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  1. Yeah they walked funny and acted like rednecks, didn't matter they couldn't fight they just acted silly! Unlike Hacksaw Jim Duggen who carried a lump of wood around and just looked like a redneck
  2. I'm with you NokturnalBoredom, not a huge fan, never really understood why people liked them so much, but there is so many things in this world I don't understand. Dime was a good guitarist but I never had much time for the band or their music. Strange thing is I've upset more people saying I dislike Pantera than I have any other band. No idea why that is and I don't go around looking for Pantera fans to tell them I don't like the band but it just seems when someone asks, "do you like Pantera?" if I answer truthfully they get upset.
  3. After nearly 18 months of not eating out I actually found myself missing it for the first time this week. We aren't really sit down at a restaurant types, preferring take away and home sitting in front of the TV. Take away's have been open here during our 5 million days of lockdown but I just haven't had the urge to go and stand in line with people to get food until this week. Even then I couldn't really be bothered actually making the effort.
  4. I don't ever remember them being accused of being a Christian band, but then my mate was in Mortification for a few years and there was plenty of people who even then didn't believe Mortification were a Christian Death metal band, so it's weird what some people get in their minds. I'm not that into Gamma Ray, I don't hate them and have heard some of their stuff but they aren't a band I followed.
  5. The Lucid - The Lucid (I thought I'd give Ellefson a chance and hear what this new side project that has become his main band was like. Time will tell but I'm not overly impressed yet)
  6. They were made to be soft and chewy so they stayed that way for the months they had to spend at sea to get to the soldiers. If they were hard they were not made to the traditional recipe. Pretty much everything the soldiers had in their rations at the time were hard and dry, Anzac's were one of the few things that arrived with a soft texture. Of course some people today actually claim that didn't happen and that any food sent to the troops never actually made it off shore but there was plenty of Anzac's who said different before they died and history was able to be re-written by the living.
  7. Anzac biscuits are eaten and they are commercially available all year in packets. There is an 'official' traditional recipe and therefore one brand gets to puts an Aussie flag on theirs and claim they are just like the Anzac's ate, but like everything commercially made they aren't. Your mum probably made the traditional recipe if they were nice Home made is the way to go and they are extremely easy to make, and home made comes with the bonus of being able to make them bigger!!
  8. KillaKukumba


    The best music books I have would be a toss up between Paul Dianno's bio and David Lee Roth's bio. Until I read those books I had no idea that between the two of them they invented everything in the world. Not only that we all exist because of them. They both stop short of explaining how they became our gods, but honestly neither of them have to because well because they are just both so awesome!
  9. I think the last thing I watched was a Royal Rumble from the early 90's I remember names like Hogan, Mr Wonderful, Andre etc. I also remember names from what might have been the next generation like Mike Foley, Undertake, Kane etc. But I also remember names like John Cena, Goldberg, Sting and Ray Misterio but have no idea where they fit into a time line. I used to love the Bushwackers and Jimmy Superfly.
  10. My car uses USB storage, as does the tractor, so I just convert everything to mp3 and put it on a USB stick. One of the biggest issues for me using Spotify when mobile would be slipping in and out of range. These days in the car it's not so bad, phone coverage is pretty good in most places but on the farm we loose phone signal in so many places USB is just easier.
  11. I was a tight arse, when WWF stopped being shown here on free to air TV I gave up following it. Mostly because our paid services in the early 90's were overpriced and shit, but also because I just found other things to do. They did start putting RAW on here after midnight once a week about a decade ago, and another hour long greatest hits show followed, but neither of them lasted very long. I don't hate it now I just don't pay for a sports service that streams it to me, I do occasionally watch some of it on YT but it's not often. I also prefer the older matches, but that's mainly because I know the wrestlers, about the most modern wrestlers I know are John Cena and HHH and I have no idea if they are still wrestling.
  12. Shit! You've just made me hungry and it's not even lunch time!
  13. I use Spotify occasionally to preview something before I buy it. I rarely listen to anything on Spotify more than once and often don't even get through a full album before deciding to either part with some cash or forget the album all together.
  14. I used to be a vinyl guy but not any more, CD's are just easier to deal with, store and get shipped. Given that everything gets converted to mp3 for the car or the phone it's not like the physical format bothers me much anyway.
  15. I was listening to Pink Bubbles the other day, it's not as bad as I remembered, but I still wouldn't put it anywhere near the top of what Helloween has done.
  16. Blues is a great album but I really like Wretch too. I also like Vista Chino and some of John's solo stuff.
  17. Tantalising Acid Pleasures Everyone SPAN
  18. Flotsam & Jetsam - When The Storm Comes Down
  19. Nowhere near Florida and I have trouble telling what colour my metal is, but welcome anyway
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