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  1. a very underrated black death band. an intense and driving sound that contains occasional melodic elements. the grand grimoire, into the lungs of hell and the lair of the white worm are my favorite works of their's
  2. for those of you who like symphonic black metal. just to warn you it's kinda raw. it's a demo https://nightmasquerademn.bandcamp.com/album/gala-of-the-damned
  3. first time ever listening to kroda. not bad
  4. i prefer 1985-1991 era of helloween. the stuff that came after just isn't for me. too mainstream sounding for my taste
  5. anal cunt is hilarious. they were funny because of how offensive they were. i'm pretty sure they were being ironic, so it's okay
  6. almost 🤣 azgorh is a pretty prolific musician
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