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  1. This was a band I was in from 94 till about 06. Best time of my life as a musician. We we're lucky enough to get to open for some major acts such as Accept and Dio! Here's a live clip and our second CD release. I'm working on getting the first album up, I'll update when that happens. Enjoy🤘

    Noise Bucket  -  Lockdown

    Noise Bucket - Torque


  2. 6 hours ago, H34VYM3T4LD4V3 said:

    Hi mate!! Looking very cool in that pic, wish I learned to play guitar, nearly 25 now, any tips on getting started?

    Yes, get a guitar/bass and get to it! Lessons are a great way to see if it's for you. Most are by the month, so meet with an instructor and get a feel for what it might do for you. I was self taught, started when I was probably 16 and was lucky to have a few friends that were just starting out too. Made it easy to learn riffs by ear or from friends picking things up and showing each other. Spent many hours trying to figure out what Tony Iommi was doing! Then I realized what I wanted to play was the bass thanks to Steve Harris. 

    Your never to old to try something new like playing music. 

  3. First off I listened to it on my iPhone 10. Honestly it sounds great on it. I like to check mixes on as many different things as possible. My only nit pick is I'm a bass player, so if there's a bass on that track, it blends to much with the guitar to pick it out on a phone. Needs some character to help it cut through. Otherwise, levels are nice, drums/cymbals come through, guitar has a decent sound. I'll try to listen on my big system and get back to ya.

  4. So a forum for fellow metalheads sounds great! I was lucky enough to have a dad that listened to Sabbath, Grand Funk, Zeppelin, and all kinda Rock n Roll. Picked up a guitar around 16years old, switched to mainly bass a year later. I have Steve Harris to thank for that🤘, and yes, Iron Maiden is tops!! Still play/write on guitar. By 18 was doing the band thing and the rest is history. I'm mainly older heavy metal, Maiden, Megadeth, Helmet, COC, Slayer, and such. Added a picture from way back, definitely a rocker! Lol, anyway glad to be aboard! 


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