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  1. my ultimate death metal recommendation. incredible riffs and vocals. you can't go wrong with any of their albums. an all around awesome band
  2. i have heard way worse produced black metal than them. lol
  3. my favorite album of their's. i especially love tracks 6 and 7
  4. menhir. because, the m looks like an x unless you look really closely at it
  5. amsvartnir were a short lived swedish melodic black metal band. this is the cover of their 1997 e.p. "the trollish mirror" i dig it a lot. they had a unique sound within their genre. you can find it on youtube
  6. highly recommend windir. they're mostly black metal, but have a lot of strong folk metal elements in their sound. short lived band due to the singer's death in 2004. all 4 of their albums are equally great, so i recommend their entire discography
  7. yeah. melodeath went into a downward spiral after 2003 in my opinion with the exception of amon amarth who are still kicking ass today. which is why amon amarth is my favorite band of that genre
  8. underrated dark tranquility album r.i.p. norm macdonald. weekend update's best anchor
  9. to those who like crossover thrash, i highly recommend ludichrist
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