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  1. I was thinking about you when I typed that post. Obviously I don't know what it's like being blind, and even before the sun comes up it's never completely dark in the house, but I reckon walking around this place some mornings feels like it would for a blind man that's never been here. It's now 7pm and we've finally finished moving and cleaning. There's still one box of stuff that we need to go through but everything has moved and while I do agree it's opened up the lounge room a bit, at least that's the perception, I'm still dead sure I'm going to be walking into something tomorrow morning when I get up. Seeing all those CD/DVD/LP's laid out on the bed, on the couch, on the floor and on the table was a bit of an eye opener even for me. Several times I stood there thinking about just how much money was spent on all that stuff. I don't even remember the last time I watched a DVD, which isn't surprising given that the DVD player wasn't even plugged into the power.
  2. HJ/BK have a national contract with Tip Top. Tip Top rolls have always been heavy in sugar. Put a HJ and a Macca's burger side by side and you can tell the difference, Sunicrust rolls don't taste sickly sweet. I'd suggest the amount of sugar is also more to do with preservation than seducing people. When I used to deliver to HJ's (for Tip Top) we often delivered rolls that were still partially frozen because none of the fast food outlets get 'fresh' rolls. The extra sugar helped fool people into thinking the rolls weren't a week old. The best one I ever witnessed was the week leading up to Easter 2006 when I delivered 64 crates of 5 inch rolls to HJ's and all of them had a "Baked On" date for the following week. The loaders at the bakery had brought and thawed the wrong batch from the freezer and my local HJ's and three others got rolls that were baked in the future while the rest of the stores got rolls with stickers on them that said they were baked the day before delivery, as they wanted customers to believe.
  3. I still find it funny that so many people, mostly here, think that burgers, sandwiches etc aren't 'aussie' if they don't have egg and beetroot in them. Yet so many take away shops that advertise hamburgers don't put either in them. Even McDonalds can only get it half right with an 'Aussie burger' that has beetroot but no egg. Hungry Jacks (Burger King) do an Aussie with both but the egg usually taste like cardboard...actually so does the bacon, the meat, and the beetroot and the roll taste like sugared tissue paper because for some reason they use a heavily sugared roll not a plain roll.
  4. Just watched the trailer, I'm going to have find that movie now
  5. It's when things move without my assistance that really get annoying. I've always been an earlier riser, I get up when it's dark and I don't use lights around the house because I know where everything is...or I thought I did. It only takes one step to be out an inch or two and suddenly I could be finding the wall or door frame. But if some thing has been moved it becomes a hazard. I tripped over the coffee table the other morning walking through the lounge because it had moved all of about 6 inches from the spot it had been in for as long as I remember. The wife claims she doesn't hear me swear and curse at 4:30am in the dark, but I don't know how she doesn't because I give it a red hot go!
  6. The wife wants to change the lounge room around today, not sure why change is important but apparently the way things have been for the last 10 years is no longer suitable. She's planned it out and measured things to make sure they fit, I'm just the cheap labour she needs to make it happen. What I am slightly worried about is that part of the move is to include the CD/DVD/vinyl cabinets I made 20 years ago. They are way too heavy too move loaded so I'm going to have to empty them, which in itself isn't problem, the problem might arise when the wife see just how full those cabinets actually are!
  7. Motorhead - Aces Of Spades 40th Anniversary
  8. Only losers have their parma's with just plain sauce and cheese. The idea of a parma is to experiment and put all sorts of things under the cheese. Eggs, bacon, BBQ sauce, ham, tomato, avo, just about anything, even vegemite....maybe! Oh maybe vegemite, egg, chilli sauce, bacon and then cheese....ok now I must remember to get some schnities tomorrow when I'm shopping!
  9. We have a restaurant in town that is dedicated to schnities but I've never been there so I don't know the rules either.
  10. That happened to me about 35 years ago. I mixed Bundy rum and bourbon in the same glass half the night, was terribly sick in the morning, blamed the Bundy, probably because that what I tasted when it came back, and didn't touch rum for about 25 years. Happens occasionally with food too, especially when the kids were young and they upchucked in the middle of the night. I remember several times being put off eating specific foods because of what had to be cleaned up.
  11. That's like the old idea that when parents caught their kids smoking they'd make the kid smoke until he/she was sick then they'd never want another ciggie in their life.
  12. I don't know that I'd go as far as grabbing new copies of those albums but I still listen to bands like Motley Crue occasionally. NP: Municipal Waste - Electrified Brain
  13. It was breast tonight, and not real bad given how cheap it was. We have chicken and beef schnities but I don't ever remember seeing a chicken schnity being anything other than breast. But yeah it's got to be covered in bread crumbs other wise it's just a lump of meat.
  14. Years ago my mate's family had a Jack Russell pup, they thought training was going well until one night after a few hours on the piss, otherwise known as indoor cricket, we came home to find the dog had chewed up it's bed in the lounge. That night the dog's bed got moved out into the unfinished extension of the house. The next Friday after another night of drinking and cricket we came home and found the dog had chewed through half a sack of potatoes. It had been nearly a full 20kg sack and not one potato didn't have a chunk out of it. That was the night that the dog got kicked out of the house completely. If it wasn't for the mate's kids begging the dog wouldn't have even been allowed back inside,even when they were home, but he lost that fight.
  15. Tau Cross - Messengers Of Deception
  16. Been a bloody cold week down here but thankfully we haven't had the miserable side of the weather. It's almost a heatwave here today at 14 degrees, but we've barely had any rain all week. I believe the east cost is going to cop another hammering this weekend, if it hasn't already, but I don't think it's going to make it down here. My wife emailed me from work at 5 past 9 this morning to tell me she'd been into the shops and found chicken schnitzels and rolls on mark down so I didn't have to bother thinking about dinner tonight. It's a good Friday!!
  17. That's a bit unfair, the products themselves aren't waste products. They are created from something that was once a waste product until some genius found a use for it and stopped it becoming an issue. It's like in Bartertown where they used pig shit, a waste product no one wanted, and turned it into something good. We are yet to work out how to power the country with Vegemite but it sure as hell tastes like it could be straight out of a pig's arse.
  18. SYL - No Sleep 'Till Bedtime Live In Australia.
  19. Hydra Vein - Rather Death Than False Of Faith
  20. Not sure how vegemite and honey would go either. I'd image the saltiness and the sweetness would fight each other a bit too much and possibly even negate each other. I haven't tried a toastie yet but I'll give it a go eventually. I don't use stock cubes here, I used a powder, so I'd have to take it by the teaspoon
  21. I hear it works with kids too...well other peoples kids.
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