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  1. VICTIM OF FIRE - Disembrace BUNKER 66 / LUCIFUGE - Of Lust And Night SODOM - 40 Years At War
  2. NEGATIVE PLANE - Et In Saecula Saeculorum
  3. NEKROFILTH - Devil's Breath NEKROFILTH - Worship Destruction NEKROFILTH - Worm Ritual NECROLATRIA - Where Light Has No Domain
  4. NINE POUND HAMMER - Sex, Drugs And Bill Monroe AGAINST THE GRAIN - Motor City Speed Rock AGAINST THE GRAIN - Against The Grain AGAINST THE GRAIN - Cheated Death
  5. BRUCEXCAMPBELL - We Are All Kamikaze BRUCEXCAMPBELL - Los Angeles Noisecore BRUCEXCAMPBELL - South To No Life
  6. WARFARE STATE - Aggressive Regression
  7. PERVERTICON - Extinguishing The Flame Of Life PERVERTICON - Extinguishing The Flame Of Life ....this was so good I guess it loaded twice.....fuck yeah!!!!!!.....
  8. WORM - Bluenothing INSULTER - Crypts Of Satan ....WhiteNoise.....thanks for posting this INSULTER earlier....hasn't listened to it in a long time.....still straight fyre.....
  9. VILE SPECIES - Against The Values Of Civilization
  11. ....WhiteNoise...."Jehanne" is by the ABDUCTION band from France....the other records are from ABDUCTION from the U.K........I do think the new record "Black Blood", from the U.K. band, might be my favourite record by either band... OLD - OLD INDRID COLD - Indrid Cold
  12. ABDUCTION - All Pain Is Penance .....it's amazing that both ABDUCTION bands put out such high quality BM....not sure who I like better....ABDUCTION or ABDUCTION......
  13. ABDUCTION - A Psylacybic Death ABDUCTION - Lightless At The Grand Conjunction ABDUCTION - Kernos Crown ABDUCTION - In Exaltation Of The Supreme Being ABDUCTION - Plutonian Gate ABDUCTION - Dismantling The Corpse Of Demeter
  14. CHRONIC BLACKOUTS - Triumph In Flames PUNITIVE DAMAGE - This Is The Blackout
  15. VARIOUS ARTISTS - A Tribute To State Of Fear FORSEEN - Untamed Force LOUDNESS - Crazy Nights
  16. BOTCHED TOE - A False Glimmer Of Hope GRIEF RITUAL - Spiritual Disease
  17. DISTRUSTER - Sic Semper Tyrannis MURMANSK - Voices
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