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  1. Facebook's dark theme works reasonably well these days, improvements could be made but lets face it the biggest improvement Facebook could make is not being there. Don't make a big deal about stopping a baby crying to the parents, you'll get handed the kid all the time.
  2. Most apps do exactly that, flip light into dark with little regard for contrast because they can't actually read what is being changed. Swapping a background is easy, reverting black to white is easy, actually changing contrast is what makes a huge difference, especially for those with colour perception problems. With a few keystrokes I can change any colour on these pages and with a few more I can make entirely new theme. Small things amuse small minds and getting down to the small details amuses me greatly when I'm bored. FWIW this site looks pretty bad with a red background, blue text boxes and green text
  3. I got bored this morning waiting for my coffee so I kept playing around with colours. It took me about 30 minutes and can only be done locally (it can be done at server level if it's paid for) but I got sick of the pristine white background while my other regularly loaded sites use dark themes. It's not perfect and I'll probably keep playing with it when I get bored again but it's coffee time now.
  4. Anacrusis - An Evening With Anacrusis (Live At Delmar Hall 2019)
  5. I thought Ribs and Rumps was a strip joint for skinny women with big butts?
  6. It knows that this forum likes discussions about grammer and punctuation!
  7. Surely the price of the butt varies dependant on whose butt it is?
  8. Damn, you people have almost got me wanting to check out this album of dog barks to hear how good or bad it is, but I've got enough barking and howling dogs around here to make my own record. Speedboozer - Still Ugly Still Pissed Still Hate You
  9. Mine comes to me 2 days after the candidates are named and I just fill it out and post it off. This year I didn't even have to leave the house because the wife posted it while she was at work!
  10. Was that to vote early in person or on the postal vote form? Because from memory I think the postal vote form has 4 maybe 6 options and they are all fairly generic. At the end of the day the AEC want people to vote, they don't care if it's done via post, but the rules state one must have a valid reason so that's all they ask for they don't care what the reason is. I never really thought I liked dark themes on my web pages but I've been getting used to them lately and this site stood out as kind of annoying all white so I've changed it. Looks much better black I think I'll keep it. Given all that white is less environmentally friendly I'll consider this my contribution to global warming
  11. He's turned into a huge dick since he was chosen to be a gambler. But he's always sucking up to James and Lars in interviews and on stage when he gets a chance. As for his passion with metal, the closest thing he's done that's metal in the past 6 years is the album with Bert from Big Bang Theory. His latest album with his wife is barely even hard rock and with the new Anthrax album that they started writing in 2018 now not due until sometime on 2023, possibly, he's about as metal as a cheese sandwich with pickles.
  12. Scott Ian will kiss anyone's arse providing they were in the Big 4, just so he can remain relevant. Yeah but can you sell shoes as well as Al?
  13. In this country it requires changes to the constitution to implement any form of online voting. It's not impossible but it's something no party really wants to be responsible for changing given the ramifications if it fails.
  14. Sam Kinison was originally selected to play Al Bundy, that means that Tom Araya could have been Al Bundy. That would have made a hell of a difference in later years when Scott Ian and Anthrax made it on the show, instead of chasing Kelly Scott would have been chasing Tom around kissing his arse just like he's been doing for the last 20 years...when he's not kissing Lars Ulrich's arse.
  15. I've always loved how much hate Slayer's GHUA album gets. Sure it's not the best Slayer album but it's a good sing-a-long Dead Head - Dream Deceiver
  16. I love the way that the AEC has been on TV lately talking about the high numbers of people voting early while at the same time saying that people need a good reason not to vote on the day. The only reason people need is "will not be available". Not only that if you ask your local member, whether you like them or not, for a postal vote form most of them keep your name on record for the next election and just send out the forms because they think they've got a chance of getting your vote if they send you the papers.
  17. They reckon the number of early voters could be as high as 50% this year. I voted about 2 weeks ago when my papers arrived in the mail. I haven't seen a polling booth in about 20 years.
  18. I think in the interest of not taking the sides the ABC are anti every politician whilst simultaneously kissing their arses to try and get interviews with them. The ABC TV news is like a kid whose parents have split up, today they talk to one politician about how great he's doing and how the other parents are all idiots, then tomorrow they get a different parent on and do the same bloody thing. Not one hard question has been asked by the media in this election.
  19. I don't hate it but I really can't be fucked running linux, unix or any other flavour of free OS. Now I've gotten rid of all the privacy shit, the telemetry shit, the background weight and re-changed all the out of the box settings that I don't like it will pretty much run problem free until the next update.
  20. I haven't bothered with the flu vax simply because I don't go anywhere. I know that's not really a good excuse because I do see people but it's just never been a priority. However I'd never suggest my decision should influence others, if I spent more time in public places I'd no doubt get it. It obviously wont be everyone's case but there must be some truth to the 4 hour thing. My brother was at my place last weekend for less than 2 hours at the same time my daughter was no doubt positive and despite sitting around the same table he's had no signs of infection and he's required to do a RAT every day at work. He also deals with up to 200 RAT results every day as a part of his job making sure the site remains as covid free as possible and the number of people who have spent short times with cases but not contracted it is very high. My wife is currently required to do 5 RATs in 7 days so she can keep going to work and despite coming home each day to 'covid kid' in the house she's still testing negative and I still haven't caught it and I've been in the same room playing games on the big TV for three days.
  21. Bloody hell can't Windows tell I'm trying to listen to music here! I finally got around to upgrading(?) to WinBlows 11 and after over an hour of waiting for it to install now comes the long task of modifying and changing everything to get rid of the shitty telemetry and other useless bloatware crap Microsoft thinks I need. Problem is I'm barely getting through a song between changes and nearly every change wants me to restart the damn computer. I think Microsoft hates thrash metal!
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