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  1. I knew it was a thing, just didn't know it was for anything, I thought it was for things like facial damage via accident where the dentist is already balls deep in someone's face an a little bit more wouldn't matter. I've always thought people had to go to the Bali to get their cut price boob job with their wisdom teeth extraction. To be honest I don't really need to know the legalities of botox via dentist because there aint no way I'm asking my dentist for a check up and some botox. With what he charges for things no one could afford his botox anyway!!
  2. Queen's Underpants Are Dirty RUBE
  3. The difference between Bruce and Blaze is something I think Maiden needed. They didn't pretend one was the other, they produced different music for each and both of them are amazing but differently amazing. I don't dislike Blaze's lyrics I just think they were often repetitive on the first album, as you say that could be that the songs could have been shorter. I'm actually listening to Promise And Terror now and I do think his lyrics have improved, he doesn't seem to have the filler, he even seems like he's singing a little deeper, although it could be the shitty YT sound.
  4. He who swings the knife gets the last word!!
  5. Sitting in my office thinking about what to have for lunch and I look out toward the garden and there's a fucking cow eating my cucumbers. There is a reason we call the yard cattle Freezer Meat but sometimes they just seem like they are in a hurry to become their name!! Looks like I'm fixing a fence after lunch.
  6. Beached Octopuses Never Elope HEAD
  7. I think Joey's singing in the early days was great, and I give him credit now, he's doing better than I could, but age has wearied him. His first solo album was everything Anthrax should have been at the time because Sound Of White Noise was not the same Anthrax that released Persistence or Among it was almost like they were trying to follow Metallica and go softer for the cash grab. However I do think White Noise is a great album, and Bush is an amazing singer who has proved his worth through years of Armored Saint. I agree that Anthrax need a better song writer, Scott and Charlie are not as good as they think they are and they haven't written anything that good in years. I certainly don't listen to Anthrax as much as I listen to bands like Testament and Exodus either.
  8. I liked both the studio and the live. I do think Blaze's lyrics aren't brilliant, a lot of repetition to fill out songs etc, not sure if that changes through his discography, but the music is really good and he is a powerhouse of a vocalist. NP: Lawnmower Deth - Blunt Cutters (another album I've had to listen to on Spotify because no one in this country has a release date for it let alone an arrival date)
  9. Blaze Bayley - The Night That Will Not Die
  10. Strangely enough there is two bands with that name, one from California and one from the UK Edit: Actually the UK band is Thrashsqutach, I don't know much about them. Desecrator
  11. I tend to agree that Blaze fitted with Maiden at that time. Maiden write well for Bruce and his singing but during those years where Blaze was singing it was darker and fitted Blaze well. I guess that shows how adaptable Steve is, either that or it was sheer luck I like the fact that Blaze and Maiden can still talk about their years together. So many bands go through splits and end up in years of fighting or shitting on each others. Then you have bands like Anthrax where Joey rarely sings any of the Bush era songs despite them being some of the best the band released. (Not that Joey's voice, as good as he is, suits all the Bush songs). Maiden have had some angry words between them over the years but in general they are well spoken about each other. I was listening to TMWWND on YT last night, you're not wrong about his voice, the guy has some great range and power.
  12. You're welcome, I am more than happy to help. I don't mind helping search for a needle in a hay stack but I need to know where the hay stack is
  13. Yeah but it's not more metal than Bruce Bruce which he was known as before Maiden.
  14. I like Tattooed Millionaire because it was the first one he did outside of Maiden. Licking the Gun and Zulu Lulu aren't the best songs but when that album came out I listened to it all the time. Kind of like Overkill's Horrorscpe, it became a favourite more by default because of the amount of times it got played more than how good or bad it really was
  15. I met a guy once, don't remember which country he was in, don't remember how tall he was, and don't remember if he spoke with an accent or didn't speak at all, but he had green hair and red shoes. Does anyone know his name?
  16. I buy a lot of bios, some I wait until they are in the throw out bin at the local book shop and only pay $2 for them but in general if I see a metal bio I buy it. I don't mind the songs Maiden did with Di'anno I just don't particularly like him singing them. Running Free is over played, but I like Phantom Of The Opera, Strange World, Remember Tomorrow, Purgatory, Innocent Exile and Wrathchild, but I don't remember when I last listened to the two albums. Tattooed Millionaire and Accident At Birth are my faves, but I love them all too.
  17. I got it not long after it came out, back when getting shit in this country only took 8 weeks I love Tattooed Millionaire!! Lawnmower Deth - Return Of The Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns
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