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    We're a Metal band from the UK.
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    United Kingdom

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  1. Hi again everyone, hope you're all doing well. Here's track number Three. Let's bring back the good times! Thanks, Rev.
  2. This is Access All Areas, our second track, and it's a bit of a Face Melter, with some Thrash vibes.
  3. Gotta love a bit of COC, and some Megadeth. I was a Bassist myself before switching to Vocals. I still have my Dingwall to show for it as a nice souvenir!
  4. Thanks for checking us out, and for the compliment. It's just the two of us working on the project at the moment, so it's always good to hear when people enjoy what we worked hard to create.
  5. Hi All, This is a first post, and I hope you're all well. We're a Metal band from the UK and hope you're interested in our work. Enjoy! Beseech The Scars
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