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    I've been playing and making music since my early teenage years. I've played in a lot of different bands, like In Aeternum, Krypteia and Panzerschreck, and currently play the guitars in the extreme metal band Devourer and bass in the old school Swedish death metal band Sorcery.
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    Music, playling live, recording, mixing and mastering amongst other things.

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  1. Thanks, I put so much work into making these albums and always try to improve it so moving in the right direction is good at least. I tried to make it a bigger and more solid mix than the earlier albums and I think I succeeded with the vocals at least, guitars are okay too but it can always be improved. The main issue I had with the guitars was getting rid of annoying frequencies without making it sound dull. The drums could have had more room sound mixed in.. No one ever mentioned the previous albums sound claustrophobic even though I think they're more narrow and thin than Raptus. The bass on the previous albums sound more like a guitar than a bass, very distorted and thin, but I used a different amp (Darkglass Alpha Omega 900) this time that sounds more rounded. When I think about claustrophobic sounds it makes me think of death metal albums from the 90s where they used almost only the closest mics on the drums, not much room sound. Maybe Immortal's Blizzard Beasts too, but I don't think it's a bad thing on any of the old albums, like CCs Tomb of the Mutilated or Deicide's Once Upon the Cross. Maybe claustrophobic isn't as bad as it sounded to me at first.
  2. It's nice to be welcomed by you all, thanks 😀
  3. A reviewer said that the sound is "claustrophobic" and it bothers me because I think it's the opposite of that. "An intentional production style" even, although I aimed for a wide and powerful production. I can't say I really understand what a claustrophobic sound is. Narrow?
  4. I post things on this forum as Devourer but my name is John Falk. I play bass in the Swedish osdm band Sorcery and guitar in the extreme metal band Devourer. I'm 42 years old and have been playing in bands since I was 14 so I've been doing it for a while now. I've played drums in a couple of bands, Sorcery amongst others, so I'm not specialised in any instrument, I play all of them good enough to play the stuff I want to play 😉. I've never been good at promoting my work very well so joining this forum was to be able to tell people about the things I release.
  5. Abbath's drumming on 'Battles in the North' are so chaotic and awesome at the same time. He can hardly play the double kick but it doesn't matter one bit. Hellhammer is an excellent drummer but the production takes away too much dynamics and character on some of the albums he's played on. Not on 'Wolf's Lair Abyss' though, perfect production and the song 'Ancient Skin' is an all-time favourite of mine. It was too bad Black Metal Promotion didn't accept 'Raptus' because this is the first album I've tried to promote a bit more. For all of our previous releases I just sent it to a couple of reviewers then let it go and went back to writing new songs instead.. Any help or PR tips would be greatly appreciated guys!
  6. He said he thought Raptus was good but that it sounds too much like Death Metal. He uploaded our 2nd album Across the Empty Plains from 2017, it's similar in style but not as well-produced as this one (in my opinion at least), that's what made me think it's a bit strange to deny this one. What do you mean by FA cover? The Devourer gasmask was first introduced on our 2019 album Dawn of Extinction and it's stuck with us a bit since then, but we didn't do it intentionally, it was the artists idea. Both the cover for that album and this one was drawn by a guy from Russia who calls himself Vald, he has a Facebook page called Vald Evil Arts where he posts his works.
  7. Thanks for moving the post and giving your thoughts on the matter
  8. Doesn't the music take precedence over the production? Devourer's new album was rejected by the YouTube channel Black Metal Promotion for sounding too much like Death Metal, even though it's musically more Black than Death, at least in my opinion. I've put so many hours into producing the album as best as I can, and I think it's an improvement over our previous albums. The first comment on YouTube was "Amazing Black Metal sound! Great Guitars and imposing vocals! Hail Devourer 🤘😈✊". I decided to change the genre description to Blackened Extreme Metal because it seems to offend people to call it Black Metal. Now I feel like an outcast among outcasts..
  9. We were planning on having the YouTube channel Black Metal Promotion do a full album video premiere but he declined to upload it because it doesn't sound like Black Metal, even though it's more Black Metal than Death Metal in my opinion, at least musically. Why does it matter so much how the production sounds? Isn't Black Metal and Metal, in general, a lot about doing the best you can with what you have? We uploaded it to our own YouTube channel instead, and the first comment it received was "Amazing Black Metal sound! Great Guitars and imposing vocals! Hail Devourer 🤘😈✊". After that, I decided to change our genre description to Blackened Extreme Metal. I'd greatly appreciate it if you who like the album would take a minute or two of your time and post the link to the album video on Facebook, Reddit, online forums like this one or any other place you can think of!
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