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    reading, writing,watching, eating, pegging, etc.

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  1. Most music genres are slowly formed. Meshuggah has been active for more than 30 years, and nowadays Djent is in the status of 'genre', like thrash metal, groove metal, other previously formed music styles.
  2. Hi, I am recently joined to this website. You guys are simply so so amazing-!!! Rock on-!!!
  3. Cannibal Corpse is a good starting point. Especially, you must listen to Wretched Spawn album.
  4. Gary Oldmann on the Fifth Element-???
  5. Hello, I am looking for a particular metal album cover artwork. I think that I saw the cover artwork in the early 2000s, probably between 2002 and 2004. The description is as follows: The background is a room with yellow colored wallpaper; and a man is tied in something like a rope and the man in the picture is blinded with his eyes and his mouth is blocked by something like a tool used for horses, etc. The whole picture in the cover artwork is: a man sitting in the room with captive like being tied in rope and his eyes and mouth are covered, or blocked. I have tried to find the album, on Google Image Search Engine, but have failed to find the one so far. I think that the album is in genre of hardcore, metalcore, deathcore, or something like that; but inserting search keywords such as 'hardcore album covers', 'metalcore album covers', 'deathcore album covers' on Google has not been helpful at all. I want to know what the album is, and who the artist is... Oh, what I am trying to find is not Metallica's St. Anger at all. I know very well of St. Anger, but definitely it's not. What I am looking for currently, is more modern style than St. Anger. The man in the cover artwork, obviously a painting, not a genuine photograph, wears a black T-shirts, something like metal fans wearing in Metal concerts... So, it's not St. Anger, since the man in the St. Anger artwork looks more like angel or some fairy tale character. Can anyone help???
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