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  1. Toxic Holocaust - Conjure And Command
  2. It was his 40th birthday and the JW Blue was one of the last things we opened for the night. Whether it was smooth and what it tasted like was not really going to be high on the agenda These days it's healthier to sip rather than guzzle. Back then (the 90's), we'd go through one or two bottles of bourbon a night (not every night), so it got to the point where the cheapest, especially mixed with Coke, was the smartest option. In the 90's a bottle of Beam white, or even Jack was about $25, and they were the mainstream sort of drink. The next range up would have been things like Glenfiddich, Chivas, Jameson etc which would be about $45 - 50. Then it just went into the stuff almost no one bought because of the price. But now days because our governments like taxes and we have to pay for a 'free' health care system it's rare to get a even a bottle of white label Beam under $40, and the alcohol content has dropped to 37%. I'm pretty sure my wife only bought Dead Man's Fingers because of the picture on the label too. I didn't hate it but I certainly wouldn't be rushing to get any of the 3 flavours again. I don't mind the lucky dip, but there is always the thought in my mind that if I don't like it what do I do with the remainder of the bottle? I suppose I can always mix it with Coke, that shit kills anything but we don't generally buy that stuff.
  3. Jumpy Unicorns Master Puppetry FISH
  4. We've got 6 bulls between the farms. Psycho is the biggest and eldest, he's our main breeding Angus. He really didn't have to put on a show when he bent the gate for me, the big bastard can actually just put his weight behind him and push gates, chained or not, out of the way. Thankfully bulls don't generally look at a gate and see freedom is only a push away. Some cows love to push the barbed wire and see if they can't get through a fence but as long as the bulls can't see the potential mothers they don't tend to look for escape routes.
  5. Dream Death - Journey Into Mystery
  6. I don't know about fancy, but my wife has bought me all sorts of stuff I wouldn't normally consider buying. I'm pretty much straight down the line mainstream these days, if I drink. I don't do microbreweries and I don't spend extra just because the bottle looks good or someone said it was better. I used to do that but not any more, not since the mid 90's when a mate and I downed a bottle of Johhny Walker Blue which retailed at $250 in 20 minutes and didn't remember what it tasted like. My wife has bought me coffee infused whiskey, over proof rum, and all sorts of strange flavoured bourbons and beers, like apple and honey etc. She's also bought things like Dead Man's Fingers just for the name. Some taste terrible, some taste good, but it's a pretty sure bet that when she gets lost in a liquor shop she's going to find something either strange sounding, or strange tasting.
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