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    I'm open to all genres of metal and I also enjoy electronic music (mainly DnB, house, trance, techno, etc).
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  1. Had some bother getting in as well. No further issues to speak of, all good at the moment!
  2. Type O Negative - Christian Woman.
  3. Never listened to them myself so that's interesting. Only the second page though? Plenty more awaits lol. (Just a quick note, I'm not the guy who made the list, just someone who found it).
  4. Shout at the Devil it is then, cheers The Black Sabbath album name does seem appropriate haha! Not expecting much tbh. Opeth is a band that I'll need to spend more time with, especially since they're diverse with their sound. It's a valley of shitposts on RYM. Among them you'll find fair reviews but it takes time. Yeah I agree with you on that, sometimes a negative aspect for one person is a dream come true for me. Bit like when some people say obZen by Meshuggah is ''basic'' and not up to their previous work. I personally loved it. Here's a list that you may find useful: https://rateyourmusic.com/list/TechnicalProgDeathThrash/the-best-and-worst-albums-of-metal-bands/1/
  5. Rammstein - Mann Gegen Mann.
  6. What a burn. Aloe Vera needed for that, Jesus.
  7. First of all, your English is phenomenal. Easy to read, which is always great As for the band themselves, I've never listened to them before but I do have high expectations since I've heard quite a bit about them. From what you posted, I'll need to check this out.
  8. All I ever hear is how good that Motley Crue debut is. Not actually heard it myself so I might try that one day. Virtual XI was a struggle, though it has been getting some retrospective praise recently. It's certainly different, I'll give it that! I'm going to give Forbidden by Black Sabbath a listen. God knows how that will go. Not heard many Opeth songs, I'll find time for Heritage You could visit RateYourMusic for user-made lists of bad albums but they're not very good. There's a lack of actual criticism, all you get is ''shit album lol'' which isn't helpful haha.
  9. Cold Lake by Celtic Frost sends a shiver down my spine. I've been listening to the so-called worst albums by popular bands (last one I did was Virtual XI by Iron Maiden) but this is too much. Glam can work, not here though.
  10. If things go well, the world will slowly re-open for us to enjoy. Their first three albums are just amazing, I don't think The Link gets enough attention. It incorporates their traditional sound with a little sludge mixed in which gives it a slower vibe to it. From Mars to Sirius is an all time classic though. I can understand why people didn't like their transition to a more modern style, it shows even on their latest release but it doesn't bother me in the slightest haha. Maybe you can get cheap tickets from somewhere? A couple of apps have low prices (though some don't provide the best seating options so be careful). Pyro = win lol. Sometimes I wish every band was like Rammstein in that regard!
  11. Anything to do with pyros are quality in my book lol. Yeah I'm really into some of their earlier work. especially The Link. They have shifted to a different style and quite honestly it sounds just as good. Catching them live will be on my to-do list, thanks
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