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  1. Cannibal Corpse - Chaos Horrific
  2. Adding subtitles to movies would be a fun job, you could make up any story you wanted to!
  3. So who's heard the latest Slipknot album? Gimmie your ratings!!
  4. Scott's had three wives, the first two treated him badly and ripped him off....he says so. He's happily married to Meatloaf's little girl now, but he's really in dire need of some fan love so he's probably open to a three way at the very least. I'm the wrong person to ask about genres, but Scott Ian has all but claimed to have invented the metal/rap scene by inviting PE to do that shitty song they did. He's gone as far as claiming it changed the metal and rap worlds forever. I'm pretty sure there was bands doing similar stuff, not actually inviting rap bands in to play, but using elements of rap in metal music before Scott and Charlie started swinging their dicks around, but I don't know any of them because it was never stuff I listened too.
  5. At the mention of Rap Metal you've given Scott Ian a hard on. With the idea of an entire thread he's going to leave his wife for you. Just don't tell him he didn't invent it and the two of you will live happily ever after.
  6. That's about the silliest take I have ever read on the situation.
  7. Fine I won't bother listening to it! Sacred Reich - Awakening
  8. I'm hoping not. Sacred Reich - Heal
  9. Yes, but I prefer Sacred Reich - Independent
  10. Thread necro!! @agamerwholovesmetal These may not be the exact genres your looking for but a few metal docos I have seen since this thread was closed originally. Dio Dreamers Never Die Murder In The Front Row Mean Man - The Chris Holmes Story Heavy Metal In Baghdad Until The Light Takes Us Slow Southern Steel There has been more but I need a better list than doing it from memory. There has also been some funny and cool web shows been put online that I can't remember right now. I know they are not docos for your study but they can be funny. There was one called Roadie (from memory) where some deadbeat wannabe aspires to be a roadie for some famous band. There was a few black metal comedies done purely for web too, although I don't know if black metal fans are allowed to laugh at themselves so they might not go down well.
  11. Thread is locked. Not sure how many DM and BM docos there have been since but there has been metal docs that may be of interest to a study of some sort
  12. Rare alright, I've never farmed pigs. But if I had a big with nuts that big I'd give him a sword and a loin cloth and whore the bastard out for metal album covers! COC - Wiseblood
  13. Swords maketh the man...although they also maketh the instrument playing harder. maybe that's just how extremely good Manowar are, they can play their instruments and swing swords.
  14. Oh I can paint the doomsday picture just as well as you can, the fact I choose not to.
  15. The picture of Australia is as bad as one wants to draw it, but not all drawings show the same thing.
  16. Awe cmon surely you can come up with a better one to show how awesome they are. They are mostly all wearing pants.
  17. I don't need to listen it's Manowar, they are just all manner of awesome. Made even more awesome when someone posts a pic of them in their leather knickers!
  18. That why I live in a country town and leave all the cop bashing to you big city folk who hate cops and think the system doesn't work.
  19. Yeah, me Relentless and Thatguy are aussies. Aussie rules team. I didn't call the cops. Partly because my driveway is nearly a kilometre in length and even before I had security cameras on the front gate I'd have see the idiot coming. Also because I knew what car he owned (we all owned a specific brand 4wd, that was what the forum was for), if I saw him coming the cops would have beaten him down the driveway. But mostly I didn't worry because I was 90% sure the guy was just a stupid fucking hot head, all mouth and no action.
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