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  1. Cradle of Filth - "Thornography" (album)
  2. Awesome! I'll have to check that one out! Cradle of Filth has a lot of cool covers. Their newest album is no exception!
  3. I know I just posted about this yesterday, but man I'm digging the new Cradle of Filth! Their best album in 17 years - since my favorite of theirs of all time, "Nymphetamine". It's also caused me to dive back into their entire catalog, which I already own but hadn't revisited in awhile. Rediscovering what made them one of my top 10 favorite bands of all!
  4. Cradle of Filth - "Existence is Futile" (album) Been waiting anxiously for this one for quite some time! I'm absolutely loving this. It's a great mix of a lot of previous albums all rolled into one. Dani sounds great, and the orchestral arrangements are very well done. I didn't think it was likely for me to enjoy this new album more than I enjoyed "Hammer of the Witches", but I have to say I'm liking this one even more!
  5. What an incredible album! Laid the blueprint for what traditional heavy metal would look like moving forward (in addition to the groundwork Sabbath had already laid). When I saw them live last month, they played "Victim of Changes", and Rob hit just about all of the notes - absolutely amazing! Shadow of Intent - "Melancholy" (album)
  6. Man, great choices all over the place! Motley Crue is always a great option. "Arise" is just classic Sepultura. It's a 3-way tie for me when it comes to my favorite Sepultura album - among "Beneath the Remains", "Arise", and "Chaos A.D." Great call with "Low" from Testament as well, an album that came from an era of the band where they experimented with a sound that resembled death metal in some ways. Cattle Decapitation - "Death Atlas" (album)
  7. Right now: Lorna Shore Slaughter to Prevail Once Human Machine Head Lamb of God
  8. Truly a modern masterpiece that deserves all of the acclaim it gets. RIP to Riley, gone at age 33. Not sure if the band will want to continue with a new vocalist, but man they were headed for great things. Slaughter to Prevail - "Kostolom" (album)
  9. JamesT


    Cool! I'm sure you're already familiar with Misery Index, but they're one of my favorites as well.
  10. JamesT


    You also mentioned you like death metal, right? Hate Eternal is my favorite death metal band, and I also like Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Jungle Rot, Necrophagist, Indwelling, Sacrificium, and Tortured Conscience.
  11. JamesT


    Yeah, I only enjoy their very early material. There are a couple of funeral doom bands I like, such as Tyranny and Ahab, if you've ever heard their stuff before. Funeral is great, too!
  12. JamesT


    Okay gotcha. That's great! We all have our own tastes. I enjoy quite a bit of doom, myself. My Dying Bride, Solitude Aeturnus, Saturnus, older material from Paradise Lost, older material from Anathema, Pantheist, Colosseum, Void of Silence, and the greatest doom band ever to exist, in my opinion: CANDLEMASS!
  13. Hey, Isaac! That's awesome that you play in a death metal band! If you like doom or death/doom, My Dying Bride, Solitude Aeturnus, Swallow the Sun, and Saturnus are some really good ones. For more straight-forward doom, I enjoy Officium Triste, Funeral, and Pantheist. And of course, the greatest doom band of all time (in my opinion): CANDLEMASS!
  14. JamesT


    Greetings to a fellow metalhead (even if you're just getting back into it)! Personally, my favorite sub-genre of metal is groove metal, so Pantera is my favorite band of all time. Others in this style that I like are Down, Superjoint Ritual, Behind the Smokescreen, The Red Coil, Hell's Fire, Crossed Fire, Infernoise, Betzefer, Burner, Oil Carter, etc. I also love thrash. Among the more classic bands, Overkill are my favorite of all time, and I also like Testament, Death Angel and Megadeth. Newer thrash bands I dig are Havok, Evile, Warbringer, Angelus Apatrida, Alkoholizer, Terrifier, ThrashWall, Anialator, Cyanide Grenade and freaKings. Not sure which sub-genre you prefer, so I'll stop there for now! What style do you typically enjoy?
  15. Whitechapel - "A New Era of Corruption" (album)
  16. Absolutely! I've seen the original album cover for "Far Beyond Driven" and it was definitely not for the faint-of-heart! Totally agree on the "Nightfall" cover. That's one of my favorite albums of all time in general, and the cover art is some of the best. That old painting is beautiful and haunting at the same time - just like Candlemass's music. It tells a story and gets you prepared for what you're about to hear. That's the main thing I love about album covers. In the past, when CD's were prevalent, I would sometimes make purchasing decisions based on the album cover, and it often paid off! Any other favorites for you? I love the cover for "Eternity" by Freedom Call.
  17. Lamb of God - "Wrath" (album)
  18. Lamb of God - "Sacrament" (album)
  19. Lorna Shore - "Immortal" (album)
  20. Fantastic choice! "Circle of Darkness" just slays from start to finish. Plague Years has a real knack for deftly balancing the speedy thrash and groove-oriented sections of their songs. Very well done. I was just playing that album on my headphones at the gym the other day. One of my favorites in recent memory.
  21. Hibria - "Defying the Rules" (album)
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