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  1. Hey Drew. Had a listen to Metallion, not bad, I'll definitely check out some of the other songs when I get a chance.
  2. Gawd, I haven't listened to Lizzy Borden for years. I should remedy that. Destruction - Mad Butcher
  3. Fozzy is not a band I have followed so I am willing to accept that I could be missing out on something fantastic. I remember hearing Do You Want To Start A War but that's as far as I got with his singing. I also figured as a singer he'd retired from the ring. I could probably get myself free tickets to our local wrestling, I've got a family member that's heavily involved, including being short listed for the US circuit. I watch YT videos of some of the matches and the pantomime is all there but there is still something missing. It's probably a little bit more interesting to me because of the connection but at the same time it's not something I bother to keep updated with these days.
  4. New Exodus single released yesterday sounds pretty good, along with the other two recently released ones. Atrophy - Violent By Nature
  5. Not like anyone could tell if I was drunk, I talk just as much crap drunk as I do sober!
  6. On free to air here we only ever got an hour of highlights from the shows, most times we wouldn't even see a full match because by the time they showed the build up, the verbal fight, the background and the commentators it only left a few minutes for each fight. I think our packages on free to air came with 5 blocks of commercial breaks making it a 42min show and in that 42 minutes they had to fit enough in to keep the fans interested and hopefully leave them hanging enough to purchase pay TV packs. Pay TV for all really didn't come into Australia until the mid 90's and it was so expensive not many people bothered (about 12% in the 90s, rising to 24% of the population subscribed in about 2010) so the shows we got on free to air were only meant as teasers to entice people to pay TV. It's surprising really because we have a huge amateur and semi pro wrestling circuit in this country, covid has fucked it over a bit for obvious reasons, but pre-covid we had so much local wrestling that we could see it nearly every weekend. Many of our wrestlers have been scouted by the pro circuit in the US and coached by the likes of Brett Hart. I don't know how many, if any have actually turned up on the WWE circuit but I know two guys here that still have contact with Brett and he's come down here to help their competition. As far as Chris Jericho goes I've never seen him wrestle but I've heard him sing and I've seen him run his bullshit in the press against Sebastian Bach and based on that I think he should go back to wrestling.
  7. For those playing along at home The Lucid really doesn't have anything great to offer as far as I'm concerned. I'm not really sure where it sits in the world of metal, if at all, because I've never really bothered much with genres and who fits where. I didn't really hear anything that caught my attention or made me want to listen to it again. It was very forgettable. I hope David can find something heavier and thrashier to play in the future Anthrax - Sound Of White Noise
  8. I wear shorts and hi-vis pretty much every day of the year, but I do like to keep a low profile when I go out so I leave the hi-vis at home, some of the time. I've never cared what I look like, or what others think, as long as my arse isn't hanging out of my pants they are good enough to wear out. I don't go to a restaurant that has a dress code and demand they let me in wearing shorts, I just don't go to such restaurants. If I was to go into town tonight for a sit down meal I could choose anything from Chinese, to Italian, to Malaysian, to Vietnamese, to Greek, to a traditional pub meal and none of them would question me turning up in shorts (expect for the fact that it's pissing down rain and blowing a gale right now). I simply wouldn't go to anywhere else that requires any more of a dress code no matter how good or bad they might be.
  9. Why did Jake The Snake like snakes? Why did a guy named Hacksaw carry a lump of wood that wouldn't usually be cut with a hacksaw? Analysing why any wrestler did anything is simple, it was done for theatrics and to get the crowd excited. It's the same reason The Rock wanted people to smell something, or Steve Austin came out drinking beer, the crowd absolutely loved it and WWF was a business that required it's fans to be entertained. By the time they became WWE that money making machine was set and there wasn't a decision made in the company that wasn't money related. We didn't get a lot of WCW here in OZ, well at least not on free to air tv, and by the time the franchises, or whatever they were calling themselves moved to RAW, and Nitro and the WWF went to WWE I'd pretty much stopped watching it and was only catching a few episodes here and there. I had no hope of keeping up with the stories or the rivalries and often I'd go so long between seeing an ep that good side and bad side changed. I do remember once channel surfing and seeing camera men standing on the corners of the ring (for that close up shot) and the wrestlers were fighting for the Television Championship, not sure if that was WCW or some other version but it was a long way from what I grew up watching.
  10. I'm just not an overly social person so having to spend time in a room with people annoys me, even if those people aren't talking to me and don't care I'm there. Dress codes don't really bother me because the restaurants we are likely to go to don't really have a dress code, as long as I don't wear the workboots covered in cow shit the restaurants don't really care if I turn up in shorts.
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