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  1. Yeah, it will probably appear in my top 10 for the year.
  2. Metal Church - Congregation of Annihilation
  3. Nah, I'm totally converted. I haven't bought a CD since I read your post.
  4. AC/DC for me are one of those bands that are just there. I rarely reach for one of their albums but they are on my phone and rotate through occasionally when I'm in the car. I know pretty much all the songs and they rarely disappoint but they certainly aren't a go to band these days. Apart from the recent gig I saw snippets of at Power Trip (or whatever it was) for the most part they've always put on a great live show, although I haven't seen them since some time in the 00's.
  5. The thing I find funny is that he mostly admits bands can't live without physical media. He admits that bands travelling create more co2 than physical media. He admits others things cause more co2, but he still claims his idea of getting rid of physical media has merit. Sounds to me like someone wanting his 15 minutes of fame.
  6. Apparently the chairman of Chrysalis Records has claimed we should all turn to digital media because CD's and vinyl contribute too much to polluting the world. He's even gone as far claiming bands who talk about saving the world being hypocrites if they release physical media. Kind of a funny stance for a bloke who is chairman of a record label that relies heavily on physical media sales. He does only point the finger at cd's and vinyl, he doesn't mention how much pollution merchandise makes so I guess record labels can still make some money from t-shirts, stickers, posters and anything else that can't be streamed
  7. We all like to convince ourselves of such things.
  8. Isn't forcing yourself to remain nonchalant manipulating your feelings anyway?
  9. I wonder if there is an online converter.
  10. I recalibrate mine semi-regularly. But without them both being recalibrated by the same shyte meter recalibrator it's not easy to suggest whose is right. They could both be wrong.
  11. If I couldn't force myself to listen to something I'd dump it from my list. As it is I've dumped 5 or 6 albums from my already short list to listen to simple because I can't be bothered with them after one listen when they came out. My days of going though hundreds of albums to find a gem are over. If it's worth listening too someone else will highlight it. Deith - To Hell And Back
  12. Even if that statement was true it's a damn fine reason to write the song. Those origin cannons were fucking earth shaking during their live shows.
  13. If I don't copy the image and copy and paste an address it just links the image and says nothing about uploading or using space. Of course the image must be on the web if you use hotlinks. Top right corner should be your name and avatar. If you click on it a menu appears and maybe the second option of the menu is My Attachements
  14. This is what I get after I copy and paste the image
  15. Seems when I use the copy method that it tells me I'm using the storage space of the forum And it appears in my attachments section.
  16. It's not that anything has changed it's just that you've run out of storage space. If you go to your profile and click on attachments you'll see all the images you've added. We all get 500K of space (presumably we are all have the same). I have 240K left, you obviously have only 24k
  17. Essentially that is uploading. It's copying the image from the originating site to this site and given that each user only gets a small amount of space each image takes up that space. If you copy the address instead of the image it's not using up your limited space. That 24 k is have you have left out of whatever the total was. If you could find an image smaller than 24 k the next time you try to add an image the number would be smaller. You need to either delete images which you should be able to get to via your profile, or jsut hot link them with the web address.
  18. Easiest way I've found to do it is to Google Image search the album. Right click on the image and go to "Open in new tab" When the tab opens cup the address in the address bar and paste it here. The only sites it really has issues cutting and pasting from is Facebook and Twitter but sites like Bandcamp, M-A, Discogs etc all allow hotlinking.
  19. I just use a hyperlink where size shouldn't matter. Presumably your saving the image and uploading it? Edit: I think there was some chatter here a year or so back about uploading images and that you may need to delete old images because each person is only able to store a certain amount of images. My max size says 260.7 KB
  20. Think you've got the wrong band there. Oh and posting images takes too much of my precious time!
  21. Metalllica - 72 Seasons - AOTY 2023
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