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  1. Yeah I'm just jealous because when I went to school there was no internet so when we had to do surveys we used to have to talk to people face to face.
  2. But, but, but, it's not about you, it's about me and I do think he's funny! So you do have some good taste buds Not really. It's pretty simple. If you don't like what I like you're dead to me.
  3. I see these sorts of things on multiple forums, usually by one post wonders, and sometimes with requests that they are for school homework. I admit that I usually forget about them 5 minutes after I read them, until they come up again a few months later, so therefore it might be my fault for not looking but I've never really understood what the OP's are trying to achieve. Obviously there is a brief description in the OP but it's only brief and I'd love to know the full reason why so many people want this information, so many times a year. So what's happening to all the results? Who is really collecting the data? What is changing/hoping to change because of these surveys?
  4. Everything is held up by nostalgia, but the fact that there is no one capable of repeating what these guys did makes them all the better for me. To me they are the same as any good movie from back in the time. I don't look at Mad Max and think any differently of it today as I did 40 years ago. I don't laugh at Vince Gil screaming "I am the Nightrider" like I did the first time I saw it. And I don't flinch when the guy's hand gets ripped off like I might of as a teenager. But that doesn't change how I feel about the movie 40 years on, and the same happens with shows like Bad News. I own and regularly watch all the Red Dwarf episodes. I've laughed at them a hundred times and I still laugh today, maybe not as heartedly but even knowing the gags are coming doesn't spoil most of them. Same goes for The Paul Hogan show and Bazza Mckenzie. The most recent series I've seen that does the same for me is Russell Coight
  5. Spectral Souls - Towards Extinction
  6. I don't know exactly who is retired and who isn't these days but HHH who must be a similar age to Shawn looks like he's still pumping the roids and can't get a tailor to make a suit that fits. Vince McMahon looks like death drove a steam roller over him and then kicked the shit out of him three times. Not sure if the retired guys can't afford the roids but it seem like the do look a little better when they've been out of the game for about a decade
  7. Obituary - Dying Of Everything
  8. Hydra Vein - Rather Death Than False Of Faith
  9. I saw a thing on TV last week which was a retrospective look at the life of wrestler Shawn Michaels (The Heartbreak Kid). I didn't watch it all but it was one of those shows like This Is Your Life where they sit a person down, look at their life, and talk about the important bits. I don't know how old it was but Shawn mentioned being in his 50 so it was some time after he retired and in the last 7 years. He didn't suggest he was still on the drugs but still trains everyday, albeit different training to his wrestling days. His arms are big and he dresses like a retired lumberjack. He's solid, but saggy and remarkably slow moving for a guy that was once leaping around a squared circle. His eyes also have a permanent glaze in them which could be mistaken for lenses but apparently aren't. Strangely enough he still looks more in wrestling shape than some of his peers from around the same time.
  10. We are a big fucking island with lots of hard to reach beaches, all you have to do is find your piece of quiet coastline and start bringing it in. Distribution might be a bit more difficult but if you've got the product it will sell itself.
  11. The Accused - More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral
  12. 1.75 Litre? Shit I don't think we have anything other than champagne and speciality stuff like presentation kegs and the like in that size. We can get up to 5 litre kegs of JD and cola occasionally but you need to mortgage the house for one. Stuff like this with a gimmick of some kind. Most of our whisky only comes in 700ml (which changed from 750ml in the 90's) and 1 litre but there's not often much discount for buying in bulk.
  13. My last pair of 'running shoes', which as I've pointed out don't ever get used for running, lasted me 8 years. I consider that a good bargain for $150. Although I killed them in about 12 months of solid walking 7ks every day, but up to year 7 they lasted fine.
  14. My point was that dollar for dollar we pay the same price for last years models on clearance as they do for new shoes. That aint gonna happen here, but I don't even run late so $150 is my limit.
  15. I've got a pair of FXD Safety Joggers, which I really wouldn't want to jog in but they are great around the shed and flat ground where protection is needed but full on work boots aren't. For out in the paddock, in and out of the tractor and going out to dinner I have Puma Conquests. Both are a long way from the cumbersome, uncomfortable, blister forming things safety boots where 20 years ago.
  16. $150 is what we pay for last years models The only time I've every run is when I've been chased by the cops...oops I mean I've never run. However I do love reading the ads that shoes companies make these days. I have no idea whether half the shit they talk about in those ads is made up or there is some scientific facts behind them but I don't care either because they sound amazing. I can't wait to walk on cushions of air that are only made possible because the scientists at NASA discovered some moon bred space particle that conforms to the shape of the foot while inflating sideways, inverting itself and changing colour offering the wearer a unique experience that is second to none.
  17. I've got an hour or two of peace and quiet before I have to go and cut down the grass around the house paddock and I can't figure out what to listen too!
  18. I'm definitely a long, looooooong way from running, but I do agree. I've never been any sort of athlete, but I spent more than 20 years wearing the same brand and never had any issues I knew of. Then trips to the city became less so I stopped visiting those large sports shops where they actually have a range of sports shoes. I didn't realise until recently just how much shopping locally has meant I'm sacrificing comfort in casual/sports shoes. Once upon a time it was the steel toed work boots that were uncomfortable and annoying to wear, but these days because I spend so much time in them I find them fine, but cheap sneakers just don't cut it.
  19. Alcohol has never been a problem for me. It might have been a vice, and probably not good for my health, but it was never a problem. I drank for fun, I drank with mates, I drank at work because no one drank coke in pubs in the 80's and beer was often free on band tabs. But I never considered it a problem even if by definition it obviously was. By the time I stopped working with the bands and spent more time general cartage drinking became a weekend thing because truckies had to be 00BAV. I wasn't long into my 30's before I decided that was no longer fun and that taste was more important so I moved away from the cheaper brands like JD and Beam. Then the stupid government started their tax grab on booze, when a slab of beer, JD and Beam hit $30 I nearly gave up booze completely. Right, wrong or otherwise, when I think about a bottle of booze priced at $100 and below 40% alc/vol (about 80 proof), I can't help but also think that automatically the government get an alcohol tax of nearly 30%, which increases twice a year, they get the GST from the original purchase and then another slug of GST from the final purchase. For me drinking expensive booze becomes less fun and more just me paying a voluntary tax for the privilege. I'll pay it a few times a year at a price point I'm happy with but I pay enough taxes on shit like diesel, fertiliser, feed, etc without giving the pricks more.
  20. I walked 6.93k the other day. It was a warmish, humid morning, but dead still and quiet. I was out about 5:15am, got back about an hour later. Going by the tracker I was in better shape than I thought (not that I thought I was in great shape) but the heart rate only went over 120bpm on the steep hills and I was still pacing as low as high 9's, which worked out at an average of just over 6kph. All in all it wasn't too bad expect I did find out that my shoes were not really up to the job, and in looking at new shoes I've realised I've been punishing myself the last few years by not actually thinking too much about shoes and only buying mid-low range shit from local shops. As much as I don't automatically think brand names and higher prices make better products I'm definitely not getting the next pair from a local one size fits all store.
  21. I haven't indulged since I was in my 20's when $100 used to buy us 2 slabs and 2 bottles of whiskey and we'd drink it in a weekend.
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