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  1. Hell yeah. Maybe the band too. Down is good too. Always been a big c.o.c. fan
  2. Shadows fall, lamb of god, unearth, that's sort of stuff. Pantera of course.
  3. New here figured I would jump on board here. I'm on some other forums but they don't really cater to my taste in music. I enjoy building in modifying guitars and testing and trying out new high gain amplifiers I have a background in electronics and automotive. 45 years old 3 kids currently residing in the oven they call Arizona. Or hell as I like to call it. The sun likes to destroy everything here. Including I think people's brains. But that seems to be the way it is everywhere you go now . I'm just trying to find a forum where people like metal ... metal music and when I use the term metal or heavy metal they don't think I'm talking about 80s rock.
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