive and commanding, whereas women are sweet and tender, non-confrontational and meek, so metal is probably more associated with men for that reason. I would say that I personally have a very typical feminine personality in that regard, so people often seem surprised when they find out that I have learned to enjoy metal.
  6. Yeah, I mean The Beatles had a lot of stuff lying around for a very long time before they released it, like for example the tracks "The One After 909" and "When I'm 64", so it makes sense that Metallica may have also had some songs "on hold" for some time, for similar reasons.
  7. This is something that I have always been curious about; I know that Cliff Burton wrote parts of the track "To Live Is To Die", however did he know about any of the other songs after Master Of Puppets apart from that? I feel like some of the songs after that album could have been "in the works" shortly before he died, like maybe some riffs that they had played around with or something like that.
  8. There used to be one very successful artist in Sweden who was really popular throughout his life until 1997, who was called Ted Gärdestad, and he wrote a lot of really beautiful melodies (his brother Kenneth Gärdestad wrote the lyrics), and this is one of my favourite songs with him so far - it always makes a huge impact on me:
  9. It was in small steps, but pretty recently. I had a boyfriend a year ago who listened to a lot of that type of music, and he would sometimes tell me that it was called "thrash" and all that, but we didn't talk about it too much. We don't date anymore, but I started thinking about this genre more and more, since I had secretly found it interesting. However, I didn't tell anyone about it at first, since I felt a bit awkward about being seemingly the only girl who was interested in this genre; I guess it is a little bit like how guys might hesitate to tell people if they like boy bands, but for me it was the other way round, if you know what I mean, haha - it didn't seem "sweet" and "cutesy" enough, I guess. I have however learned that metal music is more popular among girls than I used to think, and this forum is one more stepping stone for me to get more and more familiar with it. ^-^ I have noticed that guys are generally surprised in a positive way when I tell them that I like this genre; their reactions are usually like "wow, you are a fan of that?" with a smile, and start asking me how I like it with great interest, and that is very sweet of them.
  10. Thank you, blaccckdoommmmfan. 🤗 Ah yes, I have heard the Metallica songs from their first 3 albums, and they have been really good. I am still getting used to it, but I feel good about it. It is a very different experience for me, in a lot of ways; partly because of my personality, and partly because of the kind of music that my friends and I have been into. My personality is about as far away as one can get from the attitude of thrash metal music - I am really really meek and non-confrontational, pretty quiet, and moved to tears really easily, and my friends and I have mostly been fans of slow ballads and boy bands. So I am very fascinated by thrash metal, since it is so very different from all that. It was a bit scary in the beginning, but now it is mostly energetic. ^-^
  11. Ah yes, that sounds very logical. I think that in my case it is largely because thrash metal is like the complete opposite of my personality; I have always been extremely meek and non-confrontational, and also quite a bit shy, so thrash metal feels like a burst of energy in that way, if that makes sense, haha. It is quite funny when people do figure out that I enjoy this genre, since I tend to come off as this delicate girl who probably listen exclusively to slow ballads and boy bands or something of that nature. And while I do enjoy those kinds of bands, I have also found a new passion in thrash metal. ^-^ I am not really bothered by my core personality, except a bit when I know that I should be more assertive, so I am not really trying to use thrash metal to "change" myself in that way or anything - but it is an uplifting new experience. ^-^
  12. That is nice to know. ^-^ I am not sure why I have been "concerned" about whether there are a lot of female fans or not, but for some reason it felt important in some way - at least when it comes to the fact that I seem to be alone with this passion among my friends. But it is great to have a lot of fellow fans on this forum. ^-^
  13. I have been watching a few old Mr. Bean episodes lately - the ones from between 1990-1995. He is really funny.
  14. Ah yeah, you are right.^-^ I have also noticed that my friends and I tend to have much more personal conversations than the guys that I know how hang out, like long talks about our feelings and concerns and giving each other advice about boyfriends and things like that. And also calling each other "cute" and saying "love you" to each other. I don't typically see guys act that way, even though they are of course usually nice to each other - but they often seem more rough and tough with each other. So this might make them more drawn to thrash metal on average.
  15. For me, my newfound passion for thrash metal has a lot to do with a discovery of a new type of mood and attitude. I am the kind of person who has always been considered really meek and shy, and I never get the least bit angry at anyone if it isn't something really really serious, and I am very easily moved to tears by things. So thrash metal feels quite liberating in a way, since it has a lot of energy and intensity to it.
  16. Yeah, that is true.^-^ I will try those songs next time. I like how those songs work really well as a bit of a "break" from faster songs, while at the same time being able to feel intense in their own way. I recently saw Metallica's live video of that song from 1985, at Metal Hammer Festival, and they headbanged a lot during the parts between the verses. Do you know why thrash metal music would seem more popular among guys, by the way? I have always had that impression a lot.
  17. Ah yeah, it does however seem like thrash metal is more popular among guys than girls, at least in my generation (I am 18). I have made a couple attempts to introduce some of my female friends to thrash metal songs, but they seem quite shocked, and have more of an "nooo turn it off" type of reaction (I have tried playing songs like "Creeping Death" and "Mechanix" by Metallica and Megadeth). I believe that the reason why I started discovering thrash metal at all was because my ex-boyfriend from a year back called some of his favourite songs something like that, and that was probably when I started to become curious about it in little steps.
  18. Thaanks.^-^ Yeah you are right, I was just surprised that I ended up enjoying thrash metal music, since it is so completely different from what I usually listen to. I am usually the kind of type who melts to pretty ballads and cries while watching romantic movies and things like that, so I sort of expected that thrash metal would be "too intense to handle" in a way - kind of like when someone is used to living life at a slow tempo and then suddenly is forced out on a demanding physical stressful quest, if you know what I mean. But I did end up enjoying it a lot after all, haha.^-^
  19. It can work pretty well for me if it is something sweet and relaxing. I am usually a real softie in general, so I tend to pick some pretty ballad or something, haha. But it is usually the slightly more catchy songs that make me sing, smile and dance. I was surprised that I ended up getting an interest in thrash metal music, since that genre is the complete opposite of my personality. But that is one thing that makes it an exciting discovery for me. ^-^
  20. Ah yeah, that is true. I just feel as if it is less common for girls to be fans of metal, at least compared to boy fans.
  21. I sometimes do homework, although sometimes I can sing and dance a little bit along with the songs, haha.
  22. I did once experience a bit of harassment from a guy when he found out that I had discovered thrash metal music a few weeks ago. He said some pretty mean things, like how "little girls" like me "cannot handle this stuff". It also felt condescending to be called a "little girl" like that, since I am 18 years old. But I sometimes get mistaken for younger than that since I am only 4'11 and apparently have childlike face features, although that still doesn't excuse his attitude towards me. But it didn't bother me that much, although it was a bit upsetting for a while.
  23. It was this for a pretty long time: 1. Spice girls 2. Backstreet Boys 3. Jonas Brothers 4. Aqua 5. BTS But I recently discovered thrash metal, and that is a very different and very exciting experience, haha.
  24. Oh, thanks, that explains it. I have had a bit of that feeling myself, although it seems as if it is more popular among guys. My ex-boyfriend sometimes listened to music that he said was thrash metal though, and I think I started becoming curious of it from there in small steps. That was about a year ago.
  25. Hey guys, I am very new to this genre, and I found that I enjoyed it a lot, so this is exciting for me. ^-^ However, one thing that I have noticed a bit is that it seems very rare for girls to be into thrash metal, at least among my circle of friends and acquaintances, and I believe I only know boys who are thrash metal fans. I am 18 myself, so maybe it is less common for girls of my generation, but what are your impressions?
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