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  1. Well it's not like we can put up a fence (to keep the rest of us out)
  2. Nuclear Assault - Handle With Care
  3. I can tell when it's time to connect the headphones, it's usually a few moments before everyone leaves the room
  4. What's a decent price for vinyl in other places? In Australia many record stores want $20-30 (average) for most locally released CD's but vinyl is anything from about $30-70 even for single albums. Prices often seem to be based on name rather than anything else.
  5. Carefully Organising Wild Sex ORGY
  6. Do you need the headphone connected to anything?
  7. There is some early eps of Hailfax on YT but they aren't great quality. I think it's about the third episode where the YT quality of the eps improve. But it's probably not on too many streaming platforms.
  8. Welcome Jaz. I haven't been a member here that long myself but I believe there is a few Aussies amongst the members. There is also plenty of people from other countries that know how to chat. I don't have much wisdom, (in case that isn't already obvious), but I'm in regional Vic.
  9. My top 3 albums these week are all new releases. Doro & Warlock - Triumph And Agony Live Paradox - Heresy II Wraith - Undo The Chains
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