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  1. Shredhead - "Live Unholy" Shredhead - "I Saw You Burn" Great groove metal with touches of thrash sprinkled in throughout!
  2. Yep, that's absolutely true! Karl Sanders is one of my favorite musicians in all of heavy metal. I've been listening to Nile since my early high school years, and they've provided lots of great memories for me through the years. They're in my top 3 favorite death metal bands, along with Hate Eternal and Cannibal Corpse.
  3. Fantastic choice! I enjoy all of Nile's material, but those early albums especially had a ferocity and creativity about them. "Annihilation of the Wicked" is my favorite Nile album, but "Black Seeds of Vengeance" and "In Their Darkened Shrines" are up near the top of the list as well!
  4. You got it right, Mr. GG! Guilty as charged! I try and belt out the notes with Ralf Scheepers when I'm blasting Primal Fear in the car on the way to work - which I do quite often - or with Joacim Cans when I have HammerFall blaring (which again, I do often). I think the pipes are getting better!
  5. "If they would have kept Johan on from the first album this could have been in contention for their best album. I know there are some people who do actually prefer Messiah, but that's just crazy talk. Still a great album obviously, but it has to stand behind Epicus." I can completely understand where you're coming from, Mr. GG! I enjoy both singers equally, so it's a win-win for me as a huge fan! The debut is absolutely incredible. I'd have it ranked #3 in the catalog, only behind my #2 "Nightfall", and my top Candlemass album, "Ancient Dreams". Really psyched to have Johan back in the band, though! "The Door to Doom" and "Sweet Evil Sun" would both rank in the top half of the discography for me. "EDM is the better album for sure. I almost can't compare Candlemass with Marcolin to Candlemass with Johan. They just feel like two different bands. Such a shame they weren't able to get back in contact with Johan again until much later, after the failed experiment with Rob Lowe. I'm also one of those weirdos who thinks the self-titled with Marconlin is worthy of standing with their classics even if Marcolin was kind of a grouchy dough-boy by that point." The self-titled album is another great release! It's moved a bit down my list since it first came out, but only because the whole catalog is so good. The Robert Lowe era is fantastic to my ears. "King of the Grey Islands" is in my top 5 Candlemass albums. His voice is perfect for the doom sound. Out of curiosity, what was it about the Lowe era that you disliked?
  6. V8 Wankers - "Blown Action Rock" Killer speedy hard rock 'n' roll. Fantastic for the gym. Before the Damned - "Unanimosity" Thick, heavy groove metal - exactly up my alley. Shotgun Sludge - "Arrest Me" (song) Wish these Russian sludge dudes had put out more material.
  7. Candlemass - "Nightfall" Absolute perfection. Nothing more can be said of this epic doom classic. Methane - "The Devil's Own" Solid groove metal with some thrash-y parts thrown in.
  8. Black Summer Rain - "The Tide" Love this one! Solid southern/groove metal, my favorite style, hands down. Got some PanterA in their sound, which automatically makes the sound great to my ears!
  9. No problems here at all, my friend! I've posted so much lately about KK's Priest, Primal Fear, and HammerFall, I'm sure some folks are getting weary of it. But I just can't help it! Fantastic choice, by the way! Dark Angel rules.
  10. Oh, no need to apologize whatsoever, my metal friend! I apologize if my comment gave the impression of boredom, or anything else of the sort! Feel free to post links to anything you're listening to, as we're all free to do! As anyone who comes on here regularly will attest, I often mention the same bands or albums numerous times as I'm listening. I was simply saying I'm excited to check out Cosmic Jaguar and am thankful for the recommendation!
  11. Okay, I'm convinced! I've seen several posts about this Cosmic Jaguar album, so I'm checking it out today!
  12. "Take a Look in the Mirror" is my favorite Korn album! Just heavy and aggressive all the way through. Raider - "Guardian of the Fire" Good grief what a fantastic album. It's unmistakably thrash but with an obvious leaning toward death metal. Ravager - "Thrashletics" Another great listen. KK's Priest - "The Sinner Rides Again" Can't remember if this is my 12th or 13th time listening through this album in its entirety, but my goodness, I love it so much. Candlemass - "King of the Grey Islands" My favorite album of the Robert Lowe era. All 3 of those albums are really good, but this one is exceptional. "Destroyer" is an absolutely crushing tune. It literally destroys all in its path. "Clearsight" and "Embracing the Styx" are phenomenal as well. Can't ever have too much Candlemass in my life!
  13. Accuser - "Repent" Accuser - "The Mastery" Just about an album and a half left to go until I finish my journey through the entire catalog, and these guys will get numerous future listens!
  14. That is one incredible list of albums there! Can't go remotely wrong with any of those legendary picks!
  15. Accuser - "Dependent Domination" Accuser - "Diabolic" Accuser - "The Forlorn Divide" Such an underrated thrash band. Listened through 9 of the 12 albums this past week, and each one has been uniquely good. They're certainly in my Teutonic 4!
  16. Oh, I see! "By Inheritance" has phenomenal songs for sure. It's just been a bit more difficult for me to want to give it more regular listens due to the production being so thin. Their most recent 6 albums are my favorite, but then again, I'm known for liking the more recent output from a lot of these classic bands! Is it the vocalist that throws you off?
  17. Absolutely love me some Artillery! These last 6 albums, starting with "When Death Comes" from 2009, have all been fantastic. Hoping to get a new one from them in 2024!
  18. Accuser - "The Conviction" Accuser - "Who Dominates Who?" Accuser - "Double Talk" Accuser - "Reflections" Cannot overstate how much I'm enjoying the catalog of these German thrash legends! Soreption - "Jord" Fantastic technical death metal. Really digging the vocals on this one. They've also got a nice groove to the sound, which is always the highest compliment I can pay to a sound, since groove is my number-one sub-genre.
  19. Welcome, my friend! Always great to converse with fellow metalheads! I must say, that scenario of a hilltop house sounds incredible to me! A man could do far worse. What are some of your favorite styles of metal, perhaps maybe even those that differ from what you do in your own project?
  20. Ah, not a fan of Mr. Jasta, I see! I've never gotten heavily into Hatebreed, but I do have a few of their albums, and I enjoy them on occasion. Hardcore in general gets a bit too monotonous for me in large doses. Angelus Apatrida, however, are absolutely fantastic in my book! I'd definitely recommend checking out their back catalog if you have the time and/or interest. I've never seen them collaborate with so many other artists before. I can't remember them featuring any other vocalists, in fact. And honestly, I would have never known there was a rapper on this album, because it just sounds like pure thrash goodness to me. As I've always said, I'll never begrudge anyone their opinions or tastes in music, so I totally understand if you didn't care to check out any more of AA's material! For my money, they're easily the best new wave thrash band going. I tend not to care who a band does or doesn't collaborate with on an album, as long as the music sounds good to me. But again, I completely respect your feelings on that. If you do decide to check out any of their other albums, my favorite is their 2012 release, "The Call", followed closely by their self-titled album from 2021. Whatever you decide to dive into, happy listening, my metal friend!
  21. My favorite Dream Theater album, and it's their heaviest. Whatever frame of mind they were in back in 2003 when this was released was something different from any other recording, and on the year of its 20th anniversary, it's still a powerful listen. There's a level of aggression here that isn't seen - or at least not for a full album - in the rest of their catalog. I love Dream Theater and revisit this one often!
  22. Accuser - "Dependent Domination" Accuser - "Diabolic" I enjoy the output from Tankard from time to time, but if it was up to me, I'd put Accuser in the Big 4 of German thrash, along with Kreator, Sodom, and Destruction. Exumer would also have to get an honorable mention. It's been awhile since I've delved into the entire Accuser catalog (I've recently stuck with the more modern albums), but I'll be listening through all 12 albums this weekend. They're one of the few thrash bands who didn't go completely off the rails in the mid 90's and completely abandon the pure thrash sound. Their releases in 1994 and 1995, respectively, certainly had more of a groove to the sound, but the thrash intensity is still very much there. Really enjoying the catalog!
  23. One of the only truly great Six Feet Under albums! This one is a gem. Torment Tool - "Under Friendly Attack" Angelus Apatrida - "Aftermath" Evil Invaders - "Pulses of Pleasure" Evil Invaders - "Feed Me Violence" Enjoying another thrash kick at the moment! I had just gotten done posting about my latest listen through "Aftermath" from Angelus Apatrida when I saw this! Excellent choice! They're by far my favorite new wave thrash band. Every one of their releases is incredibly high quality!
  24. Primal Fear - Self-titled debut Primal Fear - "Black Sun" Primal Fear - "Devil's Ground" Primal Fear - "Seven Seals" Primal Fear - "New Religion" Primal Fear - "16.6 - Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" Primal Fear - "Rulebreaker" Primal Fear - "Apocalypse" Primal Fear - "Metal Commando" Primal Fear - "I Will Be Gone" (EP) Primal Fear - "Code Red" Yep, it's been a great day!
  25. Primal Fear - "Nuclear Fire" Primal Fear - "Delivering the Black"
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