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  1. Yeah I've pretty much given up on buying band merch these days. Too much of a hassle and even if you manage to find something in your size for a reasonable price, it's probably gonna be printed on a garbage Gildan heavy-cotten tee that won't fit well, despite it being the correct size. I can't even count how many Gildan shirts I've owned over the years that end up wasting away in my closet cuz I can't stand the way they fit.
  2. Gaerea - Mirage (2022) These guys continue to underwhelm me. Musically... it's fine I guess. Nothing really wrong with it but there's nothing even remotely interesting about it either.
  3. In my experience, the line between "bad girl" and "psychotic demon-spawn" is a very thin one. In fact, the two are often one and the same.
  4. Destroyer 666 - Never Surrender New D666 album out in December. New song is kinda...... not great. I liked these guys better when they were just screaming about satan or whatever...
  5. Currently drinking some kind of IPA that my boss homebrewed that is way too smooth and easy drinking for being an estimated 8.5%. Shit's deadly. I'm definitely gonna feel this tomorrow lol.
  6. How do you know if someone is on the carnivore diet? Oh, it's easy. They will fucking tell you.... over and over again.
  7. Det Eviga Leendet - Reverence (2022)
  8. Gevurah - Gehinnom (Black Metal, Canada) One of the better Quebecios black metal bands (and there are many of them). Super stoked for this one. These guys haven't released anything other than great material. Releases Oct 14.
  9. Negative Plane - Stained Glass Revelations These guys have been steadily climbing the ranks of my favourite bands this past year.
  10. Aosoth - The Inside Scriptures Aosoth - An Arrow In Heart One of those bands where I'd consider myself a pretty big fan, and should listen to them more often, but they, and many others, are constantly lost in the shuffle of me failing to strike a good balance between checking out new music and listening to what's already in my collection. Too much good music gets forgotten about on a regular basis, feels good to revisit.
  11. Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion
  12. Not much else to get excited about in Canada these days.
  13. Autonoesis - Moon Of Foul Magics (Black/Thrash, Canada) "Take all the best parts about death, thrash, black, and trad metal and pack them together into one remarkably cohesive album. That’s this record. It’s so goddamn good." - Some guy on bandcamp Yeah, pretty much. This is easily one the best albums you'll hear this year.
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