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    I'm open to all genres of metal and I also enjoy electronic music (mainly DnB, house, trance, techno, etc).
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    Toxic Garbage Island.
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  1. The Heavy Eyes - One Hand On the Buffalo.
  2. It's hard going in with zero expectations after they released such classics, but I'll take you up on that and give you my thoughts when I can No disrespect to Tony Martin but he cannot match the talent of his predecessors. He does try, though you'll be begging for anyone other than him on the album.
  3. Lacuna Coil - Trip the Darkness.
  4. Forbidden is definitely the correct word to describe it! It gets worse during the second half, dear lord. Tony Martin's vocals lack finesse. They sound weak on every song which is a crying shame. Ozzy had a booming voice that took control of each track, this is more power ballad than metal. There's one decent song (Shaking Off the Chains) but everything else is filler. A terrible album indeed. Not even Tommy Iommi could salvage it. As for St Anger, I found it to be garbage. Only lasted four songs before giving up, but you've convinced me to give it another shot. Surely it has good parts right?
  5. Type O Negative - Wolf Moon.
  6. It's been a long time since, but I've finally given Forbidden a shot. Four songs in and I'm not feeling it. Tommy Iommi carries the album, everything else has been poor so far. Hoping it gets a little better at least!
  7. No worries Btw I'll give you my thoughts on Forbidden in the coming days.
  8. Had some bother getting in as well. No further issues to speak of, all good at the moment!
  9. Type O Negative - Christian Woman.
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