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  1. Horrendous - Ecdysis Faceless Burial - Grotesque Miscreation
  2. Esoteric - The Maniacal Vale Been getting pretty big into Funeral Doom lately. This is the best album I've heard in this style so far.
  3. Abkehr - In Blut 0 - Entity Andavald - Undir skyggðarhaldi
  4. A fucking bummer indeed. 41 is WAY too young. I lost interest in The Black Dahlia Murder some time ago but they were a pretty big part of my teenage years in the mid aughts. Caught them live a couple times and Trevor always seemed like a pretty damn cool dude. Lot's of witty, funny stage banter and could always be seen out in audience shaking hands and chatting with people. Never did meet him myself but everyone I know who has had nothing but good things to say.
  5. Evoken - Antithesis of Light It was a nice sunny day outside and I put this album on and within twenty minutes the clouds moved in and it started to rain. Not a coincidence.
  6. Maiden were cruelly taken from us thirty years ago? Hmmmm.... I'm gonna have to disagree with ya there as I'm one of those weirdos who liked the Blaze Bayley albums and their 2000's output (though I won't defend their most recent three albums). As for FOTD, if it weren't for the epic title track and 'Afraid to Shoot Strangers', I'd put it in contention for Maiden's worst ever album. The Apparition and Weekend Warrior are quite possibly the two worst songs the band ever did. It's mind boggling to think that the same band who wrote 'Hallowed Be Thy Name' could produce such monstrous turds.
  7. Ahab - The Call of the Wretched Sea
  8. Ultha - Pain Cleanses Every Doubt Ultha - Converging Sins These guys are my favourite new discovery of 2022.
  9. Father Befouled - Crowned In Veneficum (2022) I always thought these guys were nothing more than C-tier Incantation plagiarists, but this new album of theirs is really clicking with me right now. This might be the best Incantation album since Diabolical Conquest! lol
  10. Ultha - All That Has Never Been True This one's up there among my favourites from 2022 so far. Excellent stuff. Sumerian Tombs - S/T Very very good as well.
  11. Necrophobic - Mark of The Necrogram Necrophobic - Death To All Been a while. I forgot how much I like these guys.
  12. Ultha - All That Has Never Been True (2022) Yeah this is good. This is very good.
  13. Sumerian Tombs - S/T (2022)
  14. Saw that these guys are finally working on a follow up to this album! NP: Stangarigel - Na Severe Srdca
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