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    Young musician from Ukraine based in Vienna.
    Education: Glier Music Academy (2017-2021) - Vocal and guitar (Junior Bachelor)
    University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (from 2021) - Vocal (Bachelor)
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    Open to all types of metal, but especially like doom, gothic and death metal

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  1. Yes, My Dying Bride is also very nice! And which Amorphis` old album is your favourite?
  2. Thank you. There are plenty of bands I like - old Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Type O Negative, Entombed, Dismember, old Amorphis, Carcass. But mostly Paradise Lost, Black Sabbath, Type O Negative
  3. Hi! (sorry for my English) I'm vocalist (bass-baritone) from Ukraine based in Vienna. I also have played guitar for 10 years. Despite I'm studying classical vocal, I'm very fond of metal, especially doom, gothic and death metal. Also interested in composition. I'm looking for musicians with similar interests and open to suggestions. Thank you for your attention!
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