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  1. Going by the videos I've seen there is definitely a backing tape but I don't think Blackie is miming, at least not for the whole concert. However with that silly contraption he calls Elvis on stage it's quite easy for him to hide from many cameras.
  2. Not stopping when it's clear is the reason roundabouts work, but unfortunately most cops around here don't think the same thing when they see someone roll through a stop sign. I've never had a parking fine in the car, but I have had one speeding fine and one failing to stop. In the truck I've had everything from seatbelt to speeding, to illegal parking, to overloaded. I also once had a shadow for a week after the roads corp pulled me over for a broken indicator and then kept appearing everywhere I was the following days to check it was fixed 'in due time'. The bastard even got to the point of waving to me as he stopped at intersections where I was. I always drive in the middle of the road at night around here too because in most places on coming vehicles can be seen through the trees, but the risk of wildlife coming onto the road is everywhere. I've hit plenty of roos doing anything from scratches to major damage, yet I've never hit another car whilst riding the white line, but explaining that to a cop, even one whose spent his life in the country is nearly pointless unless they are in a good mood. Thankfully though I've only been warned not fined for it.
  3. Some intersections I do, some intersections I cut, but generally I stop when the sign says so unless I know there is no one around. Last time I was pulled over was for running a stop sign, it was 18 years ago and I got let off with a warning, but I guess some times rules stick. I do know that for 18 years I have always stopped at that one intersection even when I can't see any cars.
  4. TBF there is a lot of Aussies who have no idea about roundabouts either. It doesn't help that every state has slightly different rules and many of those who quote a rule quote it wrong. In some place here Stop signs are treated as a suggestion rather than a rule. NP: Evil Dead - The Underworld
  5. There are exceptions to every rule and the only thing that would improve intersections like that is eradication of vehicles...and maybe people.
  6. Says the guy who's town is just a bunch of circles!
  7. Mythbusters proved a number of years ago how ineffective traffic lights are and begged "America" to get on board with them. It's easy to see how much more effective they are, but having them on every corner is fucking annoying. Now days our council wants to install wombat crossings at all the intersections preceding each roundabout.
  8. Our local Council motto throughout the 90's was "if in doubt, put in a roundabout". At one stage they silly shits even authorised a peanut shaped roundabout until the local bus and trucking companies questioned it's worth. NP: Spiritworld - Deathwestern
  9. A poke in the hay is a rite of passage for some! NP: Enforced - Killgrid
  10. It's undisputed facts, (undisputed because no one has bothered to do a counter study), that cows react well to music, especially during milking time. They apparently prefer soft, slow, pop type music. So it stands to reason that if I'm toughing up beef cattle something hard and heavy is the key. I think I'll stay out of nav's beanfield though, nothing worse than someone uninvited playing in your beanfield.
  11. Wish I could annoy the neighbourhood but my closest neighbours can't hear my music and I'd know if they could because my closest neighbours are my elderly parents and my mother would never let it rest if she could hear it!
  12. Doro - Forever Warriors Forever United
  13. I'm no audiophile, I like what I like and I wouldn't try and convince anyone that what I have is better than them, but there is something about the sound from these old amps. However for me it's probably more about nostalgia. These amps and projects like them are what got me interested in electronics which got me into sound and lights, being able to use something I made so long ago today is a feeling any new amp just can't replace.
  14. There is an official video for Alone on various platforms and I believe it was available on a VHS comp of ST stuff back when LCR was released. I don't know who made that video above but from what I've been able to find it's not from the band. Edit: The official video is available on Tidal but you have to sign up to view the entire thing. https://tidal.com/browse/video/26283397
  15. I recently put a 40 foot shipping container in place to extend the shed and make fully sealed office/electronics workspace. I too fought the urge of buying a new stereo system for the space, instead opting for an old valve amp and speaker system I built with my father 40 odd years ago.
  16. Blackened Angel - Chronicles Of Damnation, Pt. 1 & 2
  17. Fuck, I should have copyrighted the idea before mentioning it!!
  18. My uncle laid vinyl (and other floor coverings) for nearly 50 years. I bet he could get you a deal on a kitchen floor of the album art for you to enjoy
  19. Shit there is a lot of school projects happen on the internet. They seem to happen for just about every topic too. Makes me wonder how we did school projects before the net existed. If only record labels and production companies thought of doing surveys to figure out people's buying habits, they could more accurately market and target their audiences.
  20. I always liked both of those albums. I don't remember reading too many bad reviews, but then they've been out so long I don't really remember reading any reviews.
  21. 10 responses and I'm still too scared to click on the video links.
  22. "In crowd voting" is always a good one. "My #1 album didn't come it at number one because the in crowd down voted it, despite my album being better."
  23. Yes, I'm the one playing semantics and being contrary. Imagine a world leader only looking at a small selection of data and claiming victory because one factor is on their side.
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